June 20, 2024

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Toki Tori 2 Review

Toki Tori 2 recently made its way to the PSN network and I must say it is a fun and cute game to play. While this game may not be as flashy as other games or grab your attention, Toki Tori 2 is still a entertaining and challenging game to play.

The plot for Toki Tori 2 places you in the role of chick in a cute and playful environment. While wandering around, with the rest of the cute creatures, an evil blackish liquid emerges throughout the world. It is up to you to solve puzzles, gather artifacts, and use these artifacts in a central device to dispose of the evil liquidly substance. Once you figure out the plot, you’re on your way to solving the puzzles throughout the world.


The control scheme isn’t that hard to follow which is good because there are no tutorials throughout your gameplay. The game allows you to move your character, look around, stomp to scare or get other creatures’ abilities to react, and whistle to get other creatures’ attention.

As the chick, you will utilize whistles and stomps to get the attention of other forest creatures and get them to activate their abilities to solve puzzles. You may need to whistle to get a flying bird to pick you up and fly you to a different part of the level. This works because it requires you to learn the different actions and abilities of other NPC animals on your journey to save their home. Sometimes you will need to need one NPC to interact with another NPC in order to progress. I needed to get a bird to carry a toad to one part of a level before I could use the toad’s bubble making ability to reach an artifact.

Whistling in the game has a cool function that is reminiscent of Ocarina of Time’s song ability function. Holding the whistle button produces a loud whistle while tapping the while produces a soft sound. Combining different sequence of loud and soft whistles allows your chick to active certain abilities like map display or artifact location. These different abilities were fun to use, but I only discovered them by accident. The lack of tutorial may mean you will have to experiment to discover the abilities. I found a lot of them by randomly pressing the whistle button and answering phone calls.


The game produces a fun side scrolling world that allows you to travel back and forth to make new discoveries or solve puzzles. This concept reminded me of the cool and fun back tracking level functions that are synonymous with other side scrolling games.

Knowing the level and other characters in the level is a helpful in solving some fun and challenging puzzles in the game. There are many challenging puzzles to solve but a select few can be solved by constantly pressing the whistle and stomp function until you eventually solve the puzzle. I introduced the game to my 2-year-old nephew who wanted to play with the controller more than the game. He just wanted to press buttons and he solved a puzzle or challenge before I got a chance to see what he did.

If you look at Toki Tori 2 from a puzzle solving perspective, you will be entertained by the challenges the game has to offer. This is a great game for children, a fun game for parents and children to try together, and can be a fun game for adults to play if they want to test their puzzle solving abilities. Many adult gamers may overlook this game based on the characters and environment design, but I urge gamers to move beyond its appearance to find a fun and entertaining game. Toki Tori 2 proves that great games don’t have to be M rated or contain adult content to be fun.

I would have liked a tutorial base, or a method for gathering the whistle abilities, but luckily I experimented and played around with the controls to discover how the chick’s abilities work. I assume the developers set it up the game so it required gamers to experiment and make their own discoveries. I still encourage gamers to pick up this game and enjoy a fun adventurous game.



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