June 15, 2024

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Renegade Ops Review

When you take a first glance at the Renegade Ops trailer, you may get the sense that there isn’t much to this over the top shooter. It’s only after you sit down and try this download only game that you become addictive to the destruction factor.

The game’s story is told through comic book style movie scenes. A mad dictator, Inferno, mysteriously shows up and announces his army will destroy countless cities unless all nations hand control over to him. While the U.N. looks into finding a way to overcoming this conflict, a five starred general, named General Bryant, gets frustrated with the red tape involved in taking down a warlord and leaves the military to form his own private renegade team dedicated to taking down Inferno. Thus Renegade Ops is created and your role in the game begins.

You get to choose from one of four different characters, each with his/her vehicle and abilities. Although it is partially sad to know the general isn’t a playable character, the four different characters still have some great fire power to tackle the vast army ahead.


The characters don’t have any dialogue, so expect any and all story involvement to come from radio transmissions from the general and movie cutscenes.

Once you get underway, the gameplay is actually gripping and entertaining. This over the tap gameplay (similar to Dead Nation view) has simple enough controls for any player to get involved. As you progress through the game, you build up a level up system that improves your abilities for future levels and higher difficulty. I have mainly played with a character that utilizes an EMP weapon, but upgrades have allowed that ability to last longer or do effective damage while temporarily shutting down enemy forces.


As you play through levels, you will be coming across tons of enemy AIs ready to take you out. Luckily the destruction level involved with destroying the enemy forces will leave you itching to take on as many enemies as possible. The end of the first level has you temporarily trading your vehicle for a helicopter so you can rain destruction on an immense enemy aircraft carrier. The level of explosion you will create in that fifteen minute boss battle will leave you wanting to replay the level again and again.

This DLC isn’t as grand as the next Call of Duty game, but the game is a great deal of fun for ten dollars.

I give Renegade Ops thumbs up for our ProvenGamer fans

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