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Just How Next-Gen is the DualSense?

The next generation of console gaming is here. And while there have been plenty of discussions on the consoles’ hardware and release games, little has been said about its accessories. The PS5, in particular, has shocked users with its controller. The DualSense may look like your everyday controller, but true to its “Sense” label, it’s packed with technology that aims to immerse players into the games much better.

Below are the two things that put the DualSense ahead of its competitors.

Haptic Technology

Compared to the DualShock’s haptic feedback, which, truthfully, is just a glorified rumble feature limited to the grips, the DualSense has integrated technology located within every inch of the device. Sony’s promise that the controller would provide a “variety of powerful sensations” was no lie. If you purchase a PS5 and play around in Astro’s Playroom, you’ll see the DualSense’s haptic technology at work from the opening scene. Whenever an object moves near the player, the DualSense can exhibit enough spatial awareness to make you feel like it’s actually coming towards you.

There’s even a level in the game where you play around with zippers. When the game asks you to pull down on the zip, the DualSense will allow you to feel every notch by sliding your finger down on the touchpad.

Adaptive Triggers

Another feature that aims to build on Sony’s promise of heightened immersion is the adaptive trigger. Depending on the game and scenario, the L2/R2 button can exhibit some resistance. For example, they can “lock” if a gun is jammed. Pressing either button to jump on a spring will also be much tougher. In Tronic Fix’s teardown video (9:25), we see that this is because a spiral gear is attached to both the motherboard and each trigger.

If the motherboard receives the command to up the resistance, the spiral gear will adjust a separate gear, making the L2/R2 much harder to press.

Other notable features

These next-gen features, while impressive, still demand a lot of power from the controller. This is why Sony opted for a much bigger battery—1,560 mAh—to support their functions. For a device to have that much power, its manufacturers carefully calculated its PCB stackup impedance to ensure that ground and power planes are up to standard. The power gets delivered more evenly throughout the controller by increasing every components’ crosstalk susceptibility and capacitance, allowing the DualSense to last for more than 15 hours on battery.

Other notable features of the DualSense controller include:

• A “create” button (for 4K screenshots and real-time screensharing)
• Built-in microphone
• Backward compatibility with PS4 games (not the console)

All in all, the DualSense is a revolutionary piece of hardware that’s dedicated to providing the best immersive experience possible. It’ll be exciting to see how future PS5 games will utilize these features.

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Behaviour Digital Set to Launch CLOSED ALPHA for Deathgarden! May 9th 3pm EST!

Behaviour Digital today announced the kick-off of the DEATHGARDEN™ Closed Alpha on May 9th Beginning 3PM EST where you will be able to join this asymmetrical multiplayer action game where powerful Hunters prey on agile Runners within the Garden.

With this first phase of Closed Alpha, the goal is to test the online infrastructure and gather feedback on the core gameplay. Keys will be sent gradually to people who signed up on Deathgarden’s website.

The creative director, Ashley Pannell, wanted to create a competitive game “where controls are always responsive for both the runner and the hunter. It is about the users’ abilities and the choices they make to master the map.” For each round, on top of choosing a class, players have access to a skill tree where they need to choose which powers to upgrade.

The depth of the gameplay is what matters most for the team. Every map is procedurally generated within the Garden, an arena-like complex where runners willingly enter to compete against the champion hunter. “Mixed with the agility of the runner and hunter, the map elevation helps create memorable moments where players hide, escape and outsmart their opponent using the terrain and buildings,” said Pannell.

To get all the details, players can watch the Kickoff Livestream on May 9th, at 2PM EST on They can also register to the Deathgarden’s PC Closed Alpha program at

This first closed Alpha will run from Wednesday May 9th 2PM EST up to Sunday May 13th end of day.

Our Take:

Check out our hands on preview during Pax East 2018: Deathgarden Preview

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Award-winning international games label Team17 and independent developer Villa Gorilla have today announced that their delightful pinball platform adventure, Yoku’s Island Express, will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 29th May.

Yoku the dung beetle has arrived on Mokumana Island to take over the role of postmaster and he’s ready for the easy life, soaking up the sun and delivering parcels on a tropical paradise!

However, an ancient island deity is trapped in a restless sleep – and it’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, in an amazing adventure to help those in need!

Flip and bump our pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island on your quest to rebuild the post-office and wake an old god from its slumber.

