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Just How Next-Gen is the DualSense?

The next generation of console gaming is here. And while there have been plenty of discussions on the consoles’ hardware and release games, little has been said about its accessories. The PS5, in particular, has shocked users with its controller. The DualSense may look like your everyday controller, but true to its “Sense” label, it’s packed with technology that aims to immerse players into the games much better.

Below are the two things that put the DualSense ahead of its competitors.

Haptic Technology

Compared to the DualShock’s haptic feedback, which, truthfully, is just a glorified rumble feature limited to the grips, the DualSense has integrated technology located within every inch of the device. Sony’s promise that the controller would provide a “variety of powerful sensations” was no lie. If you purchase a PS5 and play around in Astro’s Playroom, you’ll see the DualSense’s haptic technology at work from the opening scene. Whenever an object moves near the player, the DualSense can exhibit enough spatial awareness to make you feel like it’s actually coming towards you.

There’s even a level in the game where you play around with zippers. When the game asks you to pull down on the zip, the DualSense will allow you to feel every notch by sliding your finger down on the touchpad.

Adaptive Triggers

Another feature that aims to build on Sony’s promise of heightened immersion is the adaptive trigger. Depending on the game and scenario, the L2/R2 button can exhibit some resistance. For example, they can “lock” if a gun is jammed. Pressing either button to jump on a spring will also be much tougher. In Tronic Fix’s teardown video (9:25), we see that this is because a spiral gear is attached to both the motherboard and each trigger.

If the motherboard receives the command to up the resistance, the spiral gear will adjust a separate gear, making the L2/R2 much harder to press.

Other notable features

These next-gen features, while impressive, still demand a lot of power from the controller. This is why Sony opted for a much bigger battery—1,560 mAh—to support their functions. For a device to have that much power, its manufacturers carefully calculated its PCB stackup impedance to ensure that ground and power planes are up to standard. The power gets delivered more evenly throughout the controller by increasing every components’ crosstalk susceptibility and capacitance, allowing the DualSense to last for more than 15 hours on battery.

Other notable features of the DualSense controller include:

• A “create” button (for 4K screenshots and real-time screensharing)
• Built-in microphone
• Backward compatibility with PS4 games (not the console)

All in all, the DualSense is a revolutionary piece of hardware that’s dedicated to providing the best immersive experience possible. It’ll be exciting to see how future PS5 games will utilize these features.

For more PS5 updates, news, and reviews, check out some of our other posts.

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Proven News Wrap-Up 10/12

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 9/21. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Sony Announces PSN Name Changes Coming in 2019

Back at PlayStation Experience 2017, Shawn Layden said that he hoped gamers would have the ability to change their id’s on PlayStation Network before the event returned in 2018. Flash forward to now, there may not be a PlayStation Experience 2018, but name changes are coming. The long-awaited feature will be available in early 2019.  The first name change will be free, with additional changes costing $4.99 for PS Plus members($9.99 without PS Plus).

Although it is easy to make a case of this being something that should have happened a long time ago, it is also a better late than never scenario for Sony. With new consoles on the horizon, getting little features like name changes taken care of helps to set the table for what is to come.

2) PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatability Rumors

One place that Sony finds itself trailing significantly is the area of backward compatibility. Microsoft has made a huge push and has made it one of the best features on the Xbox One, allowing for players to play both 360 and original Xbox games. Sony, on the other hand, has resisted. However, a recent patent filed by Sony has people speculating that things could change come next generation. In short, the patent is for technology that would allow for “remaster by emulation”. Of course, the obvious speculation from there would be what consoles would the PlayStation 5 be able to emulate? Just the PlayStation 4? Or, could Sony be on the verge of something much larger?

First things first, companies file patents all the time. So, this could end up being nothing. However, with the recent announcement of the PlayStation Classic, it appears that Sony has at least started to explore their options for allowing players to enjoy the games that helped build the PlayStation brand. The next generation can’t come soon enough.

