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Trophy Whores 234 – The Gobbling, Squabbling Turkey Whores

In addition to being a boss at Metal Gear Solid, Donny tells terrible jokes about the Loch Ness Monster. Usually, Donny tickles funny bones, but he might want to take a break from Metal Gear Solid V to work on his jokes.  Donny isn’t Kevin Hart, or even Jim Carrey,...
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Trophy Whores 233 – We Got The Loot

No Alex this week, so that means no awesome summary. After last weeks constant plugs, we had to bring the guys on the show. Join Tricky, Yield, and Donny as they welcome two of the four hosts of Proven Gamer’s new podcast, Remember The Loot, Darrell and Frosty. Together the...
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Trophy Whores 232 – The Hideo Kojima Patch

After playing games for nearly 24 hours, Tricky is tired,  but he still hosts the show.  Tricky participated in Extra Life 2015, which has raised over 20 million for the Children’s Miracle Network, and reached his goal of $200.  The Trophy Whores often tease Tricky, but the guys are proud...
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Trophy Whores 231 – From Paris With Games

Tricky doesn’t get Horizon Zero Dawn.  To be fair, Tricky has a skewed sense of quality.  He believes that Hannah Montana The Movie, for which he has the Platinum trophy, is a good game.  The Trophy Whores often tease him about that — because he deserves it. Horizon, developed by...
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Trophy Whores 230 – One Rock-n Show

No Alex again this week, but we do have a Donny. Join Tricky, Yield, Donny, and returning guest Mark, as they discuss Telltale, Harmonix, VR, and much much more We appreciate your support (and your ears)! Please subscribe to the Trophy Whores feed in iTunes or RSS and please leave...
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