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Is This The Nintendo NX Controller?

We trust you Nintendo, but you just make it so difficult sometimes.

Yesterday, Nintendo officially filed a patent for their newest hardware video game controller published. The patent was filed back in June and was released only recently. Found on Free patents online, you can read the entire 250 plus lines of the patent for yourself. The patent does detail all of the bells and whistles that the new controller will seem to offer.

Nintendo NX Controller

As seen by the diagrams above, this is not your conventional video game controller. There will at least be two control sticks on each end of the device, which itself seems to be a small display as well. The controller itself is quite an odd shape, appearing small in size and oval in its structure. It is still unclear as to how exactly this controller will be used parallel to the NX, but for those hoping for a more conventional way to play, you may be out of luck. The technology behind this device is advanced however, as it will have a touch screen that uses a free-form technology from Sharp.

The idea for a remote control that seems to be mostly based around a touch screen as well as gimmicks may show that Nintendo is not ready to jump headfirst into the competitive gaming market as a major contender with the PS4 and Xbox One. Ever since the release of the original Wii, Nintendo has been focused on doing its own thing and this information only solidifies the rumor that Nintendo is just about ready to reveal details about the NX. All we have to do now is wait for them to really wow us with their idea of the future of gaming.

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Fallout Shelter Update Brings Pets & More

Today Bethesda unleashed a new Fallout Shelter update that brings in few new cool features. Along with better inventory management and objectives, there was couple of new additions to your Vault such as pets and the ability to remove lazy good for nothing vault dwellers.

You’re Vaultizens (…yeah, okay) will also have some new dialog options such as pickup lines and conversations. Thus making a new experiences as you play manage your Vault. Then you have the new Sell-All option that will allow you to remove any unwanted items and clear your inventory space. You can read the patch notes below.

  • Vault-Tec research has shown that four-legged companions can have a profound impact on Vault happiness and productivity. Introducing Pets!
  • Vault-Tec has received reports of some Dwellers not pulling their weight. Overseers are now authorized to permanently evict these lazy layabouts! Welcome to the Wasteland, slackers…
  • Bored with the same pickup lines and conversations? Dwellers have finally learned some new ways to impress other dwellers and the opposite sex.
  • Excessive tapping causing frustration when trying to clear out excess inventory? Overseers will love the new sell-all options.
  • Dweller management improvements and new objectives should help experienced Overseers keep things running smoothly.
  • Even more Vault-Tec certified improvements and optimizations. Because you can never have enough improvements or optimizations.

Patch notes found on the Official Bethesda Forums.

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EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

EA gets even more competitive.

EA Announces Competitive Gaming Division

Today Electronic Arts introduced a new division nested within the game division at EA, dubbed the Competitive Gaming Division. EA hopes to bring the essence of the Competitive Gaming market into the core of EA.

In a statement made on earlier today, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated the following:

I am excited to announce that Peter Moore is moving into a new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Competition Officer for Electronic Arts, leading our new EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD).

With his new role, Peter Moore will over see all of the competitive gaming division including release games under the division like FIFA, Madden NFL, Battlefield and more. Not only this, the new division will also function under the “three core pillars”:

Competition – To create highly-engaging competitive experiences with our games, officially supported by Electronic Arts.

Community – To celebrate, connect and grow our community of players across all levels of expertise.

Entertainment – To develop live events and broadcasting that bring the spectacle of competition to millions of people around the world.

In addition to Peter Moore, EA also hired Todd Sitrin to become the marketing powerhouse that will guide the Competitive Gaming Division. Saying that:

Todd will lead strategy and operations for the CGD, working closely with our development studios to create an exciting competitive platform in our games.

As we got more information on the new venture for EA, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the changes. If you’re a competitive gamer, this sounds like it will be right up your alley.

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Shenmue 3 To Be Set in China; More Details

Early this morning the Shenmue team updated their Kickstarter backers with information regarding the development Shenmue 3. We found out that the head project lead Yu Suzuki recently spoke at the CHUAPPX convention where he detailed some of basics of the game.


We now know the location and that location is China. This isn’t a big surprise as the game ended in China and Shenmue 3 will be taking place immediately after the events of Shenmue 2. Suzuki also expressed interest to cover certain locales such as Kowloon City.

