April 16, 2024

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Order & Chaos Online Review

With a plethora of MMORPGS in the game market, there’s always a concern as to why anyone should pick up another World of Warcraft style game. That question emerged when I discovered Order & Chaos Online for the iPad.

I decided to try this MMORPG for multiple reasons. The first reason was this WoW style game was designed for the iPad and its functions. Appearance changing equipment, familiar combat system, and characters and graphics familiar to the WoW style game created another interest in Order & Chaos.

The final reason was the cost. The game cost fifteen dollars to download the game, two dollars for 3 months online play, and three dollars for 6 months. Since the money can be taken off your itunes currency, it makes it a little easier than having to go out, buy a WoW card and punch it in.

Like any MMORPG, you start off creating you own avatar. The options for races are very limited; you only have four races to choose (human, orc, zombie, and elf).


I created a female elf, named sin seeker, because ………. Well……..who cares.

You utilize the touch screen to tap or double tap your attacks and skills. Moving your character around the world and rotating the screen can be difficult and confusing because their controls are similar.

Usually MMORPGs require you to team up with others to take on dungeons, raids, and colossal monsters. Without a headset and an awkward way of chatting, there is very little communication and teamwork occurring in the game. At certain points, you’ll feel you’re better off just not talking to anyone.

The story and info for quest leave don’t offer much in regards to originality. Kill some number of wolves in this area, destroy these monsters, collect a number of items…… whatever.

The concept of an MMORPG for the iPad sounds like an innovative and curious idea. Unfortunately, that is where Order & Chaos ends. Save your itunes currency.

I give Order & Chaos Online, for the iPad, thumbs down.

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