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Playstation Announces Playstation Hits for PS4 Games – Coming June 28th

In a blog post on the Playstation Blog by Mary Yee, Playstation has announced that 15 hit PS4 games will be getting the familiar “hits” treatment starting June 28th. The games will come in a red case as opposed to the PS4’s original blue case, and will cost $19.99 per game. The blog post reads:

If you missed out on some great PlayStation 4 games that came out a few years ago, we have exciting news! We’re introducing PlayStation Hits, a selection of incredible PS4 games that are easy on the wallet. From award winning epics to family friendly favorites, PlayStation Hits offers an awesome lineup of games for $19.99 USD (MSRP) each on PlayStation Store and select retailers across the U.S. In Canada, PlayStation Hits games will range in price, starting at $19.99 CAD (MSRP) each at participating retailers and PS Store.

At retailers, PlayStation Hits games will come in red packaging instead of our usual blue, and at PS Store the games will have red banners that’ll make it easy for you to identify which games are part of the Hits lineup.

Below are the list of games that will become available in this new program starting June 28 in the U.S. In Canada select titles will be available – check out the Canadian PlayStation Hits page for details.

The full list of games is as follows:

  • Bloodborne
  • Driveclub
  • InFamous Second Son
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Battlefield 4
  • Doom
  • Project Cars
  • Street Fighter V
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Metal Gear Solid V

More games are going to be following, but so far this list is pretty great for those who are looking to play some titles they missed or those who have just purchased their PS4. What do you think of the list? What games would you like to see added?

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Dark Souls: Remastered Coming in May

Bandai Namco has announced that Dark Souls: Remastered will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 25.

The remaster will be upscaled to 4K with 60 FPS for the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC. For the Switch, it will run at 1080p and 30 FPS in TV mode. Along with the enhanced graphics, all DLC will be included in the remaster.

Check out the reveal trailer for the game below:

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EA Shuts Down In-Game Purchasing for Battlefront II

After several days of backlash and criticism to their pay-to-win, microtransaction-based progression system, EA has announced via Twitter that they will be temporarily turning off in-game purchases for Star Wars Battlefront II.

The full update announced that all progression and acquisition of crystals(Battlefront’s in-game currency) will now be done through gameplay. However, the post does leave the door open for the purchasing of crystals to come back at a later date. Check out the full announcement from EA by clicking here.



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PGW: INvector is pulsing its way to PlayStation 4

Music rhythm games aren’t anything new, but it is fascinating to see how inventive they can be. Players have seen themselves shredding on the likes of Rocksmith, Rockband, and Guitar HEro, but from the releases of these games come experiments within the music genre. Mad Fellows Studios has released the EDM spaceship shmup Aaero this past summer, while Bento Studio’s Cosmophony and Stereo Aereo from The Stonebot Studios fill in the ranks. Coming into the competition is a unique combination of spaceship shmup and rhythm based gameplay in the form of Invector.

Invector is a game two year in the making, featuring handbuilt levels and customized gameplay design that has taken the genre to a unique level. Players will fly through gates and portals across several planets in a path that looks familiar to those that have played amplitude. Setting itself apart, Invector will feature the music of world-renowned EDM artist Avicci, known for his energetic sounds and inspiring lyrics. Using his music, and featuring a stellar presentation,  the game is shaping to be a bright, exciting addition to the genre, as well as a solid sendoff to the year 2017.

Invector will be arriving exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime before the year ends.

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Monster Hunter First DLC Character Coming to Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

Several days after announcing the full list of characters coming as DLC for the first season of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom has released the first trailer for one of the upcoming characters, Monster Hunter. The trailer was shown off as part of TGS.

Monster Hunter will release later this year according to Capcom. The video shows the character using a variety of weapons such as a bow and multiple swords. Check out the full trailer below:

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Bungie Releases Trailer Detailing Destiny 2’s EDZ

Today Bungie dropped a trailer for the European Dead Zone, Earth’s new playable area in Destiny 2.  According to Bungie, the new EDZ is also boasted as the “biggest playable area ever created by Bungie.”