To celebrate the game’s impending launch, developer Villa Gorilla and Team17 have today released a new developer diary which explores the creation and the unique mechanics of Yoku’s Island Express. The video can be viewed here:

Yoku’s Island Express is rolling on to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 29th May 2018 priced at £15.99 / 19,99 € / $19.99.

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Wanna Win God Of War?

Lets be honest, I love God Of War. I love it so much that I bought it three times. So with that being said, I dont need three copies of the game. Someone bought one of them, so I have one left over. What do I do with it? I guess I’ll give it away!

How do you win? Easy!

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The Giveaway will take place Sunday at noon EST. You can enter starting today!




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Pax East 2018: Deathgarden Preview

Deathgarden is the newest game from Behaviour Interactive and is the spiritual successor to Death by Daylight. Following the same idea, Deathgarden has you assuming the role of one of five “runners” who’s goal is to try to activate 2 out of 3 totem poles to open the exits, while being actively hunted by a heavy armored “Hunter.” Once you activate a totem, your location is revealed to the Hunter who will come quickly and hard. Don’t worry though, the hunters are without ways to defend themselves.

The Hunted

Each Runner is armed with wrist arrows to stun and knock back the Hunter. Should you be downed by the Hunter, your team can rescue you and revive you, but you will most likely be sent to the blood post to think about what you have done. Once again, your team can rescue you from the “blood post,” but the Hunter can execute you removing you from the game. Once the “Hunter” has removed 3 people from the game, the round ends. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins. The runners are playing in third person, while the Hunter is playing in first person. This whole experience creates a really fun “cat and mouse” type gameplay that I can see being fun for a long time.

Overall, although in early alpha, the game ran super smooth and without many hiccups. The Hunter did seem to be a little overpowered. Several times, I was downed and was instantly sent to the Blood Post only to have the hunter run straight over to me to execute me without my team having a chance to rescue me. When I explained this to the dev, they stated to me that the Blood Posts don’t become active until at least three people have been downed and even after a blood post is activated, there is a 15 second wait til a runner could be executed. Playing the game, it did not seem to be the case, but I also wasn’t counting the seconds or watching to see how many runners were downed before me. Which speaks well for the game and not me playing. I may have been a bad teammate, but the game was so intense that I was running for my life most of the time, enjoying myself while playing a game that normally would not have appealed to me. Deathgarden has opened my eyes to these types of games, giving me a reason to go back and try Death by Daylight.

Another Proven Gamer, Matt Murray, previewed the game from the Hunters Perspective. Here are his thoughts:

The Hunter

Hey everyone, Matt here. I previewed the Hunter role in Deathgarden opposite to Tricky’s experience with the runner. I’ve played quite a few asymmetrical multiplayer games but none have ever really nailed the formula. Jason was scary in Friday the 13th and the monsters in Evolve all were pretty cool but playing as the bad guy in these types of games often feels slightly limiting, underwhelming, and kind of clunky. I’ve always felt more like I was flailing and failing than some monster of total bad-assery. That is decidedly not the case in Deathgarden. I ended up playing two rounds, I won one and lost the other. The whole time I felt like I was walking imminent Death. I felt like the soldier from Doom that had been accidentally dropped into a bad teen slasher flick. They were a cabin full of kids expecting a machete wielding maniac. Unfortunately, for them, I was a shotgun duct taped to a cheetah.

Though I only pulled out the win in one of my two rounds I spent most of my time smiling like an idiot. Deathgarden, if nothing else, is incredibly fun to play. Bouncing between the three capture points I’d watch the runners scurry off like mice as I’d approach. Most times I would down at least one of them. I liked that I was able to see an outline when one or more of the runners was at a particular capture point. It made it easier to track who was where. I wasn’t entirely clear on how the Blood Posts worked. I know my win condition was to kill three of the runners, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to trigger the stands when I needed too. This was probably more due to how much info I had to take in prior to playing than poor instruction.

In my time with the game, even though I did feel extremely powerful, I never felt overpowered. The round I won was by the skin of my teeth and the round I lost wasn’t particularly close.  I really had a blast playing Deathgarden and can’t wait for it to make it to full release. I think they’ve hit the nerve of the genre that so many have missed.


