April 22, 2024

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God of War III: Remastered Review

Back in 2010, we were able to play and experience the final chapter of Kratos’ journey. God of War III received positive reviews from the industry, earning a very impressive 92 on Metacritic. Now, five years later, we are able to replay as Kratos on the PS4 with God of War III remastered, a journey which if you haven’t taken already I highly recommend that you do, on the other hand, if you have played Kratos’ finale already, you may want to pass on it.

God of War III remastered only adds a handful of new features; only one of these features actually adds anything to the gameplay. The game runs at 60 FPS, but does dip to 40 and the occasional 30 FPS during big action sequences. The 60 FPS is a welcomed new addition to the game, and allows the game to be on par with most current-gen games.

The graphics in God of War III remastered have been upgraded as well. These new and improved graphics make the game look beautiful as ever. While the game doesn’t look like a native PS4 game usually does, it holds up well for a five-year-old game. God of War III remastered does a great job of showing off its new graphics by using its fixed camera angle to show off the great sense of scope the game has. It really is impressive when Kratos becomes smaller and smaller as he’s walking away and the screen slowly zooms out, showing off the amazing scenery and backgrounds the game contains.

Sadly, improved FPS and graphics are the only aspects that have been changed from God of War III. The remastered version of God of War III doesn’t add anything else new besides new graphics and a new frame rate. No new costumes, no added playable content, and no new other features have been added to the game, and this is a tragedy.

God of War III remastered has a $40 price tag, and sadly I can’t recommend the game to anyone who has played it before. However, if you never had the pleasure of experiencing God of War III before, then this is the perfect time to experience it. God of War III remastered is still the amazing game we played and loved back in 2010, but it does not add enough extra content for me to justify anyone who has played God of War III before to pick it up.


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