Fallout 76 Announced – More Info Coming June 10th

Bethesda had people waiting several hours in their Twitch stream as they teased an announcement. At one point, while I was in there, over 177,000 people were eagerly awaiting what would eventually become an announcement of a new installment in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 appears to take place a little further in the timeline as the music of the time is more modern. While the vault is called Vault 76, it could also be possible that the era we will be exploring could be more 70’s inspired. This is very exciting news, as Fallout New Vegas is a beloved installment which improved upon Fallout 3. Fallout 76 has an excellent foundation in Fallout 4 to build off of and promises to be exciting in its own right.  Bethesda will show more of the game at their E3 conference on June 10th.

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Fallout 4 Getting Game of The Year Edition

Bethesda has announced that Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition is coming on September 26. This will include game updates, graphic enhancements, all add-ons, and the ability to play with Mods.

Additionally, a limited run of  Pip-Boy collector editions will also be released for $99.99. Both editions will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the original launch trailer for the game below:

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Trophy Whores 274 – PS4 Too Soon

I went there.

This week, on Trophy Whores, we delve into the uninspiring and unnecessary PlayStation Meeting 2016.  Despite showing new hardware, Sony and its partners did little to excite us.  Having said that, we’re pretty sure that everyone should be all in on Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, which looks gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 Pro.  Of course, if you own any version of the PlayStation 4, then you will, presumably, get a fantastic experience out of Insomniac’s spin at Spider-Man.

We aren’t surprised by the announcements of the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim, as Sony has a history of releasing sleeker and improved versions of its consoles mid-cycle; however, we agree that Sony is releasing these consoles too soon into the lifespan of the PS4.  While $400 is a fair price point for the new consoles, the standard PlayStation 4 plays the same games, and those games look really good, so the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim don’t seem necessary.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 Slim, Batman: Return to Arkham, and Bethesda.

Alex has a special shout-out.  On September 16, at Gallery K on Barret Avenue in Louisville, his friend Avalon is holding an art gallery for the first part of the survivor modeling project, This is MY Body, which features sexual assault survivors.  Through this event, these brave women hope to reclaim their bodies and raise sexual assault awareness by speaking out against a pervasive problem in our country.  Admission is free.  Magazine copies featuring the models and photographs will be sold at the show, and the profits will be donated to the Center for Women and Families.  The gallery will be open from 5 pm to 10 pm.  It will be a fantastic event, and if possible, you should go.

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Don’t Forget That Rise of the Tomb Raider Was Released Too

Destined to Rise From the Ashes

November 1oth, 2015 will go down as one of the most fascinating days in gaming history. The day that Fallout 4 was unleashed on the world, ready to dive into the post-apocalyptic wasteland. And the day that Rise of the Tomb Raider rested firmly in its shadow. Back in 2013, Tomb Raider was released with somewhat low expectations, and turned out to bethe spark the franchise so desperately needed. Taking a cue from newer adventure titles, most obviously the Uncharted series, Tomb Raider shocked many be being much better than expected and an under the radar success. Fast forward two years, and you find the franchise once again surprising the masses but for all the wrong reasons. Mostly, how such a good game was left to die on store shelves.

As of this writing, Rise of the Tomb Raider hasn’t even cracked the top ten of NPD sales (November). In the same amount of time, Fallout 4 is #2. Nestled right in between the yearly juggernauts Call of Duty and Madden. While the sales numbers are sure to pickup once holiday sales in December are factored in, Microsoft is already in a bit of panic mode. Going so far as to offer a free trial AFTER the initial release date. A move which is surely being made to bolster sales.

I personally hope the move works. Rise of the Tomb Raider has been one of the most rewarding and unabashedly “game” experiences i’ve had in quite a while. Everything I loved about the 2013 version is back, and improved upon. Better visuals, more actual tombs, diverse gameplay, and a fully fleshed out character. Lara is no longer learning to be the hero, she just is. That doesn’t mean there isn’t character development. Quite the opposite. Lara is just shoulder to shoulder with her virtual peers in a way that her origin story didn’t truly allow.

What’s worse about the low sales, and peculiar release date, is that there probably wasn’t any better alternative. Fallout may have been the “safest” bet without having to go any earlier, and with Star Wars: Battlefront Just Cause and a closing holiday window, there were no safe bets after. Compounding matters is the times exclusivity. Microsoft has the sole rights until sometime late next year, when Sony has their turn to sell the highly rated sequel. Though, there’s very little chance Sony will put the marketing muscle behind it that Microsoft has so far, and by then our collective attention will be elsewhere.

I say all of that to say, Rise of the Tomb Raider is an excellent game that deserves your attention. With just over 8.5 million Xbox Ones out there, there’s no reason this game shouldn’t be a huge hit for the console. I just hope it happens while we can all appreciate it, and not as a greatest hit 2 or 3 years later.