The game is in early alpha with no release date. Platforms unknown at this time though we played on PC for this demo. Price point is also an unknown at this time.  One thing I was assured of, however, was Behaviour Interactive will  be staying far away from loot-boxes stating “We don’t want to go down the same path as EA”.



Gamers Growing Up

This has always been a view of mine, and finally I’m putting it on paper, well the internet.

I remember as a kid, playing my first video game when I was 5 years old and mastering it the best I could while hearing constantly from my mother to go outside and play. Here it is now, 25 years later, buying gaming accounts from aussyelo, playing only the best games, and always on the lookout for a new ones on ethershock. With the case being heard in the Supreme Court about the proposed law in California to restrict game sales to minors, just shows the obstructed vision people have about video games. There is already a system in place to stop the sale. Its called the ESRB. Just enforce the system! There is no reason to waste our tax dollars and time! Now this isn’t going to be an article on the case but rather on the general topic of video games and what they are now.

In my humble opinion video games for the most part are no longer for kids. Back in time when Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt were the games of choice, video games were geared towards kids. But today, games like “Alice, The Madness Returns, Call of Duty, and Duke Nukem Forever”, games are geared towards adults. Even with a game like “Duke Nukem Forever,” while most of the appeal of the game was the nostalgic factor from playing the game as kids, but even back then the game was adult themed. I am a father now and I would never dream of letting my daughter play an M rated game until she reaches an acceptable age. I barely even let her sit in the same room as me while I’m playing certain games.

It burns me up when I’m standing in my local video game store and a parent comes in to buy a game for their kid without even know what they are buying. I’m not saying every parent should be into video games. I’m simply saying that a parent should at least do some research on a game before letting their kid play the game. With simple use of internet search engines like Google, there is no reason why a parent should be without the information of a certain game.

Sorry for that little rant there, but it just needed to be said!

Now back to my point. With games today, being adult themed, isn’t it about time we shed the image that video games are for kids? Sure there are still games out there for kids. I’ve gotten the platinum in most of them (that was for hardrocknguy), but those games mostly come out for a system that is still living in the past, the Wii. That wasn’t a fan boy comment, it’s just the truth.

With systems like the X-BOX 360 and PlayStation 3 costing the amount they do, not many kids are able to buy these systems, therefore it leaning to my point that video games are not just for kids. As an adult gamer who enjoys a game like “God of War” and “Metal Gear Solid,” I’m tired of having to justify my video game playing! The fact of the matter is that non-gaming adults for the most part, just don’t understand what the hype is. I love getting lost in the story of “Solid Snake.” To me it was like watching a 22 year long movie series. The same can be said for the “Uncharted” series because I never feel like I’m playing a game when Im playing Nathan Drake. I feel like I’m interacting with a Blu-Ray movie and this concept gives me the same enjoyment as someone gets from watching a movie or playing sports. Now, of course, video games isn’t a physical activity same as playing sports, but it still gives the same amount of enjoyment.

Okay, I’ve ranted long enough. I leave it up to you “Proven Gamers.” Isn’t it about time we shed that immature label and just admit video games are geared towards adult and just get on with our lives?

*editors note: This article was orginially published Jul 13, 2011

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Syberia 3 Preview and Release Date

Video game studio Microids and creator Benoit Sokal reveal new features in Syberia 3, the latest installment in the cult adventure game saga. Currently in development for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac, Syberia 3 is scheduled for release on April 20 in the UK and April 25 in the US.

You may recall, in the latest chapter of Kate Walker’s journey, we find her adrift on a makeshift boat. By good fortune, a caravan of Youkol –who also appeared in Syberia 2–discovers her before she draws her last breath. Determined to escape their common enemies, Kate decides to aid the nomads accomplish their lone ancestral tradition: to accompany their snow ostriches in their seasonal migration to the sacred steppes so they can reproduce. A voyage through enchanting and wasted lands that will see the young woman experience her most dangerous and marvelous adventure yet,with her enemies always on her heels.

Now in true 3D, Syberia 3 has been developed for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac Since its inception. Players will enjoy an all-new freedom to explore the magnificent countrysides and cities, unraveling their mysteries and enigmas in a manner never before seen in the saga. Original score has been performed for the game by Inon Zur (Fallout, Dragon Age…), who also scored Syberia 2.

