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Trophy Whores 244 – Super Whores Sunday

Tricky and Alex celebrated Super Bowl Sunday with each other — as well as a guest who has no rooting interest in the game.  To be fair, Tricky is a Giants fan, and Alex likes Packers, so no one has a stake in the Lombardi Trophy this year. Some people play...
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Trophy Whores 243 – Rocksteady And Rumble-Ready

As the Great Trophy War — pitting the Trophy Whores against the Remember the Loot crew — approaches, Tricky gets increasingly mouthy and sassy.  He’s confident — very much so — that the Trophy Whores will win the battle.  While Tricky hasn’t guaranteed victory, he is definitely ready to rumble....
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Trophy Whores 242 – Reboots, Spoilers, and Sensitive Gamers

No witty summary this week due to Alex and Yield not making the show, but never fear they have brought guests. Join Tricky, Donny, Darrell/Frosty, and T-Byrd as they discuss reboots, spoilers, delays, and much much more… We appreciate your support (and your ears)! Please subscribe to the Trophy Whores...
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Trophy Whores 241 – Rock Out With Your Doc Out

This week Jeromy “Doc” Adams, founder of Sarcastic Gamer and, more importantly, Extra Life, joins the Trophy Whores for fun, chatter and tomfoolery.  Without Doc, Trophy Whores likely wouldn’t exist.  Trophy Whores started as a Community Cast podcast on Sarcastic Gamer and later became the flagship show of Proven Gamer....
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Trophy Whores 240 – Grand Theory Uncharted

This week the Trophy Whores delve into their trophy war against the Remember The Loot podcast.  Tricky has all of the details, and since he misses the first part of the show, Alex, Donny and Yield are left to speculate and shoot their mouths off.  You know, what Donny does...
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