March 4, 2024

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Paranormal Review

Paranormal is the type of game that will leave you wishing that this never happens to you. You are Matel Clark, an artist who has decided to record the recent events transpiring in his house. The game places you in the setting of a house in San Francisco, California that has been around since 1910 and is being haunted by its previous owners. The worst part about this haunting is that there is no escape from this nightmare.

When you first enter this game you are presented with some amazing graphics and overall good gameplay. The controls are simple as well: W, A, S, D to move and F to turn your light on or off. Using shift will allow you to sprint; just in case you feel as though you need to leave…now. The flashlight is good when you’re in that dark area and you just need it on, or if you need it for comfort. You are able to use either a mouse/keyboard for this game or the XBOX 360 controller.

Background on this story begins in 1910 when you get a look at the house history and learn how the haunting began by looking into different journal entries. The scary story that’s presented to you will hinder you from wanting to progress further, but do continue. The game has different endings, dependent on how you go about doing things. Be careful. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in the grasp of a horrific apparition. As you progress further into the game your house begins to take on a whole new look as the spirit haunting it moves everything and makes its mark all around the house.

The sound combined with the graphics add to the horror as you hear the happenings going on around the house and the scream of the spirit that is so angered with you for living in its domain. The sounds around the house are the scariest part; leaving you to wonder if it is coming for you or if it is making its presence known. I recommend you to adjust your volume accordingly unless you want to go deaf. The cries of this tormented soul are not as pleasant as you may think.

Being in a beta, this game has many bugs. Walking through solid objects is not something that should happen. I ran into an issue while playing the game where my character continuously rotated; which I found funny at first then began to despise because it started to ruin the gameplay. I also had an issue with going into the options to change settings, but it would not save the changes.

Paranormal is a very well designed and well thought out game with a great back story. This game deserves more attention and support. I recommend getting this game because it is a great buy, especially if you get it while it’s in beta rather than when the game is officially done to save some money.

Paranormal gets a 4/5.

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