May 29, 2024

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Be One With The KWANN

KWANN is one of those games at first read through most people would probably pass by. Do yourself a favor though, take a moment to actually check out what this game has to offer. Odd in concept but that is what makes it unique. Long days of playing violent blood filled rage inducing games sometimes gets you over worked. Kwann is the type of the game you just veg out to while enjoying a cutesy art style. You are an Eco warrior in a pixelated world, one fateful day your eco adventure will start.

KWAAN fuses all kinds of good stuff into one environmentally delicious gaming package: point-and-click, RPG, 15-player online co-op, pixel art editor, and a quite excellent grapnel for exploring the many levels on your collective quest to keep KWAAN happy. But beware – if at midnight each day KWAAN is too sad, the mighty tree lord will drown the world in tears, with the unfortunate side effect of crashing the server so you and your Dwaal pals have to start again from scratch.

Created by a renegade team of four digital tree-huggers from Ankama’s Montreal studio. KWANN will be one of the more unique game titles you have the chance to play. After a short stint in early access to refine the overall game it has finally been fully released. Pixel art, friends and being eco-friendly not sure you could ask for much more. Though watching the trailer, which you will find below, will reveal another level of depth to KWANN. Looks like integrated is a basic pixel editor to keep you on track with your eco task. Not fully divulged though is how it will be used, it looks more like it will be how you create new trees and flowers to fight the evil Kwann tree as a lowly Dwaal.

Out now via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux for just $9.99 USD.

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