April 22, 2024

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Hitman Go Review

Hitman Go decided to make its way from the tablet to consoles and I am here to let you know if this game is worth trying. I used to play the game to see how the tablet version and I was curious to see how it transferred to the Vita and PS4.

Hitman Go places you in the world of Hitman in a new and unique way. The game is set up as a turn based puzzle system that requires you to move Agent 47 around like a chess piece. The game is set up to look like a board game but contains multiple puzzles and challenges. One board game level will contain over 12 puzzles but those puzzles contain challenges that encourage you to replay these puzzles.

1455556166-hitman-go-definitive-edition-7You will move Agent 47 throughout a puzzle in order to progress and avoid other enemy pieces on the board. Some board provide unique obstacles or even challenges such as complete the puzzle with less than 12 steps or don’t kill anyone on the board.

As you begin a board game you will notice each puzzle adds up to resemble an assassination mission. I played one board game mission where I have to infiltrate a mansion, take out two targets and leave the premise. Some of the missions are recreations of popular levels from previous hitman games like Hitman 2 and Hitman: Blood Money. This was a fun way of seeing old levels in a different perspective.

Since this is a turn based puzzle game, there is no need to worry about gun setups, accuracy, battles that are found in previous Hitman games. The game primarily focuses on the pieces on the board and Agent 47’s interactions to solve the current puzzle.

Certain characters move, turn, or remain stationary on the board and require your wits to sneak past these enemy pieces or take them off the board. There are multiple objects that can be used to hide Agent 47 or distract enemy pieces, but you will need careful planning to and observation to see how you can complete the puzzles and challenges.

Unfortunately, the game is linear in your level progression. You have to complete each puzzle and get certain challenges to unlock puzzles and other levels.
As a fan of the tablet version, I was curious to see. Load times are almost non-existent and it was fun to play the game on my TV and the cross-save function was a great way to play the game when you want to take your progress on the go. I will say I preferred playing Hitman Go on the Vita. The touch screen function for this game made me enjoy the turn based chess style puzzle game.

If you were a fan of the previous Hitman games, Hitman Go may not be for everyone. The unique and different gameplay may not attract attention of those who enjoy shooters or third person platform action games. Hitman Go is more of a calmer and stealthier Hitman installation. I enjoyed giving the game another try on different consoles.


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