May 24, 2024

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The Top 5 Mothers in Video Games – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Grandmas out there! Mothers are the glue that holds a family together. The matriarchal holiday is a way of celebrating a well deserved force in the family dynamic. Sure…its been done before, but all those other lists are inferior. Our method of curating this list are far superior in its complexity. So let’s celebrate! ┬áHere is the top five Mothers in video games (probably)

#5 – Mother Brain – Metroid

Everybody knows that running a household is a damn near impossible task. Now try running an entire planet’s inhabitants all while being hunted by a space bounty hunter with an cannon for an arm. And I don’t mean an arm that can throw well. I mean literally a cannon on her arm. What Mother Brain lacks in physical appearance she more than makes up for in smarts. There is nothing more beautiful in a lady than a big brain.


#4 – EVA “Big Mama” – Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

No list of Moms in video games should be without Big Mama. The super spy carried the clones of Naked Snake. Without EVA there is no Solid or Liquid Snake. That alone is enough to get you on this list, but also being a double agent super spy who can kill a man with her pinky? That just adds a little flavor to this Mom’s breast….wait….

#3 – Marguerite Baker – Resident Evil 7

Not only is Marguerite the mother of the sadistically delightful Baker children, she is also “Mommy” to thousands of little mutated insects due to her “gift”. It takes a special kind of woman to descend into madness and still have the ability to keep her ever expanding family together. Her culinary skills are second only to our #2 on this list…

#2 – Mama – Cooking Mama

“You are even better than Mama!” she says as she encourages you to make the perfect sandwich. We all know we are in no way better than Mama, but she still tells you that you are. Mama shows immeasurable patience as you screw up dish after dish. Burn the meat? It’s okay, Mama forgives. Stir too quickly? Mama will remind you to slow down. Mama has a seemingly endless cook book and turns out the most fantastic dishes. The fact that she’s willing to teach us is likely to put her into sainthood. I am awaiting the Pope’s response on that.

#1 – Mom – Pokemon


Nobody has it harder than Mom. For years, this Mom has been sending her child on an incredible adventure with encouragement and love. Never mind that it is incredibly dangerous to send a 12 year old out in the wild to try and catch feral animals, train them, and take on an underground mafia. Still, Mom is always there to heal when in a bind. You may be out to be the best Pokemon master, but when it comes to being Mom..she is the very best…that no one ever was!

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