3) Microsoft Rumored to be Acquiring Obsidian 

Back at E3, Microsoft showed that they were ready to tackle one of the biggest holes in the Xbox lineup, first-party content. Phil Spencer came out stage with the announcement that Microsoft had acquired Undead Labs(State of Decay), PlayGround Games(Forza), Compulsion Games(We Happy Few), and Ninja Theory(Hellblade). Additionally, they announced the creation of a brand new studio, The Initiative.

It turns out, it doesn’t look like they are done there. Rumors have started swirling that they are close to acquiring Obsidian Entertainment, the makers of Pillars of Eternity. One of the more interesting things about this rumor is the history of Obsidian, specifically in the PC game market. Microsoft has made a push to make sure that its content is not just available on Xbox, but also on PC. Bringing in a studio with a background heavy in PC games could only go to bolster that more. For Obsidian, games like Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas have helped them make their mark on the market. Seeing what they could do with the backing of Microsoft is an exciting thought.

4) Microsoft Announces Project xCloud

Along with the studio acquisitions, Phil Spencer also announced plans to create a streaming service that would “unlock console quality gaming on any device”. This has been followed up with the announcement video of Project xCloud, Microsoft’s streaming service that will start public trials in 2019.

For many, game streaming is something that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Compression, input lag, latency, and overall performance problems have prevented any streaming platform from taking off in a significant way, Microsoft claims to have solutions in place to fix these problems, most importantly, solving the latency issue. If that is true, the challenge of the user’s ISP still leaves many questions. What will the download speed requirements be? Will it kill batteries on mobile devices and tablets? Throughout all of the talks about streaming, Microsoft has promised that console gaming is still at the core of the experience. This is key since the world of streaming has proven to be a dangerous road in the past.

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Telltale Games Announces Major Layoffs

Telltale Games, the maker of narrative, decision-based games such as The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Minecraft Story Mode, Batman, and others have announced major layoffs and a “major studio closure”, cutting their studio from 250 employees down to 25. In a post to Twitter, studio CEO Pete Hawley announced that lack of sales was one of the driving forces behind the staffing cuts.

This announcement comes with season 2 of Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and the first season of Stranger Things being in development. The layoffs put these games in limbo, with the chance they never see the light of day. Compounding this problem are the reports that the remaining 25 employees are not working on the final two episodes of the final season of The Walking Dead, but a Netflix Minecraft series. If this is true, the conclusion to Telltale’s flagship franchise could remain unfinished.

If the final episodes The Walking Dead along with Telltale’s other games go unfinished, it marks the end of an era for decision-based, narrative games. Telltale was one of the first to truly capture what was special about the genre, and it is always a shame when a studio is forced to close down.


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Proven News Wrap-Up 9/21

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 9/21. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Sony Reveals PlayStation Classic

After the success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES classic, there was a lot of talk about whether other hardware manufacturers would give the classic console a shot. Sony has jumped on board, announcing the PlayStation Classic. Releasing on December 3rd at $99.99 the console will come pre-loaded with 20 games. So far, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms have been announced, with more games to be revealed down the road. The console will also come with two controllers, HDMI Cable, and USB Cable.

The list of games coming to the PlayStation Classic is the most interesting part to track going forward. One of the problems Sony faces with this console is that the original PlayStation’s library is massive, with fan favorites all over the place. No matter what 20 games go on the c0nsole, some will be happy, others will be disappointed their favorites didn’t make the cut. Either way, seeing classic games kept alive is always a good thing. Let us just hope the availability problems of the NES and SNES classic don’t rear their heads for Sony.

2) Downloadable Games Coming to PlayStation Now

Back in mid-June, a photo leaked showing PlayStation Now giving subscribers the ability to download games directly to their hard drives. Jump ahead several months, and rumor has become reality. PS4 and PS2 games on PlayStation Now can be now downloaded and played without streaming the game. In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Sony explained that along with the games being downloadable, players will be able to transfer their saved game status of any streamed game to continue to playing locally(PlayStation Plus subscription required).

The problem with PlayStation Now has always been the internet speeds required to stream a game. With that variable out of the equation, the service just became a lot more viable for users looking to access Now’s lineup of titles. It gives Sony a competitor to Xbox’s Game Pass, although I wouldn’t expect new releases to go straight to PlayStation Now anytime soon. Either way, this is a good move for Sony.