The trailer gives the first look at Adventures and Lost Sectors, which look to take the place of those repetitive, boring patrol missions (of the original).  Adventures are fully voiced side quests that dig into the lore of the Destiny universe and Lost Sectors look to be small dungeons with some kind of mini-boss at the end. With the additions of Adventures and Lost Sectors, as well as new Public events and new sub-classes to try out, it sure looks like Bungie understand what players want from the sequel.  Thankfully, with it’s release right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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Yakuza Kiwami Available for Pre-Order

At the PlayStation Experience in December of 2016, it was announced that Yakuza Kiwami would be released this summer. The game is now available pre-order before it releases next month on August 29. Digital pre-orders will give players a free Yakuza Theme which includes Kazuma Kiryu and Akira Nishikiyama in the background. Physical pre-orders of the game will come with a SteelBook.

Yakuza Kiwami will launch on August 29 or PlayStation 4. Along with being fully rebuilt with new HD assets and re-recorded voice work, Kiwami is adding almost 30 minutes of cutscenes, side quests, combat updates, and activities for the player to experience. Check out the E3 trailer for the game below:

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Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Launches October 6

EA has announced that the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront II will start on October 6 and finish on October 9. The beta will give players access to the Naboo Galatic Assault Map which was first seen at EA Play back at E3. Additionally, space combat will be available in Starfighter Assault Mode. At this time, no additional information on this mode has been given other than it will take place during the original trilogy. More details will be released at Gamescom. Progress made in the beta will not transfer into the full game when it launches in November.

Players who want to get into the beta sooner have that opportunity by pre-ordering the game. Doing this will give them access to the beta two days earlier on October 4. Yoda’s Epic Lightsaber Mastery star card will also be included with a pre-order of the game. The beta will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the gameplay trailer for the game that was released last month:

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Destiny 2 Getting PS4 Pro Bundle

In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that a limited edition, Destiny 2 Glacier White PS4 Pro Bundle will be available for the launch of the game on September 6. The bundle will include a 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro, white controller and Destiny 2. Included with the game, the Expansion Pass and a voucher for other premium digital content will also be included.

Pre-orders for the bundle are available now for $449.99 USD. The open-beta for Destiny 2 will also launch next week on July 18. Click here to check out the full blog post.

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Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Coming to Consoles

Critically acclaimed RPG, previously exclusive to PC, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is coming to PlayStation 4 and X-Box One X this summer. The Complete Edition, which will includes both expansions, The White March: Parts I & II, will launch on August 29.  The below is from the press release:

Pillars of Eternity is an RPG inspired by classic titles such as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment,which features an original world and game system that evokes and improves upon the traditional computer RPG experience. The Complete Edition, adapted for consoles by Paradox Arctic and distributed at physical retail by 505 Games, features an enhanced UI and redesigned controls to provide a superb experience on the big screen, navigated easily and intuitively using game controllers.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition features:

●         Award-winning writing, story and artwork of Pillars of Eternity, along with the expanded world and content of The White March: Parts I & II

●         Countless character creation options, from races and classes to character backgrounds which drive your personal story

●         An epic universe to explore, filled with intriguing party members and companions, a variety of in-game factions, and a lovingly rendered world to traverse

●         New UI and controls designed from the ground up, presenting the Pillars of Eternity experience like never before

This is exciting news for fans of Boulder’s Gate style game play — and certainly has this gamer excited.

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David Cage Confirms Detroit: Become Human for 2018

In an interview with Gamepot, David Cage (game director for Detroit: Become Human) confirmed that the game is “going to be next year.”

Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game not unlike Quantic Dream’s previous titles Beyond: Two Souls and the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain. The game’s demo shown at E3 focused on an Android names Marcus as he gathers clues to solve a mystery. Markus is the 3rd playable character that has been revealed thus far.