Shenmue 3 will also consist of two chapters of the 11 chapter story. Chapters 5 and 6 will be told in this adventure. There is no word on future sequels will be created.

Shenmue will also be hitting the baseline testing for different prototypes in the game. The team managed to put in a model of the forest from Shenmue 2 to make greater strides developing the engine.

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New Characters Revealed For Mortal Kombat X

So it appears that someone pressed the publish button a bit early and posted a video featuring four (or is it six?) new characters in Mortal Kombat X. In the newest Kombat Pack II trailer, we saw a glimpse of Cyrax and Sektor who seemed to be the same character with different skins.

Then things get real ugly when Leatherface makes his miraculous debut and chainsaws Ermac to pieces. We then get a glimpse at former Kombator: Bo Rai Cho. Bo Rai Cho seems to be his familiar, drunk, self. Then all of a sudden things seem a bit odd and what appears to be Prometheus from the Alien franchise makes his appearance.

This should make a lot of fans of the MKX series really happy as a lot of these characters have been rumored to be in the game. You can watch the trailer below.

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Minecraft for Wii U Nixes Gamepad Inventory Management

Minecraft for Wii U’s inventory system hits a snag.

Minecraft for Wii U will not include inventory management for the Wii U’s Gamepad according to the Director or Creative Communications Owen Hill. A fan on Twitter asked Mr. Hill if the game would included the feature to allow the user to select and store inventory using the Nintendo Wii U’s prized controller the Wii U Game Pad. Unfortunately, the news wasn’t the expected answer:

There is some hope — however — as the the tweet by Owen Hill made mention that it won’t be available at the initial launch. So we can hopefully expect that there could be an update to the Wii U version of the game in the near future after it’s launch.

On December 7th, Mojang announced that the Wii U version of Minecraft would be released on December 17th, 2015. Many were very happy to receive the news as the Nintendo Wii U is the only console where the game hasn’t been released.

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Editorial: And So It Ends, With a Wimper… (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Last night was to be a celebratory day for the video game industry. Geoff Keighley hosted the 2015 Video Game Awards with much fanfare and praise. Keighley should be commended for putting on such a great show that featured the best and brightest from the video game industry. However, there was an elephant in the room — or the auditorium — that was not to be ignored.

Legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima was not in attendance for the show, where his epic Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won two awards: Best Action/Adventure Game and Best Soundtrack. Both of these awards were accepted by leading voice actor Kiefer Sutherland. But why was Kiefer the one accepting the award when Hideo Kojima was the game’s father? He was banned from the show due to an on-going legal issue regarding himself and his employer Konami.



Whether you agree with Konami or not, it’s really irrelevant as the father of the game that made the company millions of dollars and one of the best video game series of all time was snubbed from grabbing his game’s own rewards.

With the game’s awards in toe, this also marks the end of a fantastic journey. A journey filled with the highest highs and in recent memory, the lowest of lows. Fans of the game scoured the internet to find whatever they could about the game’s ending, of which there are multiple, to see how the series will end. The Phantom Pain ended on a weird note for a lot of the fans of the series. While the gameplay was talk of the town, it’s story mode was one of the weaker parts of the series. Many fans were left clamouring to see if there was more to the story — especially after the leaked Chapter 3 screenshots and the extra content on the collector’s edition of the game. There was even a subreddit created where it’s sole purpose is to discuss and theorize the Metal Gear Solid series.


Unfortunately for the fans, their hopes were dashed and there was no additional game content coming from the now viled Konami. Not only where the fans hopes dashed, but now they were told that they couldn’t see their favorite developer receive his reward. Geoff Keighley had to explain the reason for his non-appearance is because of a legal issue between himself and Konami. This is completely unnecessary on all levels and it if were me in his position I don’t know if I would be as calm and collective as Kojima is currently. Regardless, Mr. Kojima took it in stride and said “thank you” to all of this fans via a Twitter message.

Whether you like Hideo Kojima or not, this move was pretty ballsy for Konami and I’m glad someone had the guts to stick up for him in Geoff Keighley. Last night was to supposed to be a celebration for all game development, but a shadow has been cast on the night and is going to be hard to erase.

Video credit: Kotaku.