3) PUBG PS4 Hits Korean Ratings Board

When PUBG was announced for Xbox back at E3 2017, it was revealed as a “Console Launch Exclusive”. This left the door open for the Battle Royale game to eventually make its way to PS4. Well, that announcement could be right around the corner, with the Korean Ratings Board listing PUBG for PlayStation 4.

If PUBG is coming to PS4 soon, it is releasing at an interesting time. Fortnite is the go-to Battle Royale game for the console, and it is free-to-play. Not to mention that Blackout, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII’s take on the genre is coming in mid-October (and is coming off a successful beta). The big question looks to be if PUBG is coming to PlayStation, can it find a foot in the market with Fortnite already dominating, and Blackout right around the corner.

4) Red Dead Online Gets Beta Release Date

Rockstar has been trickling out information for the single-player of Red Dead Redemption II for some time now. However, little to no information had been revealed about the online functions of the game. In a post to their blog, Rockstar has announced that a public beta for Red Dead Online will launch in November. In the post, Rockstar talked about how the core mechanics from the campaign will translate over to Red Dead Online allowing players to explore and fight together.

If GTA online is any indication, Red Dead Online has the potential to suck players in for hour upon hours of crazy fun. At this time, there still much information about what players will be able to do in Red Dead Online, but just a date for the feature is enough to get everyone excited.


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Proven News Wrap-Up: 9/14

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 9/14. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Nintendo Direct: 9/13

After a delay, Nintendo released their latest Direct on September 13. Check out some of the announcements below:

  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Switch in 2019.
  • Animal Crossing 3 coming to Switch in 2019.
  • Animal Crossing’s Isabelle will make her way to the Smash Ultimate Roster.
  • Pokémon Lets Go and Smash Ultimate getting Switch Bundles.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will launch on Switch on January 11.

The other big portion of the Nintendo Direct focused on the coming release of Nintendo Switch Online, which releases on September 18. Up to this point, online functionality has been free on Switch, but that will change next week. At this moment, it seems like Nintendo still has some work to do convincing players this service will be worth paying for. However, with features such as cloud saves locked behind the service, expect many to make the jump. Check out the full Nintendo Direct below:

2) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Outlines Season Pass:

Ubisoft has revealed the details of Assassin’s Creed post-launch plans and there are a couple big takeaways when looking at the season pass. First, there will be two major DLC story expansions. Legacy of the First Blade will tell the story of the origin of the hidden blade weapon, while Fate of Atlantis, will take players to the underwater city. Second, Assassin’s Creed III, set during the American Revolution will also be included in the season pass. The game will include graphical 4K updates and new gameplay mechanics.

Outside of the season pass, there will free updates that add in-game events, weekly challenges, and Discovery Mode will return after its inclusion in Assassins Creed Origins.

3) Belgium Continues to Fight Lootboxes

To catch people up that may have missed the early parts of this story, in April, Belgium declared that lootboxes in certain games were a form of gambling. This has led to titles such as Overwatch removing the ability to open lootboxes for people that play the game in Belgium. However, EA has kept lootboxes in all of their games in the country. Now, Belgium has started a criminal investigation into EA, since they refused to remove the boxes from their games(primarily the FIFA franchise).

Whether anything significant will come out of this is anyone’s guess. Does Belgium think they have case against the video game giant that is EA? Will EA put all their resources behind fighting the case if it goes to court? Only time will tell.


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Proven News Wrap-Up: 9/1

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 9/1. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Battlefield V Delayed to November 20

In a blog post, it was announced that Battlefield V has been delayed out of October, to a new date of November 20. In the post, General Manager of EA Dice Oskar Gabrielson sited player feedback as the main reason for the delay, saying that they want make some more adjustments to the gameplay mechanics. I never see a delay as a bad thing. Letting a game cook to get it right is always better than releasing a product too early. However, this delay doesn’t change the fact that Battlefield V will be coming among a swarm of other highly anticipated titles. Moving out of the October release date separates the Battlefield V from games like Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Soul Calibur VI. But, it now slots into a November release date that is surrounded by Fallout 76, Hitman 2, and the Spyro remaster. However, in the end, if the correct adjustments get made, a delay for a game as mechanic heavy as Battlefield V is a good thing.

