New Map, Hero, and Reinhardt Cinematic Revealed for Overwatch

Blizzard World, a new map was announced for Overwatch. The map will go live next year for all platforms. However, it will be on the PTR soon. The map is hybrid, meaning it will be part payload and part assault.

After the reveal of the map, Blizzard announced that Moira, a new support class hero will be coming to the game. The reveal trailer shows Moira, healing and dealing damage using a yellow and purple orb. One of her abilities, “Fade” allows her to move quickly around the map.

Along with Blizzard World and Moira, an additional announcement and the origin video for Moira was teased for an upcoming panel.

A new cinematic short was also shown, giving fans the backstory of Reinhardt. The video shows the events that led to Reinhardt becoming a member of Overwatch.

By Jerry Young

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