April 17, 2024

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Not Every Video Game is for You and its All Ok

When Sony put up Gone Home for Playstation Plus I finally thought I would give it a try. I walked through this “walking simulator” for a couple of hours and watched this beautiful story come together through notes and cassettes and pictures over and over again. I was actually really upset with myself for not giving developer Full Bright the $20 for Gone Home when the game came out; it was beautiful. However, all people said about it (at least a huge majority of people talking on the internet) was that it was a walking simulator and should not have been $20. Our industry is developing a more diverse game catalog with so many more game genres than ever before. With this diversity, people need to realize that not ever single game coming out, now especially, is for every person. Additionally, every person does not have to buy every single game. This is what infuriates me personally. Our industry is finally growing up, though we need to grow a lot more, and we need to realize that, like movies, we are getting so many different types of games to draw in people of all ages, genders and races. Is this a bad thing? Not at all! This is amazing, we all want to have video games taken more seriously as art forms, so getting more people in for all different types of games is a really good thing.  Not everything being created needs to be something you love. If someone wants to see a beautiful story with no action, let them. If someone wants a multiplayer only game, let them. What is happening now is an argument over how much does a developer put into their game to make it $60. It really depends on the person buying it. It depends on every single person individually to decided how much bang a game gives them for their buck. Not everyone reads romantic novels, or watches Lord Of the Rings. So, why is this an issue for video games?

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