2) Spider-Man’s Visual Downgrade Controversy

With the release of Spider-Man on PS4 right around the corner, developer Insomniac has found themselves in a weird argument(if you want to call it that) with a group of potential players. Using the footage from E3 2016, some fans are comparing that to recent footage and are claiming there has been a downgrade to the game’s visuals. Here is just a small taste of some of the complaints that have made their way onto social media, which were then addressed by Insomiac’s Community Director James Stevenson.


While I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know much about the graphical component of game development, I can say this with certainty, games change over their development cycle. One of the main concerns you here developers mention when showing games before they release is this type of comparison. Over the course of two years of development, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to gamers that things may look a little different. In the end, Spider-Man still looks amazing and looks to be the game everyone has been waiting for.

3) Cyberpunk 2077 Releases Gameplay Footage. 

After E3, everyone was glowing about Cyberpunk 2077, the behind the scenes footage showed to the media had everyone fired up about the next project from CD Projekt Red. However, the question remained, when would the world-at-large get to see gameplay. Earlier this week it turned out, as an almost 50-minute gameplay reveal was posted on YouTube. For the most part, it sounds like this is a similar demo to the one shown at Gamescom and E3. With so much to discuss and get hyped for in this demo, it is better just to let it speak for itself:


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Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access

Microsoft has announced a new, subscription-based service for both the Xbox One and Xbox One X. Xbox All Access will give players access to an Xbox console and 2 years of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Games Pass for a monthly fee.

For $34.99 a month, players can grab an Xbox One X with the bundle, while $21.99 a month will get them an Xbox One S. Xbox All Access will be available in-store only at Microsoft stores. Click here for full details from Microsoft.

PG’s Take:

This is yet another solid consumer move by Microsoft. All Access bundles some of Xbox’s best features into one package, with monthly payments giving players a way to pay for it without some of the upfront costs of purchasing a new console. Being an in-store only feature is a bit of a bummer, but I don’t see any reason this service won’t be anything but a success.


Playstation 4 News

VROOOM KABROOM Launches On PlayStation 4

It’s been a long time coming since we had any vehicular combat games. When it comes to the genre on a PlayStation platform, the hottest memory players have is the legendary Twisted Metal franchise, which put players in a life-or-death competition involving tricked-out vehicles with cutting edge weapons. There hasn’t been a game of this type in quite some time, but Canada-based Ratloop Games looks to change that in a game that appears to be quite different from the traditional vehicular combat title. Imagine a racing game that combines the ability to control multiple vehicles in a tower-rush style gameplay mode with card battle mechanics. Welcome to Vroom Kabroom, and it is now available on the PlayStation 4.

VROOM KABROOM is an interesting hybrid experiment of combat racing, card battle systems, and the tower rush combat mode, as seen in mobile app games. The objective of the player is to use their combat vehicle to attack the enemy’s fortress, utilizing a strong deck and the ability to control several vehicles at any given time. Using real-time combat and tower defense mechanics, players will be participating in both offensive and defensive battle missions throughout their experience. Vroom Kabroom is an online experience, with players embarking on 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battle across several large stages. Players can also choose from several factions, each faction containing their own cards, vehicles, and skills to employ. Whoever can master these skills will be able to quickly dominate the battlefield and own the turf. Whether this becomes a big hit amongst gamers looking for a different online experience remains to be seen, as the game gathers its momentum from release today.

VROOM KABOOM is now available on the PlayStation Network.



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Proven News Wrap-Up: 8/17

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 8/17. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Diablo III Coming to Switch

Quickly after leaks and rumors of Blizzard’s dungeon crawler Diablo III coming to Switch started swirling, Blizzard confirmed that the game would be releasing later this year as the Diablo III Eternal Collection. The game will launch will all previously released content available, so Switch players will have access to the full game. Along with local two-player co-op, the number can be expanded to four with online or LAN play.

The portability Although the release of Diablo on Switch is huge, the next question to ask is what could be coming next? Is an Overwatch port in the works possibly? If Diablo is successful, hopefully, that could open the door to more collaboration in the future.