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Trophy Whores 234 – The Gobbling, Squabbling Turkey Whores

In addition to being a boss at Metal Gear Solid, Donny tells terrible jokes about the Loch Ness Monster. Usually, Donny tickles funny bones, but he might want to take a break from Metal Gear Solid V to work on his jokes.  Donny isn’t Kevin Hart, or even Jim Carrey, but he can certainly do better than flop like sumo wrestler on a diving board.

Nate, our unofficial fifth Trophy Whore, returns to the show to counteract Donny’s craziness.  Of course, Nate brings his own brand of crazy, so maybe we are playing with fire and holding a lit stick of dynamite.  Regardless, we are happy to have him.  What’s more, Nate is an Assassin’s Creed fan, and he has nice things to say about the new Assassin’s Creed game, Syndicate.

Join our creed of assassins and shadows, as we discuss, among other things, Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls and Street Fighter V.

The Trophy Whores are full of surprises, and on this show, Donny sings his favorite Spice Girls song — or a portion of the only Spice Girls’ song that he knows.  I smell a YouTube video!  If you think it, the Internet shall bring it.

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Predictions for the 2015 Game Awards

Live on December 3rd, 2015, Los Angeles hosts the 2015 Game Awards, and gamers and media journalists alike are licking their chops in preparations to see their favorite games win the awards they deserve. Although it is a controversial topic that most Game Awards are given to the most recent Triple A title to be released near November or December, there is no doubt that 2015 made up for the semi-barren 2014 year of gaming with block buster hits such as Bloodborne, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Fallout 4. Below is a list of my predictions for the 2015 Game Awards.

Most Anticipated Game

My Personal Vote: The Last Guardian
As a huge fan of Shadow of the Colossus, I have wanted to play this game ever since I first saw screenshots in my issue of Game Informer years ago; yet, like many gamers, I have had to endure the games delay time and time again until the small spark of hope that was this year’s E3 when a trailer was shown showcasing some gameplay elements between the boy and his bird/dog companion.

What I think will win: No Man’s Sky
Although this entire category is completely subjective to the Gamer’s personal preference, it’s no secret that No Man’s Sky has been on everyone’s radar as the most anticipated game. With a roundabout release date of June, 2016, gamers and Sci-Fi junkies will be soaring through space and discovering countless planets in no time. Although, I can’t help but wonder: Why is Dark Souls 3 not on this list?

Best Multiplayer

My Personal Vote: Rocket League
This game managed to draw me in with two things I am personally not invested in: Car games and soccer. And it worked! Combining the two for some competitive 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 bumper car sports was the most fun in a multiplayer game I have had in long time. And the best part: I downloaded it from PSN for free!

What I think will win: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
As beloved as the Halo franchise is, I do believe BLOPS3 will take home this crown. The week of its release, Activision announced that not only did the FPS juggernaut rack in $550 Million in its first three days of sale, but it also had the highest player engagement with more hours accumulated on their online multiplayer than any other COD title in the franchise. The COD train keeps on rolling.

Best Fighting Game

My Personal Vote AND what I think will win: Mortal Kombat X
NetherRealm Studios brings it once again in their latest installment with one of the most iconic fighting games in history. Mortal Kombat has always taken very bold steps in its directions, and this title is no different with its introduction of new characters, stylish and polished fighting game mechanics, it’s first-person interactive Krypt mode for plenty of unlockables, and of course, the fatalities. It’s enough to keep even non-fighting game enthusiasts coming back for more. It will be interesting to see how this title matches up with the “King of Fighters” Street Fighter V when it releases in February of next year, but for now it is uncontested and reigning champion in 2015.

Best Shooter

My Personal Vote: Star Wars Battlefront
pg battlefront
The long awaited Star Wars: Battlefront has made its triumphant return. Although I have only spent a total of maybe 10 hours in the Beta, the full version of the game is sure to be a contender for best shooter due to its engaging atmosphere and nostalgic sound effects. Any small complaints fans may have with the game is sure to fix itself in time, (much like previous EA titles such as Battlefield 4) creating what may very well be the 2015 Shooter of the year. And besides; WHO DOESN’T LIKE STAR WARS?!

What I think will win: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
It seems we live in an age where “Shooter” and “Multiplayer” go hand and hand. This is especially true with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. With its vastly growing popularity in its multiplayer, it seems COD:BLOPS3 also has some other tricks up its sleeve, not only giving us yet another fast paced, thrilling single player, but Zombie mode considered one of the best to date, adding even more replay value to Activision’s flagship franchise.

Best Score

My Personal Vote: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Music has always been a big deal to me. The more epic the score, the more I want to dive into the game. If the score is good enough to get stuck in my head, then take what already may be an epic adventure, and throw in a hint of nostalgia that will ring in my mind forever. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt easily captivates me this way. Whether I’m riding through the hills of Skellige enjoying the subtle, ambient chant, or simply listening to the lyre and flute resonate out of my speakers on my PS4 theme.