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Critically-Acclaimed ‘The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier’ Continues with Episode Four: ‘Thicker Than Water’ on April 25th

Beginning Tuesday April 25th, players can download Episode 4: ‘Thicker Than Water’ on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC/Steam, iOS, and Android-based devices. The episode will also download for all users of the special Season Pass disc for consoles, which includes the critically acclaimed two-part premiere episodes, and grants access to Episode 3 and all subsequent episodes in the five episode season for download as they become available.

Upon discovering the true nature of the New Frontier’s leadership, relationships within the Garcia family have come to a head. As Javier, you will decide the shape and nature of your chosen family. All the while, a herd of walkers moves ever closer to Richmond, putting pressure on allies and enemies alike. With distrust running rampant, you’ll have to determine if blood is thicker than water…

The two-part premiere of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier launched to widespread critical acclaim. In their review of the premiere, said that, “Smart characterization and writing for Javi and his family, plus the return of Clementine, add weight to a largely unfamiliar but already engaging new frontier that I can’t wait to continue to explore,” adding that its “uncharted territory feels familiar and, excitingly, fresh.” GamesRadar said that A New Frontier“demonstrates the resonant power of interactive storytelling,” and that it, “finds the right balance between rewarding longtime players who’ve shaped their own version of the story and welcoming those who might be hopping aboard this grim adventure for the first time.” Game Informer said the two-part premiere has, “shocking deaths, intense betrayals, and split-second decisions to second-guess,” claiming that “Everything leads up to a hell of a cliffhanger, making me intrigued to see what happens next.”

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier acts as both a new beginning for players fresh to the series and unfamiliar with Clementine, as well as a continuation for players who have experienced Seasons One and Two. Players new to the series are able to start a story that is tailored to this new beginning. Players continuing onward from prior seasons have multiple options for quickly configuring their tailored backstory, or importing past save files from various platforms.

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After the successful launch of Shu on PS4 and Steam last year, Coatsink are pleased to announce their carefully crafted, hand-drawn platformer will be coming to PS Vita on May 23rd 2017, with free DLC available for Steam and PS4 throughout 2017.

On April 28th, the first DLC update will be launched on Steam, including the following three new levels: Beneath the Ruins, No Turning Back, and Depths of Discovery.

On May 23rd, a further three levels will be launched on Steam, alongside the release of all six levels on PS4 to coincide with the highly-anticipated PS Vita launch of Shu. As well as including the all-new DLC levels, the PS Vita version will also include the exclusive trophy area: The Refuge.

About Shu

Set in a scenic mountain village, Shu combines charming character design, beautiful hand-crafted visuals and fast-paced platform action as Shu and companions battle to save their friends while being pursued by a monstrous and unrelenting storm.

Can you outrun the end of the world?

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Snake Pass Review

Wow, what can I say about Snake Pass. Snake Pass is a retro-inspired platformer, where players slither, curl and climb their way through increasingly challenging worlds filled with intricate obstacles and fiendishly mind-bending challenges.
When a mysterious intruder threatens the tranquillity of their home, it’s up to Noodle the Snake and Doodle the Hummingbird to embark on a daring journey to save the day.  Controlling this dynamic duo, you must ‘think like a snake’ and slither, curl and climb your way through 15 levels across 4 increasingly challenging themed worlds.  Snake Pass is a unique take on the platforming genre that is intuitive and fun to learn, but will gradually test your snake charming skills to the limit.

Yea thats the basics. Well it’s the total package.  With no dedicated jump button (cause snakes don’t jump), you must use R2 to move forward while moving back and left and right with the left stick in a “S” motion to build up speed. It’s easy enough to do, but frustrating while trying to line up your movement towards a bamboo stick that you must climb to acquire three gems to open the final gate, one of the many ethereal wisps placed, or one of the 5 coins hidden in the level.  While finding anything other than the three gems is not required to pass the level, part of the fun of Snake Pass is moving around to find these collectables, and that is where it fell short for me.
Climbing and moving around is not difficult but can be very frustrating as the camera is not always placed in a way to accurately see what you are trying to grab.  You can move the camera around with the right stick, but trying to do that all while trying to climb a stick holding R2 to move forward, holding X to pick your head up, L2 to hold tightly, the left stick to move Noodle’s head in the direction you need to it go, and the right stick to move the camera to just the right angle, only to find out that the right angle is no viewable because something is in the way, is only frustrating.  One good thing I can say about Snake Pass is there is no time limit associated with the levels so you can fail many times, with no fear of losing out on progress other than you having to collect what you picked up after your last save.

