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Prizefighters – Review

Prizefighters is a watered down, albeit addicting retro style Punch Out! inspired mobile game. For a franchise that is beloved by so many, Punch Out! games are too few and far in-between, so titles like this can be quite exciting. Prizefighters looks and feels very similar to Punch Out!, which turns out to be it’s biggest flaw. With that being said , there is something really fun here that players may want to give a chance to, especially being it is a free to play game.

The premise is simple – create a fighter and fight up the ranks. The fighting is nearly identical to Punch Out! with the exception of command input. Button presses are replaced here with touch controls.  I was worried about the control scheme for obvious reasons but the input works surprisingly well. The screen is tapped in 4 sections to execute your punches. Top Right and Top Left do left and right jabs to the face. Bottom Right and left do the same for body shots. The more punches you land, the more power attacks you save up. Hold a punch to do a sweeping hook or cross to the body or face. Swipe up to block your face and down to block your body. Swipe left and right to dodge. It is quite simple and just as effective. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the game to work with a controller, but maybe I need to fiddle with it a little more.

What makes the fighting a little bit too simple is the fact that the opponents you fight have no personality. That means they do not have any special moves like in Punch Out! of yore. You may see some patterns emerge, but they are not distinct enough to really call them unique to those fighters. There are no Bald Bull style charging attacks, no crazy combos, no tells. It is just you blocking and dodging, saving stamina, and unleashing a barrage of attacks. While the fighting might be simple, and not very varied, it still has moments of excitement and challenge. With every fight you earn some currency. You use that currency to unlock some customization options or, and this is my favorite part, you can increase attributes. You also gain XP when fighting which can be used to level up some skills. Want to be a fighter that focuses on raw power? You can do that. The choice is yours. Don’t misunderstand by though, we are not talking Elder Scrolls leveling up, but it is a really nice touch to a relatively simple arcade boxing game.

Eventually as you progress in your career you will win championships. Every fight you have after winning the belt is a title defense, which adds a nice layer of meta to the mode. My fighter had a 4 fight series in which I won the title, then lost it to the next ranked fighter. I then lost my rematch and went down to fight the boxer I had one the title from in the first place. I leveled up in the process and then took on the champion and LOST AGAIN. I felt defeated. These were my only two losses, but I will NOT give up. I press forward and finally beat my nemesis. He had my number there for a bit, but I was able to overcome and gain the 17th rank. It is moments like this that make a fairly straight forward mode entertaining.

Aside from moving up the ranks in career mode, you can fight the NPCs in an arcade mode. Arcade mode is a welcome departure from career mode because the fights in career mode can get pretty tough as you are under powered a few fights in. Earning extra currency to level up is important here, especially if you don’t want to spend real life cash to get some more gold. I’ve put in a solid 5 or so hours so far and have had no desire to spend any money outside of just supporting the developers.

The look and feel of this game just feels right. The animations are nice and the pixel art is gorgeous. The only area it is lacking is in the music department. The grunts and the sound of glove hitting face is great, but there is no cool track to fight to. It is a shame because the menu music is so rad. Maybe in the future we can get some sweet new tracks. All in all, there is a charm here aesthetically that shouldn’t be ignored.

One of the really cool features here is that this game comes with an in-game video capture tool, which is uploaded to an in-game social media platform called Everyplay.  It is a really cool feature I wish more games had baked in. I’ve never heard of Everyplay, but it is a really neat idea I hope to see implemented into more titles soon.

Overall I think Prizefighters is a really great homage to Punch Out!, and a really nice foundation for what I hope is a new franchise in the genre. If you liked Punch Out!, or 8-16 bit boxing games of old, give this a try.


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PG Mobile Gaming Addiction – September 2017 Edition

Welcome to the new monthly series highlighting the Proven Gamer staff’s current mobile gaming addiction! Let’s face it; mobile gaming carries an ugly stigma, yet almost everybody plays mobile games throughout their day. Well, instead of poo pooing those games, we would like to highlight a few. Who knows?! Maybe you, the reader, will play something new. With that being said, lets get down to business with our first Mobile Addiction games for the month of September, 2017!

Stephen Fontana – 80’s Mania Wrestling: 90’s Xtreme

Platform: Playing on Android

Why, though?:

I was looking for a wrestling game where I can run my own fed. I don’t know why I had that itch, but it was there and it needed a good scratching. I scoured the store and found something that caught my eye. What I found here was a collectible card game that has me putting on shows with 80’s parody characters that make me chuckle and cringe. Everything from poorly parodied wrestlers of old and even 80s cartoon icons make an appearance here. My main feud is Jet Set Strutter (Ric Flair) and Pierre the Enormous (Andre the Giant), who have been battling for a year for the world title. Every month has 4 shows – 3 TV shows and a Pay Per View. You set a card of wrestlers in hopes of having the best ratings, best attendance, and best reviewed shows. I have played 6 years worth of events, and even spent $11 on “coins” so I can buy more talent/match types.  I have found myself playing this over my Switch at times…please send help.

Tina Tatsis – Toy Blast

Platform: Playing on Android

Why, though?:

For those who have no clue every summer I torture myself and run Summer Camp at my job. I leave my little ones and trade them for the older ones for 2 months. When I commute the with my group to our destination and back I needed a game to play to keep me occupied. So I went through the Play Store and found the game I am addicted to now Toy Blast.  

