May 24, 2024

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War of the Roses Review

War of the Roses sets you in a medieval battleground in which your skills will be put to the test to rank up and allow your character to become a killing machine. Getting kills and ranking up new classes will be unlocked for you to find which one suits you best, and master it. As you play the game more you’ll become used to the general feel of the controls.

The controls were quite simple; W, A, S, D to move and using the mouse for your attacks whether it be firing your bow or swinging and slashing with your sword. The game is very simple to get an understanding of and to find out what you’re trying to accomplish. You will acquire new classes and items and equip them to see which you’d like to use, as well as level up to make you feel that you’re better than those under you.

The game gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you kill your enemy. You can pull off an execution type attack to let your enemy know that you’re the victor. The game does take some skill to know how to kill your opponent, as well as how to defend yourself from him, whether it be blocking with your shield or getting assistance from your allies. The multiplayer aspect of this game adds to the enjoyment as you play against your friends in a medieval game with the ability to hack and slash at each other as much as you want.

Although this game does bring some enjoyment it also has some flaws. The game has many bugs that I found which ruined the overall gaming experience. Even though this game has bugs, do not let it deter you from thinking about getting it. The game is constantly being updated and many issues are being fixed. While reviewing this game I had an issue with servers being down and I was unable to play the multiplayer, which is what the game is based on. I was able to play a practice game mode against AI while waiting for the servers to come back so at least I’d be able to brush up on my skills somehow.

The graphics in this game match well with its intent. The medieval look is wonderful and the armor, weapons, and classes look amazing. Even the battleground looks amazing as you run through and slaughter your enemies. I would suggest giving everything a glance or two. The buildings can be used to your advantage, whether it be hiding behind them or climbing atop and firing arrows at anyone who stands before you. There is not much sound in the game besides the sound of the war going on around you.

This game was enjoyable to play, but not something I’d get too involved in. It was well put together and had easy to use controls with little to no issues. As for the many issues the game has, most of them have already been taken care of as it is constantly being updated since its release. I give this game a recommendation to check out if you’re looking to slaughter your enemies while riding your steed or on foot with sword and shield, or even by bow from afar.

This game gets a 7/10.

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