April 22, 2024

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Intrusion 2 Review

Intrusion 2 has the perfect way of bringing in an old school style and making you enjoy it. This game gives you every chance to annihilate everything standing in your path. You’ll be able to destroy soldiers, wolves, robotics suits, and a variety of other things as they relentlessly focus their assault upon you.

The games controls are simple to use W, A, S, D to move: W is to jump and S is to crouch while A and D move you side to side. Using your mouse to aim with whatever weapon you’re given allows you to perfectly perform a complete and total slaughter of the enemy before you. These weapons are nothing to mess around with as they are very powerful and ammo can be scarce at times.

As you progress further into the game you’ll be a complete and total killing machine as you slaughter everything before you. From riding a wolf into combat to being chased down by a soldier in a robotic suit of armor, you’ll never not enjoy the game. The different weapons you acquire throughout the game have different types of firing. Whether it is automatic or a laser that will destroy everything and anything, just make sure you have plenty of ammo.

The game’s graphics are amazing with an old school style that makes you want to play more and reminisce over past games. This game will bring you all the enjoyment and more as you find different strategies to defeat the many different opponents placed before you. The overall design of the levels and bosses brings a great deal of quality to the overall gameplay.

With most games now days, the sound tends to get repetitive and you’ll want to mute it, but I found myself enjoying the sound and listening to it as I fought off enemy after enemy. The sound added the feeling that nothing can stop you and that you’re a force to be reckoned with. The overall quality of the sound and graphics fits in fantastically with the genres of today.

Bugs and glitches were nothing to worry about as you played through each level. The only problem would be getting stuck in some god awful spot and having to restart. I don’t mean not being able to defeat the enemy before you but getting caught by a flaw in the level design itself. This did not happen often and did not cause many problems while playing the game.

This game was enjoyable to play at every moment, even when it got frustrating. The quality of this game is stunning to say the least and the replay value is high. This game, being designed by only one man, was incredible and I give him props for bringing such a game that was great in every aspect of design. This game deserves some recognition and you should give it a look, as it is a very well put together game.

Intrusion 2 gets a 9/10.

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