Every level is built with Noodle unique style of movement in mind and the enchanting environments, is the only reason to play this 3D platformer, as the story is very much lacking.  As of the writing of this review, I have not beaten the game but have made it through a majority of the levels.

At the price point of $20, it will be available on Steam, X-Box One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.  While its not a must buy, I would say its a game that is unique enough to at least try.  Sumo Digital, who is the developer behind Little Big Planet 3, hired Seb Liese to make Snake Pass after winning of Sumo Digital’s inaugural Game Jam, Snake Pass was created as a love letter to both the favourite games of his youth and his childhood pet snake.  Sam was also very good at making community levels in LBP3, but sadly it seems he should have spent more time making these 15 levels!

Check out the reveal trailer below

editors note:

a PS4 review code was supplied by developer, Sumo Digital, for the sole purpose of review

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Flies gather around rotting corpses and the sickly sweet smell of freshly-spilled blood has given way to the abhorrent stench of undeath. From the southern jungles of Kehjistan, a mighty army of risen warriors approaches as we welcome the newest playable hero to Diablo III—the Necromancer!

Necromancers are grim summoners who draw upon the power of blood and bone harvested from their fallen enemies. These battlefield commanders curse their enemies and reanimate their carcasses . . . or make those corpses explode!

  • Wield the Power of the Dead as the Necromancer, Diablo III’s Newest Playable Hero
    • Inspired by the Diablo II hero—the Priests of Rathma preserve the delicate balance between life and death.
    • Reimagined to take advantage of everything Diablo III has to offer.
    • Necromancers are masters of the dark arts who draw Essence from the corpses of their enemies.
    • As a battlefield commander, directly control your undead forces from the thick of the fight.

  • Awe-Inspiring New Skills Unleash the Power of Blood and Bone
      • Grim Scythe: Swing a huge scythe in a wide arc, dealing damage and restoring Essence.
      • Leech: Curse enemies so that attacking them transfers their life energy to you and your allies.

      • Blood Nova: Unleash a powerful nova dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

      • Devour: Consume corpses to instantly restore Essence to power your other skills.

    • Golem: Summon a powerful ally like the mighty Blood Golem, which can drain the blood from your enemies, dealing damage and restoring your health.
    • Blood Rush: Shed your mortal flesh and pass through solid objects to swiftly reach a new location.
  • Collect Necromantic Sets and Legendaries: The Necromancer will be able to collect many rare treasures of unearthly power, including new Legendaries and Set items.
  • Rise of the Necromancer Pack will include the character, an in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two character slots, two stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil.


For more details about Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, visit

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Eddy Gordo Revealed for Tekken 7

Bandai Namco has revealed the latest character coming to Tekken 7. Capoeira master Eddy Gordo returns to Tekken, bringing with him all the style and flashy kicks he has become famous for throughout the series.

Tekken 7 releases June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out Eddy’s reveal trailer below:

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Overwatch Patch and Season 4 Now Live

The new patch and competitive season for Overwatch is live. Below are the highlights from the latest game patch:

  • Game Browser — This new feature is an extension of Overwatch‘s Custom Game mode, allowing you to adjust the settings on various maps, modes, and heroes, creating your own tailor-made server
  • Capture the Flag — Capture the Rooster has been Overwatch’s most popular brawl, and now it’s here to stay as the ongoing Capture the Flag game mode in the Arcade
  • Hero Updates — Plenty of improvements have been made to Overwatch’s heroes, including Bastion, which is now stronger and more flexible with the move of power from Configuration: Sentry to Recon.

For more information on the patch, players can check this post from Blizzard.

Along with the patch, Season 4 for competitive play is also up and running. Here are some of the key elements for this season:

  • High-level players are required to play more competitive matches to avoid inactivity decay, improving the accuracy and prestige of skill ratings
  • Only players who reach top 500 on the leaderboard at the end of the season will be rewarded, providing incentive to keep up a high skill rating
  • To encourage competition, skill ratings below 500 will no longer be displayed


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Middle Earth: Shadow of War Revealed

After a day of leaks and rumors, Warner Bros. has announced the Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be coming PlayStation 4(Pro support), Xbox One(Play Anywhere title), and PC. The sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War will continue the story of Talion and Celebrimbor, who must go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

Shadow of War will feature the return and expansion of the Nemesis System. The system was used as a way to track encounters with orc officers, tracking their movement through the ranks of the larger army as well as their unique strengths and weaknesses. Shadow of War is building on this with the introduction of a Follower System.

