July 14, 2024

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Bloodborne Is coming, and I’m taking vacation for it.

Seriously I’m taking a nice vacation to play this game. I didn’t even try to hide it from my boss, he knows why I’m taking vacation and he has no choice but to accept it because I will be doing nothing but playing this game.

I’m a HUGE fan of the series. From Software created such a gem when they released Demon’s Souls. It was a game that easily flew under many people’s radar. It was also a game that tested everyone’s whose played it patients. That’s why it became so famous though, you just did not get that difficulty from any other game at the time. Then when you started to get into the multiplayer aspect of the game, it was like a whole new game in itself.

With the release of Dark Souls they took the game into a nice open world RPG instead of the central hub world jumping that was in Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls was such a good game, and even though it took almost every aspect of Demon’s souls, it still felt like its own thing completely.

Dark Souls II would soon come after that. It was fun for sure , but it just didn’t grab me the way the other two did. I would play it over almost any other RPG, but I would still rather play the other two. It had the nice open world that Dark Souls did, and in my opinion, and I’m sure many others, the online was much more stable. Unlike the other two it felt like it was just hard to be hard, as to where its predecessors were still very difficult, but they were difficult because it was teaching you something. there was always a reason you died. somehow or some way you, the player, messed up. Dark Souls II felt a little overburden with cheap shots and lame tricks.

Now we Have Bloodborn coming out next Tuesday and, with the original creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki behind it, I just cannot wait. This is the game I bought my Playstaion 4 for. Everything I have seen from it looks just do darn beautiful. The trailers make me squeal in excitement and, even though I stay away from many game play videos, I can just see the amount of polish and time that went into this. It’s going to be different with it being a bit faster pace, taking away the shield in favor of a short range shotgun, but getting my hands on another game where I have to constantly be one step ahead of my enemy, or death is a most likely around the corner, is just some kind of drug to me. I cannot get enough of it.

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