June 17, 2024

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Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Review

Weeks after the events of Arkham City’s main story, Harley Quinn returns, and she’s worse than ever. Harley has taken over the Joker’s old steel mill hideout, and when Batman goes to investigate, things get worse before they get better. Cue Robin, the Boy Wonder, who goes in to investigate.

Sadly, while this might sound like intriguing DLC, most of it does not deliver. The Robin gameplay offers a fresh take on Arkham City’s story but not enough is added to really make this a bang for your buck. The open world content that made Arkham City great has been neutered. While there are collectable balloons all over, it is more focused on story.

The story is also not revelatory or really needed. While it expands the story of Arkham City, it feels like a deleted scene or missing piece of content. It doesn’t add much depth to the final events of the main game, and the ending of the DLC is very upsetting.

The voice acting was also lacking. While I am an immense fan of Batman and Kevin Conroy, I felt the voice-acting was rushed. Tara Strong does very little to sell the character of Harley Quinn, which was an issue in Arkham City’s main story.

Not everything in this DLC is bad, though, and if you are interested in more story content for Arkham City, then this is the DLC for you.

Review Score: 3/5

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