April 22, 2024

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Trophy Whores 261 – Sophie’s Trophies

This week we have a momentous show.  We often have guests, but this week is special.  Superfan Sid, or Sidders1978, as well as his significant other, Mandy, join the show.  Sid is a longtime Trophy Whores listener, and he wrote the podcast with a poignant and personal story that touched every single member of the show.  In a landmark and emotional moment for the show, Tricky reads the email on the show in its entirety.  To be honest, the fellas are all superfans of Sid and Mandy.

Ionvein, again, runs with the preeminent PlayStation wolf pack.  Given Lucia’s streak of appearances, we should probably make him an officially unofficial Trophy Whore.  While the Trophy Whores aren’t recruiting any new permanent hosts, Lucia’s contributions to the show can’t be denied, and he brings the heat in this week’s discussion of the Electronic Entertainment Expo — better known as E3.

The Trophy Whores play soothsayers this week, as they make their E3 predictions.  As usual, they are keeping score; however, this year, Ionvein/Lucia/Mark joins the dogfight.  It will be a cutthroat battle for E3 guesstimating supremacy, so get your scorecards out!

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Injustice 2: Gods Among, Watch Dogs 2, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter V, Titanfall 2 and Agents of Mayhem.  Agents of Mayhem is the new game from Volition, the makers of the popular Saints Row series of sandbox crime games.  Jeff Hanna, an occasional guest on Trophy Whores, has his hands in that kiln.  Based solely on its name, Agents of Mayhem will draw attention and intrigue.  While that’s not much to go off of, Volition always does solid work, and history has shown that they can, if nothing else, make over-the-top action games that people love to play.

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