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Trophy Whores 373 – Welcome Back, Tricky

Tricky returns after an extended hiatus, and, alongside Alex and Yield, discusses rumors surrounding Amazon and big news on the split between Bungie and Activision.  Even though Bungie has benefited from high-profile partnerships, you know that they are excited about their newfound autonomy.  Say goodbye to those early bedtimes!

Join the Trophy Whores as they catch up with Tricky and dive into the icy waters of pertinent topics.  It’s cold outside, but the banter is as warm as a steamy cup of cocoa. Cocoa, more than a prop that sits atop your Rocket League car!

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Bungie Releases Trailer Detailing Destiny 2’s EDZ

Today Bungie dropped a trailer for the European Dead Zone, Earth’s new playable area in Destiny 2.  According to Bungie, the new EDZ is also boasted as the “biggest playable area ever created by Bungie.”

The trailer gives the first look at Adventures and Lost Sectors, which look to take the place of those repetitive, boring patrol missions (of the original).  Adventures are fully voiced side quests that dig into the lore of the Destiny universe and Lost Sectors look to be small dungeons with some kind of mini-boss at the end. With the additions of Adventures and Lost Sectors, as well as new Public events and new sub-classes to try out, it sure looks like Bungie understand what players want from the sequel.  Thankfully, with it’s release right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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Destiny 2 Releases Launch Trailer

With the console release of Destiny 2 less than a month away, Bungie has released the launch trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter.

The trailer focuses on the fallout of Dominus Ghaul’s assault and destruction of the Tower and humanities plan to fight back. Destiny 2 launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6. The PC launch of the game will take place the following month on October 24. Check out the launch trailer for the game below:

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Destiny 2 PC Beta Coming August 29th

Activision has announced that the PC Beta for Destiny 2 will start on August 29. The beta will include the opening story mission as well as cooperative and competitive modes. Players who have pre-ordered the game will be able to access the beta one day early on August 28.

Destiny 2 will launch on PC on October 24. Check out the trailer for the PC beta below:

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Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

A Lesson Learned

Since its release, Destiny has been one of the most polarizing titles in the industry. Hardcore fans swore that Destiny’s raids were well worth the grind while others damned its RNG heavy loot drops and progression system. While the base game never truly grabbed me, the initial beta back in 2014 had me amped. The gunplay was as tight as I’d expect from Bungie and the promise of a brand new universe to explore and learn about was too much to keep me (a lifelong Halo fanatic) away. What I found out when Destiny was finally released, and I’d made my way through it, was that Bungie may have shown a bit too much of its hand with the initial Beta.

In the months following Destiny’s release, myself and a host of others abandoned the game due to its extremely repetitive nature. The tone and cadence of, “We’ve Woken the Hive!!” is burned into our brains to this day. Trudging through the same areas over and over again became tedious, and the loot grind was a nightmare (RIP The Loot Cave). To Bungie’s credit, regardless of all the bad some of us saw, they hooked in tons of players for thousands of hours and created a fanbase as hardcore as the Halo players they had cultivated in the decade before.

As we come to the end of Destiny’s life cycle it is clear that Bungie learned a thing or two about what makes Destiny different from the gamut of other games on the market. They figured out how exactly to present this growing universe and gained a bit of knowledge about what makes its player base tick.

With all this in mind, I booted up the Destiny 2 beta Friday night and was greeted with an absolute spectacle of an opening mission.



Homecoming, Destiny 2’s first mission, bleeds storytelling. The familiar faces of Cayde-6, Zavala, and Ikora Rey pushed me through the destruction of The Tower. What was once a home for all Guardians under the safety of The Traveler, has now been reduced to rubble as the forces of Emporer Ghaul sweep in to capture The Traveler’s Light. Flaming pods crash down from the sky unleashing waves upon waves of Cabal soldiers. Fighting these fearsome foes feels more varied this time around thanks to some new Cabal troops; The Gladiator, The Incedior, and the War Beast, all of which fill a new role in the Cabal roster. It also had me wondering what new troops may show up for The Fallen and Vex factions.

Unable to stop the onslaught of Cabal on The Tower I was taken onboard a Cabal command ship. The command ship is daunting and impressively massive. Upon landing, I saw pods of Cabal being launched off the back toward battle. The fights here and at the Tower are more frantic and engaging than I remember from the original Destiny.  After making my way through the ship and a few of the more beefy Cabal generals I finally come face to face with Ghaul. He laughs at how puny and weak I am as the massive machine that has attached itself to the Traveler seems to suck the light out of it and completely zap my powers. With my power gone, I’m helpless. Ghaul pitifully nudges me from the ledge of the ship with his foot claiming that The Light now belongs to him.

It’s immediately evident that Destiny 2 benefits from being developed for a single generation of console this time around, and maybe Bungie is finally giving us the story we deserve. Everything just looks and feels better; environments feel full and characters are more fleshed out from the get-go. The skybox is flooded ships swarming around the tower, far off battles being fought in the sky, and the sight of The Traveler being “captured” all make this mission as momentous as it should.