I will admit that this game is similar to Candy Crush, however it has more features that lures you in. I came across this game when I was scouring the internet for Word Relax answers. Every week they have tournaments and also Treasure Hunts as well. I became more addicted to the game once the tournament started. I became determined to be either in 1st or 2nd place to win coins. After completing a few levels you get a chest with get 2 hours infinite life up to 24 hours as you go through the levels. Once that started, I said “one more game” and an hour later I was shocked how long I was actually playing this game.


Jerry Young – Hearthstone

Platform: Playing on iOS

Why, though?:

I will come out and say it: I can’t stand mobile games. Most of the premium games out there are hard to play because of the virtual controls or compromised performance of some ports. For free to play games, the minute my progress is stifled and I am encouraged to pay to speed something up, or gain access to a special item, I immediately delete the game. Mobile games are at their best a way to kill a few minutes here or there, but I won’t do it unless I enjoy the game and feel like I am being treated fairly. However, I may be a hypocrite because I play a lot of Hearthstone. Whenever I have a few minutes, playing a quick game on the ranked ladder is a perfect way to pass the time. For me, one thing I am proud of is that regardless of what the meta is, I will always play the decks that I enjoy. Since the Journey to Un’goro expansion, I have been playing OTK Mage, or Quest Mage. Although the deck is wildly inconsistent, the payoff when everything comes together it is an absolute joy. I have stopped putting money into Hearthstone as well which has made the feeling of beating the high decks in the meta so much better. To summarize: can’t stand mobile games, but play a lot of Hearthstone.


Matt Murray – Guild of Dungeoneering.

Platform: Android

Why Though?:

This game might be one of the best translated PC to Mobile games I’ve ever seen. It’s a combination Deck/dungeon building/RPG with rogue-like elements. I know that sounds like an insane combination, but it works so well here. On top of the gameplay there is an absolute metric-butt-ton of content and the developers are constantly adding more…for FREE! This is one of those games I find myself continually going back to after the “Game of the week/month” has started to wear out its welcome. If any or all of that sounds appealing I would highly suggest the game, It’s charm alone could win you over.

That’s all the PG Mobile Gaming Addictions we have for you this month. Next month we will highlight some new addictions for you to try out. Let us know is the comments which one of these games you love – or even if you got addicted based on our recommendation. Until next time, be excellent to each other!

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Pokémon Go Has Made $14 Million Since Launch

If you haven’t been confined under a rock this past week, you might’ve taken a glance on social media and noticed the latest trend sweeping the nation.  Nintendo has launched Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game for IOS and Android devices which has users scurrying about with the help of their GPS to track down their favorite Pokémon in their local neighborhoods and cities.  It’s fun.  It’s addicting.  And most of all, it’s a colossal success so far!  Superdata Research Analysts has reported that Pokémon Go has raked in an estimated $14.04 Million in just four days after it’s launch.  Its’ predecessor, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, only made $14.03 Million in its’ entire lifespan of 509 days.

Pokémon Go’s success is no surprise to analyst, but some question the longevity of the game and whether or not users will still be interested in the near future.  Other analysts have reported that Pokémon Go is competing with Twitter in it’s daily usage.  Nintendo’s previous social media application, Miitomo, hit 10 million worldwide users but has since dropped off, whereas Pokémon Go’s user base continues to climb, and has even sent Nintendo’s shares soaring, according to the Wall Street Journal, and has added $9 Billion in market value to the company!

It appears that “leaving luck to heaven” has really paid off this time.  We will have to wait and see if Pokémon Go continues to overtake our lives, or if it’s just a fad that will fade in the weeks to come.

For more on Pokémon Go, keep it locked right here at!


Breaking the Tedium

No more Recycled Games

While Google play and iTunes are constantly uploaded with new games, you may notice a growing trend that’s plaguing the market. Games in the same format are being recycled constantly. If you look at popular games like Temple run and the slew of jewel games, they all follow the same format that for some reason, earn developers a hefty amount of cash. Pop out a sequel and the same thing happens.
The popularity of such games did not escape business giants like Bwin, who merged with Partygaming to bolster the PartyCasino brand during the rise of internet gaming. The casino games eventually crossed over to the mobile gaming industry and are making a name (and a lot of money) for themselves.

Unlike the popular games on Android and iOS, casino games have remained true to their game play and are still mostly in its original form. Offering variety instead of continuity, you can never be an expert in any one game as an element of skill and luck is required to dominate any one casino game like the Four Dragons Casino, the Casino Floor, Caligula’s and Tham khảo thêm về nhà cái casino uy tín nếu bạn thích KU Casino, Palace where you will also discover wheel of fortune, video poker, virtual horse racing and pool.. The gameplay is different every time and although you may be dealt the same hand, the flop never comes out the same way and your opponents never bet the same way. From a game of skill like poker to an unpredictable random play like roulette and slots, there’s always something for everyone. Instead of investing in sequel games that only add a different scenery to an old gameplay, you should try playing for real money and earn instead of losing it on recycled material. I mean really, what’s the difference between Temple Run and Temple Run 2? When it boils down to it, it’s the same game set on a different stage.