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God of War Announcement

Are you ready for a new God of War game? How about a God of War game set outside of Greece?

I know I am.

Santa Monica Studious revealed God of War gameplay and it is very exciting because it looks like Kratos will take on Norse Mythology in a whole new way. Kratos gameplay looks very familiar to the over the shoulder gameplay view we’ve seen in games like The Last of Us. We see Kratos mentoring a child in hunting a wild animal while taking on multiple monsters, and a troll. The game appears to take elements from Skyrim with freely traveling throughout the land and discovering new regions.


Kratos is also sporting new weapons and a new attire that blends his Greece personality with his new home. Will we see some new amazing battles between Kratos and Norse Gods like: Thor, Odin, and Loki? Time will tell as we get closer and closer to God of War’s development. For more gaming news, stay tuned to

By Sinseeker

Looking for my lost bag of Doritos.

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