2) PlayStation VR Reaches 3 Million Units Sold

Although it may not be in the forefront of gaming like it once was, PlayStation VR continues to chug along at a steady pace since its October release in 2016. In the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that PlayStation VR has hit 3 million units sold, along with 21.9 million games sold. Even without the hype that used to be around it, Sony’s continued support for VR shows that it has been a worthy investment that they don’t see going away soon.

3) Rumors Circulating of a New Xbox Elite Controller

The original Xbox Elite Controller was released in 2015. It came with swappable components, improvements to the thumbstick, and hair-trigger locks, just to name a few features. Three years later, rumors of a new version of the controller have started making the rounds. A tweet by Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren suggests that the new controller will launch in October and sell for $149.

If this new controller is real and it improves on some of the shortcomings of the previous elite controller(most notably the overall durability), it should be a success among gamers looking for top of the line accessories. A potential official announcement of the controller could be coming soon with Gamescom just around the corner.

Did we miss any of the big stories of the week? Leave them in the comments below!

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[LEAKED] Diablo 3 Coming to Switch – Exclusive Zelda Content

According to a now deleted Forbes post, Diablo 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the fall. See the details in a screen grabbed image of the aforementioned Forbes article.

PG Take: This is super exciting news for Nintendo Switch players. Being able to play 4 player couch co-op is an amazing option. How the online play will function in a post Nintendo Switch Online launch remains to be seen. Hopefully there will be some news from Nintendo themselves or maybe even a Nintendo Direct in our future. Either way, exciting times are ahead for Switch owners.

Credit to Reddit post by Riomegon.

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Proven News Wrap-Up: 8/10

News, and subsequently news stories, can be very fluid. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes stories will slip through the cracks. Well, the Proven News Wrap-Up is here to fix all that! Below are what we have determined to be the top stories for the week of 8/10. Although they are numbered, they are not ranked in any particular order.

1) Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Here is a list of just a few things that were announced during Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Direct.

  • Simon Belmont and King K. Rool introduced as new characters.
  • There are 103 stages in the game, with the ability to transition between stages during a match.
  • There are more than 800 music tracks, totaling around 28 hours of continuous music.
  • Characters can now build their Final Smash as a meter like in other fighting games.

That is just the short list. There were also new items, assist trophies, echo characters, Pokémon, and modes. After E3, some were left a little underwhelmed by the showing of Smash Ultimate. After the latest direct, it is safe to say that Nintendo seems to be throwing anything and everything into this game. With several months to go before release, what other surprises may Nintendo have in store?

2) Rockstar Shows Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

People have been clamoring for a gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 for some time, and Rockstar finally satisfied them with part one of their gameplay introduction. While there were brief looks and gunplay, hand-to-hand combat, and world traversal, what stood out the most from the trailer was the ability to interact with the world around the player. Talking to townsfolk, getting to know your fellow gang members, defusing or creating a tense situation, bonding with your horse, and much more all appear to have significant benefits or consequences for the player. Check out the gameplay introduction video below:

3) God of War Gets New Game +

God of War will be getting New Game + on August 20. Along with the added difficulty, the mode will also introduce new armor sets, resources, harder enemies, and the option to skip cinematics to keep things moving along at a steady clip. New Game + has been something players have been wanting in God of War for some time, and they won’t have to wait much longer to dive back into Kratos’ story.

Did we miss any major stories? Leave them in the comments below!

4) Sony Celebrates 500 Million Systems Sold with Limited Edition Console

In a post to the PlayStation Blog on Thursday, Sony announced that they have now passed 500 million PlayStation Consoles sold in the last 24 years. As a celebration of that, they are releasing a limited edition translucent PS4 Pro. The console will come with 2TB of space, PlayStation Camera and vertical stand. A matching translucent controller will also be included. There will only be 50,000 consoles released worldwide, which will sell for $499. It was also announced that the controller and a special PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset will be sold outside of the bundle as well.


Nintendo Switch News

Salt and Sanctuary Out on Switch Today

Salt and Sanctuary, the 2D Souls inspired action game is out today on Nintendo Switch.