Check out the reveal trailer for the game below:

The Smart Marks

The Smart Marks 168 – Royal Rumble Preview!

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Podcasts Remember The Loot

Remember The Loot Episode 65 – Nintendo Switch Recap And Old School Memory Cards

Loot! Welcome to another episode of Remember the Loot. This week’s the crew eats nasty jelly beans while unpacking the Nintendo Switch press conference. Also the crew dives into some of their old memory cards and Josh shares a weird story about a weird guy with a wired problem.

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KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX coming to PlayStation®4 in March

During Paris Games Week, Square Enix Ltd.,and Disney revealed KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX will launch on the PlayStation®4 on 31st March 2017.

The HD remastered compilation brings six beloved KINGDOM HEARTS adventures to the PlayStation®4, and combined with the upcoming release of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, gives fans the opportunity to experience all of their favourite moments from the series so far for the very first time on one platform.

For those new to the series, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX also provides the perfect opportunity to jump in and experience the magic of the KINGDOM HEARTS ahead of the release of the upcoming KINGDOM HEARTS III.

The full list of titles included in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX is;


  • KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories
  • KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (HD remastered cinematics)



Watch the announcement trailer now, featuring music from singer and songwriter Utada Hikaru

The full opening movie for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue was also revealed during the show. Watch now

KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX will be available in Europe and PAL territories for the PlayStation®4 on 31st March 2017.



Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today revealed that Fallout 4 for HTC Vive VR headsets will be released within the next 12 months. At BE3 Plus, attendees were given a taste of what’s to come, exploring the world of Fallout 4, using the game’s Pip-Boy and interacting with Dogmeat – all in virtual reality. The demo will also be playable at Bethesda’s E3 booth (South Hall, #1647).

“We think that VR is the perfect fit for truly immersive games like our massive open-world RPGs,” said Bethesda Global VP of Marketing & PR Pete Hines. “If you thought Survival Mode was an intense Fallout experience… you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Fallout 4’s upcoming VR release is a glimpse of where Bethesda is headed with VR, further illustrating Bethesda’s drive to remain a leader in cutting edge technology – including VR – and to offer fans the best games on whatever platform they choose.

“We are thrilled to welcome the incredible world of Fallout 4 to the HTC Vive platform. Players are going to be blown away when they experience Fallout 4 VR with the full immersion offered on the Vive,” said Joel Breton, VP of VR Content for HTC.

Winner of more than 50 Game of the Year Awards including top honors at the 2016 BAFTA Games Awards and the 2016 D.I.C.E. Awards, Fallout 4 is the follow up to the 2008 ‘Game of the Year’, Fallout® 3, and the first title from Bethesda Game Studios since the release of their global phenomenon and 2011 ‘Game of the Year’, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

In addition to offering a demo of Fallout 4, a VR tour of hell in DOOM was also available at BE3 Plus. The DOOM demo will be available at Bethesda’s E3 booth. The demo exhibits idTech 6’s impressive next-gen graphics and rendering.

“Since we first showed off modern VR with DOOM 3 BFG at E3 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to the technology, constantly pushing ourselves forward,” Hines said.

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Celebrating his 20-year anniversary, Crash Bandicoot returns in 2016 as Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), features the pop-culture videogame icon as a guest star in Skylanders® Imaginators. Revealed during the Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC., (SIEA) E3 Press Conference, Crash Bandicoot maintains his unique and quirky personality both as a fully playable Skylander Sensei character and brand new toy in Skylanders Imaginators.

At the press conference, it was also announced that Activision is bringing back Crash Bandicoot in fully remastered versions of the first three Crash games – Crash Bandicoot®; Crash Bandicoot® 2: Cortex Strikes Back; and Crash Bandicoot®: Warped for PlayStation®4 – planned for a 2017 release.

