February 23, 2024

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Star Wars Battlefront E3 Preview

I will admit that Battlefront was not something that I was particularly looking forward to. I am not overly fond of shooters, but I do love Star Wars so I gave it a try.

I was able to try out a co-op wave mission. There were 6 waves and they consisted of kill off the wave and/or claim and protect a pod. I played as the rebel against the imperial storm troopers. There were different classes of storm troopers and occasionally an AT-ST Walker.

Both the visuals and the controls were very smooth. Aiming and firing felt natural for something in the Star Wars Universe. The machine gun was not very accurate, but could fire for awhile without overheating. Personal shields protected you from some fire, but you couldn’t fire while inside one. The proton torpedo was powerful and took a bit longer to fire, but it did some damage to the tougher enemies without being overpowered.

Enemies were plentiful, but not very smart. Most enemies would fire and miss continuously. They only really became a threat when they gathered in large numbers or had a more powerful enemy with them, like one that held a mini-gun or had shields. It felt a little easy unless a walker was stalking you.

There really isn’t much more to say about this game without getting to play another mode. From what I could tell, Star Wars Battlefront seems like a great game and I am now looking forward to playing it a little more in-depth when it comes out.

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