Previously released back in 2016, Salt and Sanctuary has had over 800,000 downloads. After creating a custom character, players will be able to choose between a variety of classes, weapon types, and armor sets. Local co-op will also be available.

Salt and Sanctuary is available now for digital download in the Switch Nintendo Eshop. Check out the trailer for the game below.

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Mario Tennis Aces Tops June NPD’s

The NPD numbers are out for the top-selling games and hardware units for the month of June.

Mario Tennis Aces slotted itself into the top spot for June. One of the impressive things about this is that Nintendo digital sales are not included in NPD’s. This means that the game hit the top spot on physical copies alone. Following Aces, God of War comes in at number two. Released back at the end of April, Kratos and Atreus are still going strong.

Grand Theft Auto V, The Crew 2, and Far Cry 5 rounded out the top five. Check out the full NPD list below.

Mario Tennis Aces 1
God of War 2018 2
Grand Theft Auto V 3
The Crew 2 4
Far Cry 5 5
Mario Kart 8 6
LEGO Incredibles 7
FIFA 18 8
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy 9
Detroit: Become Human 10
Super Mario Odyssey 11
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 12
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege 13
NBA 2K18 14
Call of Duty: WWII 15
MLB 18: The Show 16
Assassin’s Creed: Origins 17
Vampyr 18
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 19
State of Decay 2                                                                                20
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Microsoft’s Next-Gen “Family” of Devices – What Does it Mean for the Future of Console Gaming?

At E3 2018 Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft is already working on the next-gen Xbox. What we know now is that they are, in fact, working on TWO new Xbox devices for the next generation. One will be obviously be the regular traditional console. The other: an affordable game streaming device that promises to succeed where all the other Cloud Gaming services have failed. This is a bold claim, yes, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Microsoft. They have been heavily invested in Cloud technology for quite some time now for their business dealings outside of the gaming industry. They also have deep enough pockets to really hit this type of service in a way other companies just can’t compete with.

Not a whole lot of information is out about the traditional console. However, it should be an obvious assumption that it will be more powerful and impressive than the Xbox One X. What we do know… is quite a bit about the streaming device code named: Project Scarlett. Scarlett Cloud is boasted to be powerful enough to handle all controller input, collision detection, and image processing. These things are believed to be some of the key elements that cause latency issues with other streaming services that handle those things server-side. It will also be using their Azure network of servers that should also help with latency in multiplayer titles. Azure being their very robust and powerful Cloud Computing Service being used by a wide number of developers and projects world-wide.

Other companies have been trying to enter this market and have not provided anything extraordinary or worthwhile. Sony tried breaking into this market a while ago with PSNow and it left a lot to be desired. Even with my Google Fiber connection I was unable to properly stream with it, the latency issues were terrible and frequent. My attempt left me frustrated and extremely unsatisfied. I canceled my free trial after a week worth of attempts. With every other company struggling to deliver a stab;e and enjoyable game streaming service, Microsoft could really capitalize on this market if they succeed.

Scarlett will include a service fee similar to their other online offerings and is part of their bigger plan to make playing Xbox titles on any devices a reality, including phones, TV’s, and other smart devices in the future. Will they be the first company to fix the glaring issues with game streaming services? If so, what will this mean for the future of gaming and the Xbox directly? Only more time will tell but it will be exciting to see where this goes. What do you think? Would you purchase a streaming device? Let us know in the comments!

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LEGO DC Super-Villains Latest Trailer Shows Off Character Creation

With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, Warner Bros. is starting the party early with a new trailer for LEGO DC Super-Villains.

The trailer focuses on the customization options that players will have when creating their own character to fight alongside some of DC’s most iconic villains. LEGO DC Super-Villains releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 16. Check out the latest trailer for the game below.

Playstation 4 News

Guerrilla Games Expanding to Larger Office

Guerrilla Games, the maker of Horizon: Zero Dawn has announced plans to expand its office space and employee count starting next year. The company plans on growing from 250 employees to 400 as well as moving into a new five-floor office.

