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FFVII Remake’s First Scenario Is Done

Final Fantasy VII’s remake is moving along.

Gematsu reports that in the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s scenario for part one of the multi-part series is complete. As previously reported, the Final Fantasy VII remake will be split into pieces to retain as much content/magic since the density of the original would not fit into a single release.

Currently there is no set release date for the game. While this is awesome news, there is still some time before we see the game on our PlayStation consoles. Here is some of the key points from the staff interview:

  1. They want add further depth into Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.
  2. They have an idea about the number of installments that will be released, but they’re not at the stage where they can say anything.
  3. They’re not talking about online right now.
  4. The scenario of the first part up until its ending is already complete.
  5. They’re getting technological assistance from the Kingdom Hearts team with Unreal Engine 4, since they’ve been using it with Kingdom Hearts III.
  6. Cloud’s hallucination scenes will be more meaningful.
  7. As for the cast, they’re continuing plans with the voice actors from Advent Children, but there are some that still haven’t been offered yet.
  8. Red XIII only made a cameo appearance, so his voice is likely to be changed.
  9. Separate from Limit Breaks, there is another unique system. They can’t show it yet, but the it will be different depending on the player’s fighting style.
  10. Nothing has been decided about guarding yet.


X-Box One News

Halo 5 December Update Now Live

The Halo 5 December update, named Cartographer’s Gift, is now live.

The update includes the much awaited Forge editor, new REQs, new weapons, assassinations, armors, maps (Arena/Warzone/BTB), spartan company updates, social playlists, and the introduction of seasons.

Halo 5 December Update

Check out the December Update Trailer Below.

Halo 5: Guardians released on September 27th, 2017 on Xbox One.

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Hideo Kojima Launches New Studio

Hideo Kojima announced via his twitter that “My employment contract with Konami has been terminated as of Dec 15th, so today marks a new start for me. I’m committed to be involved in creative activities for as long as I live.”

Without wasting any time, Sony has announced a new partnership with Kojima Productions.

Check out the announcement video below.

As you can see the partnership with Sony will bring exclusive rights to Kojima’s new game. Whether or not this will be on PC remains to be seen. We do know, however, that this will be a new IP and not an already established IP from Sony.

You can check out the new Kojima Productions website here


Report: Kojima Left Konami?

Has Kojima Left Konami? We’d like to know too.

Today, Japanese business journal Nikkei has reported that Hideo Kojima has left Konami and is in talks to create a new studio which may release games for consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation.

It is unknown whether or not this has actually happened without statement from Konami. However, Hideo Kojima’s contract was said to be ending at the end of 2015. A recent tweet was sent out by Xbox One watchdog @lifelower mentioned that the studio will be formed with former members of the now defunct Kojima Productions.

Kojima Left Konami

Earlier in the year it’s been speculated that Hideo Kojima would be leaving the company due to the new focus Konami was taking for their game’s division. Konami and Kojima’s development studio Kojima Productions released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain worldwide to much fanfare. The game was lauded for its exceptional gameplay.

Recently members of the media and within the video game industry reached spoke out about the treatment of Mr. Kojima when Konami lawyers banned him from the 2015 Video Game Awards. The Structure Network also voiced its opinion the situation.

We’ll update you on this situation as we get more word.

Update: When we reported this originally, the article stated that his new studio would be under Sony. This was due to a mistranslation and instead his new company will release games for the Sony PlayStation console. We have updated our article to reflect this.