“For years, we’ve been asked when is Crash returning, and today that question has been answered. Activision is proud to celebrate the iconic character’s 20-year anniversary by bringing him back in ways that will appeal to hardcore fans as well as introduce him to a new generation of gamers,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc. “We can’t wait for gamers to see Crash bring his unique style and quirky personality to the epic battle against Kaos in Skylanders Imaginators. And next year, we’ll expand on the Crash experience for players with remastered versions of three classic games.”

Activision is paying homage to the beloved ’90s videogame star in fun new ways with Skylanders Imaginators. No Crash game would be complete without the ability to jump on TNT Crates to blow them up or collect the Bazooka Crate to get a rocket launcher. From his edginess to his trademark wackiness, Crash is featured with a full move set and upgrade path based around his signature spin attack, as well as callbacks to his beloved past, including moves that incorporate exploding crates with 3-2-1 countdowns, wumpa fruit, a jetpack attack from high in the air and more.

Crash in Skylanders Imaginators will merge elements fans have come to know and love with Skylanders Imaginators’ newest class of characters: Senseis. In Skylanders Imaginators, every Sensei has a devastating Sky-Chi attack – their most powerful move. Crash’s Sky-Chi attack is the ability to use a yo-yo to yank his enemies into a spin attack!

Famed voice actor Jess Harnell reprises his role as Crash, further ensuring Skylanders Imaginators stays true to the Crash Bandicoot that fans have come to know and love. And that’s just beginning of the attention to detail in Skylanders Imaginators!

Skylanders® Imaginators empowers fans to unleash their imaginations by giving them the freedom to create their own Skylander. Portal Masters will enjoy the immense possibilities available in the game – including appearance, powers, abilities, names, catchphrases, musical themes and much more – to create the wildest Skylanders imaginable.

With the evil Kaos on a quest to take over Skylands using an unstoppable army of Doomlanders, it’s up to Portal Masters everywhere to use the power of imagination to create their own Skylanders – known as Imaginators – in order to defeat Kaos. Fighting alongside the Imaginators are the Senseis, powerful mystic warriors who are masters of ancient battle techniques.

In Skylanders Imaginators, a wormhole has opened in Skylands and the great Aku Aku appears! He comes to announce the once in two decades Synchronization Celebration. It is the time when all of the worlds align perfectly. They are having a huge celebration event in the Wumpa Islands and want to invite the Skylanders. But with Kaos on a quest to take over Skylands using his army of Doomlanders, the Skylanders must focus on stopping his evil plans. Never one to shy away from danger, the legendary marsupial Crash Bandicoot travels through the wormhole to join the Skylanders in the ultimate battle against Kaos!

Developed by Toys For Bob, Skylanders Imaginators supports all 300+ Skylanders from previous games and will launch on 14th October, 2016 in the UK. The Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack Featuring Crash Bandicoot will be available exclusively for PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 3 at launch. The Crash toy will be playable across platforms.

Fans can pre-order the Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack Featuring Crash Bandicoot now at select retail destinations. The Skylanders Imaginators Crash edition includes Crash Bandicoot as a playable toy, standard Starter Pack characters, a Creation Crystal, Portal of Power®, the full AAA game and more.

E3 2016 Playstation VR News


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced Batman™: Arkham VR, the very first virtual reality experience that allows fans to Be the Batman like never before. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Batman™: Arkham trilogy, Batman™: Arkham VR is based on DC’s core Batman license and will be available exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system with PlayStation®VR in October 2016.

To view the Batman™: Arkham VR

Batman™: Arkham VR immerses players into the Dark Knight’s universe as they experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective. Delving deep into an all-new Batman: Arkham mystery, those who enter this virtual reality world must think like Batman and utilise his legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies.

“Virtual reality is expanding the video game space and entertainment overall, so it is extremely exciting to have our incredible team at Rocksteady Studios dive into this new storytelling medium with the Batman ™ Arkham franchise,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Rocksteady is one of the best at creating story-driven content, and Batman™: Arkham VR will deliver a more immersive experience than anyone could have imagined only a few years ago.”

“Rocksteady is always looking for new ways to further engross players into the worlds we create and Batman™: Arkham VR is an example of how we’re taking advantage of the latest technology to do that,” said Sefton Hill, Game Director, Rocksteady Studios. “The team is committed to delivering a Batman experience that stays true to the character and allows players to fully immerse themselves in the role of the World’s Greatest Detective.”