April 16, 2024

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Pocket Mortys: Gotta chip them all!

Pocket Mortys, from Adult Swim, has released early on both IOS and Android systems for free. The game combines the play style of the beloved Pokemon series and the science fiction comedy of hit television show, Rick and Morty. You play as super genius Rick Sanchez with his trusty grandson Morty and together you must take on the high council of Ricks to get your portal gun back and return home. The choice of test? Morty Battles. All over different dimensions Morty battles and Morty collecting have come very popular. The council of Ricks task ,your Rick, to challenge the Leader Ricks, of designated battle dimensions, to gain their badges. Only then will you have the right to challenge the council. As you make your way through the different dimensions you will find and collect different types of Mortys and collect their data on you trusty new Mortypad.

pocket mortys

While most games on the phone tend to lose their wonder within the first few hours, for me. I can say that I ran my battery dry while playing this game for the first time today. If you are a fan of the Rick and Morty then there is a lot to enjoy about this game. The music that plays in the background are all songs featured from the show. Some that stood out to me were the Tiny Rick “Let me out, set me free” song and the theme song of the show all redone for the game. A subtle, but charming, layer added to the game is voice over work from Justin Roiland for both Rick and Morty, be it a random passing by comment or smack talk to your opponent trainer. The game combines the shows animation and Pokemon design quite well. The maps are vibrant and comical with original character designs from the show. There are 52 different types of Mortys to find and train through your adventure. Each with their own moves to learn with certain strengths and weaknesses.


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