April 16, 2024

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The Proven Gamer 1000 Twitch Follower Celebration Hype Extravaganza Ultra Edition

We here at Proven Gamer have recently reached an amazing benchmark. Our Twitch channel has surpassed 1000 followers. We are super hyped to have crossed this threshold. To celebrate, we have decided to organize a giveaway for you, the fans who have made it all possible. Now grab yourself a tall cup of your drink of choice, and prepare for a great big info dump.

ProvenGamer – Twitch

Let’s begin with the foundation of this giveaway, Proven Perks. As you may or may not know, Proven Perks are earned naturally by watching any of the Proven Gamer Twitch streams as they are live, at a rate of 1 Proven Perk per minute. Under normal circumstances, these Perks can be spent in various ways like being contributed toward community goals, or saved up for prizes. You can find a list of those goals at www.revlo.co/provengamer. You can even gamble with them in the hopes of hitting the jackpot. But you might want to read the rest of this post before going off and gambling away all of those Perks.

That’s because between now and the date of the party stream (currently scheduled for Saturday February 18th, 2017), you can use your Proven Perks to buy entries into our super amazing giveaway. One giveaway entry will cost you 1000 Proven Perks, so the more time you spend hanging out with us on Twitch, the easier it is for you to earn more entries. Each of our streamers has also been authorized to open the flood gates and issue extra Proven Perks at a random time during each of their streams. There is no telling at what point that will happen, and you have to be active in the stream to get those bonus Perks. As an added bonus, our fearless leader TrickyMic will be doubling the number of Proven Perks earned per minute during all of his live Twitch streams.

We’ve also devised another way for you to gain one more free entry into the giveaway. First you need to follow all of the Proven Gamer accounts on Twitter; @ProvenGamer, @TrophyWhores, @Remembertheloot, and @Smart_Marks. Then head over to Facebook and like the main Proven Gamer page, and join both the Trophy Whores and Remember the Loot Facebook groups. Finally head over to YouTube and subscribe to the Proven Gamer channel. Each of these acts will earn you 120 Proven Perks. “But Troy,” you say, “that only adds up to 960 Proven Perks.” Great job on the maths, Poindexter. If you manage to tick all 8 of these boxes, we will reward you with the extra 40 Perks needed to buy another entry. There is one catch, though. We need to manually verify that you have done each of these things. To do that, you should fill out the form below BEFORE 12am (midnight) EST on Friday, February 17th with your Twitter handle, Facebook name, Twitch account, and YouTube account names so that we can confirm the day of the event and issue your Proven Perks.

Finally, it will behoove you to be hanging out in the stream on the day of the giveaway, because at some point we will be “making it rain” enough Proven Perks to buy yet another entry into the giveaway. You also MUST BE PRESENT in the stream and A FOLLOWER during the drawing to qualify for the giveaway. We have not yet determined exactly what time that the drawing will be, but don’t worry, we will let you know well in advance. All told, there are a plethora of ways to earn entries into this amazing giveaway. If you’ve read this far into the post, you deserve to learn the most important bit of information. The prizes: The Grand Prize for this giveaway is your very own PlayStation VR headset (courtesy of AMAZON.com.)

On top of that, we will be drawing for our fans to earn games and other rewards like PSN cards. You definitely don’t want to miss it. So get out there, hang out with us, and earn those Proven Perks. This giveaway wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you!

*no member of Proven Gamer staff or Family member is eligible to win. This is ONLY for the fans*
*if you are noticed in the stream, but not interacting, you will be disqualified from the contest*

*must be a United States Resident to win*

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