The Strike….Strikes back

The Inverted Spire strike is the only other playable mission in the beta. I went into it excited to see what new mechanics Destiny 2 would throw at me and it delivered big time. Two other guardians and I are tasked with investigating why the Cabal have sent forces to Nessus, a new Vex controlled planet in Destiny 2. After blasting our way through both Vex and Cabal forces and jumping through some “Vex Milk Waterfalls” we find out the Cabal is trying to dig out The Mind from deep within the planet. Soon we find ourselves at the active dig site. Giant drills swirl around while the Cabal lie in wait protecting whatever it is they find deep in the dirt of Nessus. The gigantic drill arms dangerously swung by as my two cohorts and I fought our way downward. I found out the hard way that navigating through the deadly tornado the drill presents isn’t as easy as it looks.

Finally making our way down we see exactly what the Cabal were digging for, Protheon; a huge Vex Minotaur. We start to chunk him down and fight off the supporting Vex forces when suddenly the floor disappears beneath our feet. We fall helplessly to the floor below and continue the battle. After a few rounds of Protheon throwing some new attacks at us and quelling the constant surge of vex troops, the floor again disappears beneath us and we descend to a third and final arena. A string of new attacks from Protheon begins. Vex milk surrounds the small circular pad we’re now fighting on and we’re being flung into it from all angles. Though the walk-able area of this new arena is quite small, the chamber itself is eerily enormous, and Vex seem to appear out of nowhere coming in from all sides. Protheon is visibly damaged in this last leg of the fight, which surprised me. It went from a hulking mass of electronics and metal to a broken down vessel more reminiscent of a broken terminator.

With a few final rounds of attacks, we take down Protheon, The modular mind, and make our way back to orbit.

As I mentioned before, Destiny didn’t hook me but I did play through it and much later played though some of the DLC. The Inverted Spire and Homecoming felt so much more intense than anything I’ve played in Destiny before. Let’s hope that the rest of the game pans out just as well.

Fatal 4v4

Ah, yes, PvP. The other half of the Destiny experience. Two modes are currently available in the beta. Classic Control makes its return and a new mode called Countdown, which plays similar to Call of Duty’s Seek and Destroy.  The first and most noticeable thing in both PvP modes is that the teams are comprised of 4 players each, scaled down from the 6v6 in the original Destiny. This is both a blessing and a curse. 4v4 feels more like home for Bungie and works well in the two maps for the respective modes: Endless Vale and Midtown. The downside to the downscaled team size is if a teammate drops out at any point, pulling out the win seems almost impossible. In a traditional deathmatch game type, I’m sure the extra player won’t matter as much, but in Control and Countdown every teammate matters. Maybe we’ll see enough outcry to at least get a 6v6 mode added, but for the time being, it seems Bungie is intent on keeping it at 4v4.

The maps mentioned above, Midtown and Endless Vale, are both pretty straightforward. Endless Vale, the Control map, is a relatively symmetrical map with A and C on opposite sides with many paths leading to B on a circular platform a bit set back in the middle of the map. It reminds me of a smaller version of Shores of Time from the original Destiny. The map design is full of great sight lines and lanes between flags, as you’d expect from Bungie. Neither side feels particularly imbalanced. I had a blast playing through it with different weapons figuring out what work best for different lines. It really brought me right back into the fold.

The second map, Midtown, is an asymmetrical map seemingly set in a town center or bazaar of some type. It’s different than any other map I’ve seen in destiny. Midtown is also host to the new mode Countdown. I’m not sure if the map is specific for this game type or not, but it was a blast either way.  Much like Call of Duty’s Seek and Destroy, one team attacks by trying to set off bombs while the other defends. Either side killing off every player on the other team will win the game. I found out pretty harshly that this mode requires quite a lot of strategy and that the run-and-gun lone wolf approach didn’t work so well; coordination and communication is absolutely key. I could easily see this mode being a favorite among the more hardcore PvP fans out there.

Final Thoughts

The Destiny 2 Beta is an odd beast. Comparing it to the beta for the original Destiny, you can see that Bungie doesn’t want to spoil too much of Destiny 2 too early. But does that mean that we’re in for more of the same or have they truly learned their lesson?

Playing through the beta missions a dozen or so times and putting some serious time into the PvP, I can’t help but feel like I want to see more; though there’s not as much to play through here. Bungie has me hooked again and I truly hope this time they deliver. The PvP feels as crisp as ever even though the teams are a bit leaner this time around. If the cinematic tone of the two missions is any indication, we’re in for one hell of a treat. With new worlds to explore, some new enemies to fight, and a new home there’s a lot to look forward too. But what I am most looking forward to is Bungie delivering on their initial promise with Destiny. I know they can build a universe like no other, and hopefully Destiny becomes just that.

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Destiny 2 Getting PS4 Pro Bundle

In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that a limited edition, Destiny 2 Glacier White PS4 Pro Bundle will be available for the launch of the game on September 6. The bundle will include a 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro, white controller and Destiny 2. Included with the game, the Expansion Pass and a voucher for other premium digital content will also be included.

