June 15, 2024

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Happy Wars Review

Happy Wars is a crazy castle storming multiplayer game, in which 15 players on each side make it their goal to break into their enemy’s castle. It was quite an experience to play on the Xbox 360, but the big question is: was it a good experience, or a terrible one?

Players get their choice of three classes to use in battle: the Mage, Warrior, or the Cleric. Each of them has their own perks that try to draw you into trying out each of them. Sadly, these classes are so boring to the point that you don’t even care which you choose from. When it comes to the cliché perk, there is, for example, the warrior’s battle tactic that centers on close quarter combat, while the Mage is used mainly to fend off enemies from a distance. The gameplay felt a bit hectic during most of the matches, with it becoming a giant ball of 20-30 people going at it in one given area. There are towers that players try to construct that become a re-spawn point. The place where you find a tower is where you can also find at least 10 players trying to kill each other at the same time. This makes the rest of the map pointless and leaves you wondering why it’s even there.

When it comes to how the game looks, it is horrible all around. While trying to look all cute and charming, the cluttered battles completely demolish that attempt at it being adorable. Besides that, there isn’t anything in the graphics that make you go “wow”, but more like “really?” instead. I found nothing impressive.

This game may be Free-To-Play, but it is a must-avoid-at-all-costs. There is almost nothing good to say about my time playing this. I haven’t played such a repetitive, boring game in quite a while. It was a good way to waste time, but it was time wasted.


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