February 21, 2024

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Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Basics

Elder Scrolls Online has a very simple crafting system, but just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy to master. Even though the mechanics of the craft are simple enough to understand it will still take a lot of dedication to level up. If you plan to play Elder Scrolls Online and you plan to become a master crafter then stick around a read on as I give you some helpful tips that will help you become the best in your class.


Let’s start with the basics. Any craft you choose will involve a fair amount of farming particular items. Whether it’s wood for woodworking, cloth for clothing, Runes for Enchanting and so on and so forth, you can find any of these items in the world while doing your standard questing. Some skill help see them better like Keen Eye which highlights these ingredients when you get close enough to them. Other skills like the Hireling is nice because once a day you will get mail that includes ingredients of your craft and sometimes you even get rare drops from these hirelings.  Keep in mind finding the ingredients and Refining materials will not give you XP. The only way to get XP is from creating and deconstructing.

When it comes to getting XP the only two options you have are the ones stated above, you either construct something or you deconstruct something. When it comes constructing recipes or enchantments the first time you create a new recipe or enchantment you will receive a lot of XP and every time you create the same one you will get less and less XP, this is due to diminishing returns.  Diminishing returns is what will slow you down when it comes to leveling up your craft. You get diminishing returns whenever you deconstruct your own creations and for deconstructing the same thing over and over. To overcome this you can do a couple of things

  • Get into a guild that is active in their store so you can buy from them to get less diminishing returns
  • Find someone in the same craft to Trade your crafted items with. This way you don’t get diminishing returns.
  • Pay attention to the Chat log. A lot of people sell stuff in bulk to make quick cash, so you can get good deals if you watch for them.

ESO crafting

Enchanting is a rough one to level up because it requires you to have 3 separate runes to make anything.  You need to find potency runes, essence runes and aspect runes. Potency runs and essence runes are easy to come by, but the aspect runes on the other hand are very difficult and very rare. Some aspect runes are so rare that they sell for a lot of gold by themselves. In order to craft and Enchantment you must have at least 1 of each rune. This is why it becomes difficult to level up because even though you have plenty of potency and essence runes you may have no aspect runes which mean you can’t do anything with the others. I suggest using the PvP area to farm runes.  Follow the river banks; this tends to be the place that runes show up the most. I for one found an area in the PvP zone that has around 10 runes to farm, all within a few meters of each other.

Crafting is not for everyone but it you are willing to put the time into becoming a very skillful crafter it can be very rewarding in ESO. Use what you have read today to become the best there is of your desired craft and just watch as the money comes flowing in!

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