February 20, 2024

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Resogun DLC

Housemarque Studios’ highly successful PS4 exclusive Resogun will be getting new DLC entitled “Heroes.” According to IGN, it will “feature two new game modes and a patch that significantly overhauls parts of the game.”

The first mode, Survival, changes the traditional formula of having multiple lives to complete a level by giving you only one life. Thus the game becomes even tenser by forcing you to rack up as many points as possible before being killed off. In addition, there will be a new day/night cycle. The further you advance in days, the higher your score, but it also makes your enemies that much more difficult.

The DLC will also offer a variant to the collection of humans. In the original Resogun modes you had to pick up a set number of humans and drop them off at portals, however in the new mode, you have unlimited humans and you simply have to pick them up for points.

Along with the mode alternatives, Housemarque is adding improvements through a graphical overhaul, new sound effects and entirely new music.

The final addition to the DLC brings a ship editor and local co-op to Resogun, in addition to “small tweaks and improvements.”

“Heroes” is set to launch on June 23, and will cost $4.99. Housemarque also announced that it is developing more content for Resogun and has made a season pass available for $7.99. resogun0924131280jpg-e95f56_400w

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