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Teaser Trailer Confirms Montana as Setting for Far Cry 5

Today, Ubisoft released a short teaser trailer which seems to confirm the rumors that Far Cry 5 would take place in Montana. The video starts showing peaceful mountain, but birds quickly scatter at the sound of someone screaming in pain. The trailer continues by showing three more seemingly peaceful, mountain settings being tarnished with violence. We see a river with a dead body floating down it, a man shot while running through a field, and a church bell being rung because someone is getting their head slammed into it repeatably.

The trailer closes by announcing that the full reveal for Far Cry 5 will take place next week on May 26. Check out the teaser trailer below:

By Jerry Young

Northern California born and raised, now living in the heat. Small town roots. Not a great cook(but I make a hell of an effort). When I'm not playing video games, I dabble in the world of card tricks. Former college basketball player(still got it!).

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