What I think will win: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Hideo Kojima is a huge 80’s music fan, as so am I, and since the game takes place in the 80’s, it was only appropriate for there to be 80’s music involved. Sneaking into a base to rescue a soldier listening to Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America” or destroying waves of tanks while being serenaded to Billy Idols “Rebel Yell” has never been more fun.

Best RPG

My Personal Vote: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Among the nominees, I truly feel this title takes all the great elements we love about Role Playing games and injects them with steroids. With over 200 hours of gameplay, fast-paced, strategic combat, and Dragon Ageesque moral choice driven storytelling, it’s no shocker why this game is on the list.

What I think will win: Fallout 4
Despite all the controversy over Bethesda’s track record of releasing games with multiple day one glitches and bugs, gamers have once again stepped out of the vault, strapped on their Pip boy, and have started exploring the vast wastelands of Boston.

Best Action/Adventure Game

My Personal Vote: Rise of the Tomb Raider
For anyone who had never been a Tomb Raider fan, like myself, the resurrection of the series by Square Enix is sure to change your mind and deserves a place among the award ceremony. With gripping combat, tomb exploration and a beautiful retelling of the protagonist Laura Croft, it’s enough to make even the best Uncharted titles blush.

What I think will win: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
As a giant Metal Gear Solid fan myself, I was glad the series could finally get the recognition it deserved, but under the circumstances of Kojima leaving Konami resulting in what fans and even the creator himself have labeled an “unfinished product” is not exactly what I had in mind. This game took the gaming community by storm, not only resulting in what could possibly be the best MGS launch in its history, but also sparking players’ interests enough to even go out and purchase and finish the MGS: Legacy Collection before MGSV: The Phantom Pain would even hit shelves.

Best Developer

My Personal Vote: CD Projekt Red
What seemed like an overly ambitious project (no pun intended), this small development company founded in 1994 in Warsaw, Poland have created the massive RPG we know and love today known as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Who I think will win: Bethesda Game Studios
Talk about perfect timing. Bethesda releases the fourth installment (second installment actually developed by them) of the Fallout series just in time for the award ceremony. I do believe that voters will vote for Bethesda and Fallout4 based on not only the game’s content, but also when it was released and it’s relevancy in our recent memory. I feel that many games will get overlooked due to this premise. Speaking of which, our last category is GOTY.

Game of the Year

My Personal Vote: Bloodborne
If there was one game I could persuade an Xbox gamer to buy a PS4 for, it would be From Software’s Bloodborne. Considered by some as the killer app for the PlayStation 4, this is a game that is not only fueled by its dark, beautiful atmosphere, but also by the players’ experience with the game. The difficulty can be trying at times, as death can result in a loss of Blood Echoes (essential in leveling up your character and purchasing items), but it can also be very rewarding when you finally take down that boss you have struggled with the last few hours presenting you with a nice shiny PS4 trophy and a checkpoint to continue your descent into the Gothic depths of Yharnam.

What I think will win: Fallout 4
With an almost overwhelming library of games to fill the 2015 roster, Fallout 4 may very well take home the prize for GOTY. As a Bethesda fan myself, I have personally seen their work with the Elder Scrolls entries a la Oblivion and Skyrim and even Fallout 3, so it is no surprise to me that Fallout 4, even given its recent release has made this year’s GOTY nominees and may very well take home the crown. But my only hope is that its release date will not be the driving force behind the votes that will be issued towards this title. If we take a step back and look around, 2015 was truly a great year for gaming, and these titles and their developers truly deserve recognition for their hard work.


-Best Shooter: Rainbow 6: Siege
Although the game is being released only two days before the ceremony, I found it very surprising that this game did not make the list for best shooter, or even best multiplayer game.

-Most Anticipated Game: Dark Souls 3
With the diehard fan base of the “Souls” series, and Bloodborne being nominated for numerous awards, I found it puzzling that this game did not at least make the list for most anticipated game. If it had, it would have made my decision in this category that much more difficult, competing with the likes of The Last Guardian and No Man’s Sky.

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Trophy Whores 223 – Satyrs Attack In The Dying Light

This week we throw around opinions like we’re Sony tossing wads of cash at Naughty Dog.  In other words, it’s a normal week at Proven Gamer Studios.

Donny doesn’t like Goat Simulator, and, as per usual, he doesn’t hide his contempt. He’s even less likely to play I Am Bread, regardless of its undeniable charm.  Luckily, for him, we spend more time discussing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and God of War: Ascension.  Given that we have two Gear-heads on the show, I hope that you are prepared to hear all about The Phantom Pain.  Episode 223 is the precursor to the storm.  You have been warned.

Join our unruly gaggle of Metal-heads and mythology buffs, as we discuss, among other things, Dying Light, Until Dawn, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Grow Home.

You might excel at horror games, but as always remember that the freaks come out at night.

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