June 19, 2024

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Little Big Planet 3 Preview

Since its reveal last year at E3, people have been anticipating the newest entry in the Little Big Planet series. Fans have wanted a new Little Big Planet game for a while now and are hoping that Little Big Planet 3 delivers and does not disappoint. Lets take a look at what new features Little Big Planet 3 has in store for us to ensure this game feels new and fresh.

With the first gameplay demo we saw the biggest new addition was obviously the new characters that were joining Sackboy. These characters are Toggle, Oddsock, and Swoop each character has there own special abilities and plays differently because of these abilities. Toggle is a character that can well toggle his size from being really big to really small depending on the situation. Oddsock is a dog like character that is very agile and can also leap very far. Swoop is a bird that fly’s around and picks up objects. The level that was first showcased each characters new abilities and how they and you will work together. It looked fresh and fun and added more to the gameplay. Sackboy also has new abilities such as climbing up ladders and rope and other certain objects.

But the biggest change that has fans excited is the fact that Little Big Planet 3 will be fully voiced this time around. The voice actors are Hugh Laurie, Peter Serafinowicz, and Nolan North with returning Narrator Stephen Fry. This will be the first time a Little Big Planet game has been fully voice acted and that has fans excited. Although this does not come as surprise it seems more like a step of evolution for the Little Big Planet games, the first game the only character who was voiced (that you could understand) was the narrator Stephen Fry, the second game had voices for the characters but only in cut scenes, and now the third game has fully voice acted characters. I’m guessing you see my point about evolution now.

Of course people want to know what the story will be as Little Big Planet games have always had fun and entertaining story lines and great levels, and I mean really well made levels. So are the levels and story going to live up to the previous games, well from what we’ve seen the levels are still just as fun and entertaining as they were in previous games. The story however we have been told very little and I think that’s a good thing as it leaves a lot to your imagination and you can’t spoil anything for yourself.

Little Big Planet 3 so far seems like it will be the biggest and best little big planet game. And honestly just like the other games in the series it just makes you happy.

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