May 24, 2024

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Project X Zone 2 and Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul Announced for Western Release This Fall

Project X Zone 2 and Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul are headed to the West in Fall 2015.

Earlier last week, Bandai Namco partnered with popular Japanese video gaming magazine Famitsu to tease the reveal of Project X Zone 2. The Project X Zone series is essentially a crossover between Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega characters into a strategy RPG. The sequel features characters from Yakuza: Dead Souls, Mega Man X, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, .hack//, Tekken, Tales of Vesperia, and more. Project X Zone 2 is exculsive to the Nintendo 3DS.

Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul is an fighter that will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Steam. Soldiers’ Soul follows the Twelve Zodiac Temples story arc and features characters and events from Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold, a new anime series in the Saint Seiya franchise.

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