May 30, 2024

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Surgeon Simulator Review

This is a game that starts with complete frustration and eventually turns into useless skills that you will never use anywhere else. I started playing this game because I saw it as a challenge, but I can’t really say whether or not I succeeded in that challenge or whether it was worth it or not.

Surgeon Simulator is basically QWOP meets… well a simulation for surgery. A, W, E, R, and the Space bar control your fingers, while the mouse controls hand and wrist movement as well as lowering and raising the hand. In this game, you must grab various tools to complete different types of surgeries including heart transplants, kidney transplants, and brain transplants to name a few.

Predictably, the controls of this game are very hard to get used to. By the time you start to get a handle on how to grab stuff and NOT kill people, the conditions change in different levels, like do brain surgery… in a moving vehicle! There is also the fact that they don’t explain what to do for a surgery until after you complete it. This means you either have to look it up (cheat) or take a stab at it (usually literally).

There are glitches in the game like getting a hand caught inside a ribcage or organ or other similar things. This adds to the already established frustration and I don’t really know if they are intended or not.

This is a casual game that should not be taken lightly. I believe the sole purpose of this game is to infuriate its players, and they definitely worked very hard to do that. This may not be a huge game or have a tremendous following, but I would say that fits in where it aimed to be.

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