May 29, 2024

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Trophy Whores 247 – Smack Talk City

As the Great Trophy War approaches, The Trophy Whores welcome the Remember the Loot crew to the show.  It’s a raucous episode.  Both sides fire off some serious smack talk, which you might expect from these two rowdy, rowdy teams.  If this were professional wrestling, and there will be plenty of wrasslin’ references and impersonations, then Proven Gamer would be promoting a five-on-five steel cage shouting match — with trophies and pride on the line!

This week, as every week, neither team gives an inch. The Trophy Whores have earned more trophies, as well as more Platinums, but the Loot — a.k.a. Poot — crew is not afraid.  In fact, they talk a big game.  Of course, you have to wonder if they bark harder than they bite.  Small dogs bark a lot, but they can never keep up with the big dogs.

Join the Trophy Whores and the Poot crew as they discuss Resident Evil, Hitman, PlayStation Vita TV, and war — the Great Trophy War.  Despite Darrell’s impersonations of famous wrestlers, the Trophy Whores are not phased.  If that is the best that he has in his arsenal, then he is better fit for YouTube than he is for a battle.  Nevertheless, Remember the Poot threw down the gauntlet, and the Trophy Whores accepted.

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