Pre-orders for the bundle are available now for $449.99 USD. The open-beta for Destiny 2 will also launch next week on July 18. Click here to check out the full blog post.

E3 2017

Destiny 2 Trailer Highlights Villain

A new trailer for Destiny 2 introduced players to the villain of the game Ghaul. Ghaul threatened to destroy everything, before characters were shown preparing to battle him. To close the trailer, exclusive weapons, gear, strikes, and other content was shown.

Destiny 2 will launch on September 8. Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for more E3 updates.

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Social Interaction Highlights Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

In a live stream earlier today, future Guardians got their first look at gameplay from Destiny 2 from Bungie. The presentation showed off some of the new abilities, weapons, equipment, armor, gear, and social experiences that players will get to explore in the game.

The presentation started with a narrative trailer about what makes a guardian, highlighted by voice acting by Lance Reddick. The dialogue also discusses protecting the future for new guardians, and how to become what is necessary to protect the future and rebuild what was lost. There was a heavy emphasis put on rebuilding since Destiny 2 will take place after the tower is destroyed by the games villain Ghaul and his army known as the Red Legion.

After the trailer was over gameplay director Luke Smith came out to show off what makes the gameplay for Destiny 2 trailer. He started by emphasizing the three things that will make Destiny 2 unique from the original game:

  • The world pulls you in(enemies, environments, people).
  • Amazing things to do both as a campaign player or competitive player.
  • Always someone to play with.

After the brief presentation, gameplay was shown. The trailer starts off with a cutscene the invasion of Earth by Ghaul, as the Guardians are quickly overwhelmed. After a brief combat encounter using an assault rifle, the first look at abilities was shown. The player summoned an orange energy sword which was used not only as a melee weapon but also was able to fire bursts of energy causing large areas of damage.  The player HUD seemed to indicate players would be able to carry three weapons and also have three rechargeable abilities.

The second gameplay sequence put the controlled character on a Ghaul ship looking to destroy a shield generator. The assault rifle was swapped out for an energy weapon and a grenade launcher. When the Guardian got close to the shield generator to destroy it, the voice of Ghaul was heard telling the character that his journey has ended, before cutting to black.

Smith then returned to the stage to introduce a new trailer that went into the details of new gameplay mechanics for Destiny 2. Weapon slots have been reworked. There will now be 3 slots available to players: a power weapon, energy weapon, and kinetic weapon. The kinetic and energy weapons are interchangeable, while the power weapon is reserved for major firepower such as grenade launchers.


Three new super abilities were introduced. One for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock:

  • Dawblade is a fire sword that can be used to cut through opponents or rain down fire projectiles on enemies.
  • Sentinel can summon shield that can be used at range, or as a melee weapon.
  • The Arcstrider will summon staff that can be used to take down enemies with great speed and grace.

Gameplay Modes:

Red War Campaign:

Will send players on a new journey across the solar system. More cinematics than original Destiny


A new strike, “Inverted Spire”, was introduced during the presentation. The strike will feature a three stage boss.


The Crucible has been reworked to be 4v4 across all game modes. The new HUD will show information about opponents allowing for teams to have more information to work with. There will be maps and modes. One of the new modes will an attack and defend mode called “Countdown”.


There is a brand-new raid that was teased but was not shown.

Open World Exploration:

Four new worlds were announced for Destiny 2. Titan, Earth, Nessus, EO. Below are some of the new things coming to the open-world of Destiny 2.

  • All activities can be launched from the world without going to orbit. Players will also be able to jump between planets without going back to orbit.
  • New side missions, known as “Adventures” will introduce new gameplay mechanics and encounters.
  • “Lost Sectors” will be areas that are discoverable on the map. Players will enter these areas, fight a boss, and obtain a key for a treasure chest with new gear.

Social Interaction

  • Official Clan support was confirmed for Destiny 2. In game rosters, custom banners, tools to assemble a team with the right gear, rewards system that is shared by all Clan members.
  • Guided Games was also introduced. This new mechanic will allow for single players to pick a Clan to be paired with for a single experience. It will allow them to learn about Clans and see if they would like to join. This will also allow for Clans to find a player if they are short one guardian for a strike or a raid and vice-versa.

Destiny 2 will launch for PC(through Blizzard’s BattleNet), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 8. There will be a beta coming this summer. Keep it tuned to Proven Gamer for all Destiny 2 news. Check out the official gameplay reveal trailer below:

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Destiny 2 Coming September 8th

After releasing a short teaser trailer, Bungie has revealed the full trailer for of Destiny 2. The game will launch on September 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After having the tower invaded and destroyed by a new villain, Ghaul and his army known as the Red Legion, the Guardians must fight back and bring justice to their fallen comrades.

Players will be able to use their characters from the original game. However, as the trailer points out, all their gear will be gone. Along with the release date, Bungie also announced that there will be a beta for the game this summer.

Check out the full trailer “Rally the Troops” below: