July 14, 2024

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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is a remake of Painkiller. It’s a PC exclusive FPS which pays tribute to the good old days of shooters, where you could carry more than 2 guns, and the enemies were creative and original. In my personal opinion, the original Painkiller is more fun than any man deserves to experience while playing a video game. I was really pumped to hear about this remake, but also I was worried it would fall flat on its face. The question is, did it flop, or has pure bliss been recreated once again?

Painkiller H&D follows the 90’s era of shooters faithfully. You can hold dozens of guns, you’re all by yourself, and there are a hundred monsters eager to have you splatter their brains across the screen. Thanks to better funding and today’s standard for visuals, the sight of the game really is a big improvement, but sadly it feels like this is just a fresh coat of paint for the original game. The graphics are really neat, but it doesn’t try to be anything different. I know it’s a remake, but this doesn’t improve Painkiller’s classic feel.

The gameplay and plot is unchanged. God wants you to slaughter Hell’s army, so you must go from level to level, and obliterate everything in your path. Every level has its own unique level and enemy design, which always freshened up the original’s gameplay. The new game still holds true to the chaotic shooting spree that you will go on, and it still is a fun time. The sad thing however is that the game is on the short side, with a lack of replay value. It seems like after you’ve beaten the level, there is little reason to play it again. It’s a great game, but there isn’t much packed in to draw you back in from time to time. The current price of $19.99 isn’t quite worth just an update in looks, and other small cosmetic changes.


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