July 22, 2024

Proven Gamer

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The New York Snark Exchange – League Of Legends

FACT: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS is currently one of the most popular and most watched games in the world

FACT: RAY and CHRIS are DECENT at LoL at best.

This week the SNARK EXCHANGE call upon some PALZ as they attempt to not look like a bunch of tools live via PROVEN GAMER TWITCH stream. It’s going to be 90 minutes or BOTS, a few bouts of PVP and maybe a round of ARAM if the team feels like getting stuck with some champions they got free from PAX EAST, and wouldn’t use otherwise. Plus watch Chris and Ray defend their choice of waifus, in a new segment* we call “Chris and Ray defend their waifus”. We go live at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time, so join us at (insert PG twitch hyperlink here), and stay the hell out of the bottom lane, we called it first how DARE you.

*We are NEVER bringing this segment back.

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