The plans for expansion, along with comments from managing director Hermen Hulst would seem to indicate that the studio has several titles in the works. In an interview with Dutch website Het Parool, Hulst talked about the future plans for the studio.

“We have worked at Horizon for 6.5 years, which is exceptional: we want to release games in the two or three years, both new titles and games based on existing titles.”

PG’s Take:

With the success of Horizon(and the cliffhanger ending), it would be a more than a surprise if it didn’t get a sequel. Personally, I would love to see Guerrilla bring back Killzone at some point, so Hulst’s comments do leave that on the table. Finally, new titles are always welcome, so the prospect of Guerilla working on something new is promising.

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No Man’s Sky Update Bringing New Features, Visuals, and Multiplayer

Hello Games, the maker of No Man’s Sky has outlined new features and content that will be coming in the No Man’s Sky Next update on July 24. Along with the new features, the game will also launch on Xbox One on the same day. Some of the major features coming to the game include true multiplayer, the option to play in third-person, and improved base building mechanics. Additionally, the game will be receiving an overhaul to both space and planet visuals.

No Man’s Sky Next launches on July 24. Check out the trailer for the update below:

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Microsoft’s E3 – A Potentially Promising Future for Xbox players!

Whether you’re an Xbox player or not, there is no doubt that Microsoft really outdid itself at E3 this year. Not only was it the largest show in their history, but they unveiled some really juicy details that should have any Xbox owner excited. I’m not referring to the 18 console launch exclusives, 15 world premiers, or any of that. I’m talking about their clear focus on creating original content in the future.

The creation of The Initiative, Microsoft’s brand new studio dedicated to creating first party titles, is big news. Based in Santa Monica and headed by Darrell Gallagher, The Initiative’s sole purpose is to make Xbox exclusives, which should be exciting to anyone who owns an Xbox as our lineup of first party games is basically a barren wasteland at the moment. The most exciting thing about this announcement is that while they are directly a Microsoft studio, they have been given the creative freedom to operate like an Indie studio. Which could mean getting some fresh and unique titles exclusively for Xbox.

As well as this new first party studio they have also acquired Playground Games, longtime development partner and team behind the Forza series, who are not only working on Forza Horizon’s 4, but have been confirmed to already be working on a brand new project. In addition, Microsoft will also be acquiring Ninja Theory, makers of Hellblade and Kung Fu Chaos. This will give them the resources and ability to make even more ambitious games on the Xbox platform. State of Decay 2 has seen over 2 million people playing, and more to come especially since it was available at launch on the Xbox Game Pass, and it sounds like Microsoft is planning on shelling out the resources to make sure that game continues to grow. Last, but surely not least, Compulsion Games. The brilliant minds behind We Happy Few, could truly benefit from Microsoft’s support and deep pockets. They have definitely shown they can make a unique and refreshing game, now imagine what they can do with the freedom to dream bigger and take risks. All of these teams developing for Microsoft is a HUGE boon for future releases, and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Also, one of the better announcements of Microsoft’s E3 presentation is the upgraded Game Pass, which will now see many big titles added such as Elder Scrolls Online, The Division, Fallout 4. As well as giving subscribers Xbox exclusives on their launch day, including games like Horizons 4 and Gears 5.

Definitely sounds like some exciting games will be coming to Xbox in the near future. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Heavy Rain and Absolver Highlight July PS Plus Free Games

In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced the free games that will be coming to PlayStation consoles in July. Highlighting the list is Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and the online martial arts fighting game Absolver. Check out the rest of the list of games coming in July below:

Additionally, Sony announced a discounted price for three months of PlayStation Now.

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Shawn Layden Addresses PS4 Cross-Play

Since E3, Sony has been on the defensive in regards to cross-play with other platforms. For the first time since the conversation heated up, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Layden provided a glimmer of hope that there may be light at the end of the cross-play tunnel.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Layden made it clear that Sony has been listening to the growing discontent among its fanbase.

“We’re hearing it. We’re looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I’m confident we’ll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.”

What this solution turns out to be, or when it may be put into place is yet to be revealed. However, it is good to see Sony finally acknowledge that they are looking at the issue and trying to find a way to make everyone happy.