April 22, 2024

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Burnout Crash Review

The Burnout series has always been a unique series, regardless of what title came out. It has shown many players new and unique way to take on a race, cause mass destruction, and explore a free roaming city. So how does the DLC game, known as Burnout Crash, fit in?

The first thing you need to know about this latest Burnout installment is there is no racing involved. It’s a shame I know. The over head view doesn’t quite work these days for racing games, so don’t expect a 300 mph adrenaline race against friends.

Think of Burnout Crash as a clever take on a pinball game. You dive into unsuspecting traffic, cause a huge fender, and detonate your vehicle to move it around the board against vehicles that think they can avoid you onslaught. The more cars you hit the higher the score. Let too many cars escape freely or stop the damage meter for a certain amount of time, and the Burnout level ends.

Having wrecked vehicles stuck at intersection helps to improve your score because the A.I. driving the cars will easily smash and create a bigger pile up. Building and homes aren’t safe as well from your razing greed. You can detonate you car next to building or next to other vehicles allowing the wrecked car to slide across the way and damage the local land property.


Take that imaginary home owner while I have to rent!

Within moment’s of playing one of the many levels, you will see carnage, destruction, devastation, and the score number dramatically increase to the point where you want more.

Just like any pinball game, there are small game-like features that can help or hurt your performance. Let an ambulance drive safely from your destructive manner and it will take a notch off how many cars have escaped you. “Good cops” road block set up a road block intentionally so cars can crash for you and improve your score. Take out the bulldozer that is trying to clear the screen of your debris so you can keep your palette of burnout point destruction. These are many of the few feature involved when taking on a simple block who’s only crime against you is existing.

Accomplish certain scores or task will earn you stars which will unlock: new levels, cars, and trophies. Different cars possess different explosion factors and distances of travel after you detonate you car. Replaying a level with a different vehicle will be necessary in optimizing your score.


Each level in the DLC is single player, but EA has incorporated their popular Autolog system into this game. This means you can send challenges to friends, see their best score, and try to perform a better score than you. This has been a great addition to previous EA titles and continues to do so with Burnout Crash.

There may not be a lot to this game once you complete all the levels or when your friends stop following your Autolog challenges. The lack of racing is another let down since that is what the Burnout series is known for. If you’re in for a pinball style game that thinks outside the box, then Burnout Crash. The price, however, is not worth it and Burnout racing fans will see no interest in picking up this title. The fact that EA turned this game into a straight up pinball Crash mode game scared me that they are running out of ways of keeping the Burnout series alive. Hopefully EA has a few tricks up their sleeves for the next Burnout reincarnation.

I give Burnout Crash thumbs down for our ProvenGamer fans.

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