February 27, 2024

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Star Wars Battlefront Hands On

Imagine yourself playing EA’s Star Wars Battlefront as early as next week.

That’s right, you read correctly. EA has announced that some lucky players will get a brief, hands on experience with their latest Star Wars Battlefront entry. Two studios, EA Canada and EA Redwood Shores will be hosting playtests for the upcoming game on Friday April 10th. The catch? You’ll need to register online and be in either the Burnaby, British Columbia or Redwood City, CA areas by next week.

Those fortunate few who are selected will be notified via e-mail. Lucky attendees will need to sign a NDA and recording of gameplay footage is prohibited. But hey, a small price to pay to get an exclusive 3-4 session of the latest Battlefront and receive two free EA games of their choice (you lucky devils)!!

If you live near the Canadian studios and wish to sign up, click the link below:

If you live near the Redwood studios and would like to attend, click this link below:

Why are you still reading this!?!? Get to registering and good luck!!!

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