March 4, 2024

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Target Opens Pre-Orders for PS4 Elite Wireless Controller

Target has long been known as the place to go if you want to rampage through a store and fill a shopping cart with impulse buys and Oreo cookies.  In fact, Target might be the last place that you want to go if you’re trying to be frugal.  You might be able to resist a pack of Pokemon cards, but who can deny the exquisite feel of a soft blanket?  I can’t.  Blankets are the next best thing to a pocketful of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

A trip to Target isn’t complete without a stop by the electronics department, which houses a mediocre selection of the latest console video games that are as exciting as a five-pound bag of nickels to the head.  While you are eyeing the video games, you can figure out which ones are best suited for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Elite Wireless Controller.  Target is known more for selling Goldfish snacks than it is for breaking news, but Target seems to have provided a glimpse into the future.  If you want to secure a PS4 Wireless Elite Controller ahead of the November 1 release date, then you can pre-order your controller through the Target web site.  I feel like this article is equal parts advertisement and news story.

One controller costs $79.99, so it doesn’t come cheap.  Video game controllers have always seemed to be more expensive than they should be, but if you don’t mind dropping $80 on an ergonomic, programmable controller with Bluetooth and customizable buttons, then I say go hog wild.  Surprisingly, at Target, the PS4 Elite Wireless Controller costs far less than the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.  If you can spend $150 on a video game controller, then you probably don’t care how much money that you spend during a trip to Target.

You can pre-order your PS4 Elite Wireless Controller at

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