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Trophy Whores 426 – Jeff In A Sea Of Thieves

This week, a longtime friend of the show provides insight into the state of game development, as the world tries to mitigate the transmission rate of the COVID-19.  Join the Trophy Whores, and a special guest, as they discuss, among other things, Sea of Thieves, Mortal Kombat 11, PlayStation 5 and Epic Games Store.

We are happy and proud to share that Proven Gamer has partnered with the Humble Bundle! The Humble Bundle is a fantastic initiative and program that allows games to score a litany of games on the cheap — all while making charitable donations to various groups and organizations. You can click here for the details on Proven Gamer’s Humble Bundle partnership.

In a bit of big news that would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proud, iHeartRadio and Spotify host episodes of Trophy Whores. It’s a tremendous honor for the show to be part of two massive and respected entertainment communities, and Proven Gamer have only the fans to thank for pushing the podcast to soaring heights. The Trophy Whores work hard to put out a quality weekly show, but they owe so much love to their listeners, who keep the show strong and growing.

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Trophy Whores 386 – Dawn Of A New PlayStation On The Horizon

This week the Trophy Whores discuss rumors surrounding the price point of the — rumored — PlayStation 5, as well as whispers of a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.  Sony is making Horizon into a series; no one should be surprised.  If you are shocked, then promptly re-watch the end of Guerrilla Games’ 2017 masterpiece.  The end spells it out: s-e-q-u-e-l.

And, to no surprise, we continue to hear more (and more) about the PS5.  At this point, it can’t not exist.

Join the Trophy Whores, and special guest CJ, as they discuss, among other things, God of War, World of Warships, Psychonauts, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Horizon Zero Dawn.

We are happy and proud to share that Proven Gamer has partnered with the Humble Bundle! The Humble Bundle is a fantastic initiative and program that allows games to score a litany of games on the cheap — all while making charitable donations to various groups and organizations. You can click here for the details on Proven Gamer’s Humble Bundle partnership.

In a bit of big news that would make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proud, iHeartRadio and Spotify host episodes of Trophy Whores.  It’s a tremendous honor for the show to be part of two massive and respected entertainment communities, and Proven Gamer have only the fans to thank for pushing the podcast to soaring heights. The Trophy Whores work hard to put out a quality weekly show, but they owe so much love to their listeners, who keep the show strong and growing.

If you want to support the show via Patreon, then check out our page, which shares the tiers for all of our Patrons!

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Trophy Whores 287 – Honor Among Trophy Whores

If you have listened to last episode, and, of course you have, then you know that Tricky is beelining toward his first tramp stamp.  I don’t know how we got to this point, but the pot at the end of this rainbow teems with equal parts hilarity and terror.  For his first tramp stamp, he needs a small DualShock 4 — to save space for a DualShock 5.  Tricky doesn’t have ink on his lower back yet, but you can help by contributing to the Proven Gamer Extra Life fundraising campaign.  You have until the end of the year, which is closing quickly.

We have updated Extra Life donation numbers, as well as news from around the game industry.  It’s the end of the year, so we hope that you’ve got your holiday gift lists sorted.  Throughout the month, Sony has PlayStation Nework sales for all of the gamers who played nice this year.  Truth be told, even if you have been naughty, you can still take advantage of the PSN deals.  While you are perusing the fine offerings available on the PSN, be sure to check out The Last Guardian, which, despite its tumultous path to release, has received a warm reception from critics.  You would be naughty to pass up the next tale in the ICO universe.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, WWE 2K17, Ark: Survival Evolved, Extra Life, The Last of Us Part II, Watchdogs 2, and Batman: The Telltale Series.

We devote a large chunk of the show to the Trophy Whores Bill of Rights, for which we have painstakingly created an online rough draft.  In video games terms, we can call it the “alpha” version.  We have taken it this far, but we need your input to help finalize (and pass) our Bill of Rights.

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Coffin Dodgers Review

Reviewed for the Playstation 4:

Coffin Dodgers is a goofy kart racer that takes place in the Sunny Pines retirement village. In Coffin Dodgers you pick your geriatric driver and hit the streets racing against other retirees and the likes of Mr. Grim Reaper and his zombie horde.  At first glance Coffin Dodgers is a simple, silly racing game in the vein of Mario Cart and Crash Team Racing, and although this is by no means a deep or complicated game I found the hours zooming by as I dove into this game. To be clear this game is not trying to compete with Mario Cart. I personally believe that Milky Tea (the development team behind Coffin Dodgers) did a great job making this game self aware in the sense that this is a dark almost slapstick kart racer and not a more serious Mario Kart competitor. With that said I enjoyed my time with the game and achieved the platinum trophy in about 6 or 7 hours. There is replay values past the trophy list, but the trophy list will not take that long to complete.

Where Coffin Dodgers shines is gameplay. It is a easy to pickup, responsive arcade style racer that has very little learning curve. When you start the game you choose your character and are assigned a generic motorized scooter. There are just a small handful of characters to choose from and not special abilities. So it doesn’t matter who you pick, just jump right into the game. Off the bat the scooters control relatively well and are upgradable with in game currency that you accumulate after each race. One thing that I want to praise this game for is that althought there are not very many upgrade for your kart, you can instantly feel the difference after each upgrade. I did notice however that once you upgraded your scooter, it seemed the AI would tighten up and although you could notice your upgrade, it didn’t feel as if I got a leg up on the competition. But once your kart is fully upgraded and you go back to the beginning of the campaign you are leaps and bounds faster than everyone else. My favorite mechanic in the game had to be the ragdoll effects once you would wreck. I often caught myself laughing out loud as my geriatric driver would go flying over the handle bars of the motor scooter into a stack of boxes or over a fence. This added to the overall dark comedic aspect of Coffin dodgers.

Graphically this game is not pushing any boundaries. It doesn’t look bad, just very simple. Each race sections off a piece of the town or area you are racing in until the 3rd and final race of the area in which you run through most of the map. The final race is by far the longest and it combines most of your environments and elements in the game. for example in a earlier level there are UFOs that pass around the map with a giant beam shooting from the center. If it hits you, you spin out of control allows your enemies yo pass you, thus increasing the difficulty of the race. Sound design is where this game takes a hit. There is also a small amount of customization that you can do to your motorized scooter which will eventually turn into a full on go kart. It isn’t very in depth, just some simple upgrades to the motor and drivetrain, small weapon upgrades, and a few different colors to chose from, but it actually makes a difference to the look and feel of your kart.


The overall sound design is not good. From overly simple music loops that glitch up from time to time to very poor sound effects in general this game has one of the worst overall sound presentations I have come across in a long time. There are also some framerates drops and glitches that seem to come along side the sound drops. For instance there are certain spots on the later races where as I would make a turn and the environment would slightly change there would be a brief pause in sound and sometimes in the game. It reminded me of when my CDs would skip in my old Sony portable CD player. This only affects the gameplay for a quick second, but by today’s standards these type of things shouldn’t happen.

When it comes to modes and options this game has everything you would expect from the campaign mode, to 2 or 4 player split screen, to time trails and a free roam (or Crazy Grandad mode). I again noticed some frame rate hiccups once I added more players to the split screen but again it didn’t hinder the gameplay to bad. I spent most of my time playing through the campaign and split screen racing and can say it was a good experience. I did not enjoy the free roam mode and the timed trails because unless you are just into getting the best time there was no real reward for playing through them. In fact after completing the trophy list in just two play-throughs of the campaign, and of course one trophy starting free roam, the extra modes seemed almost useless.


Overall Coffin Dodgers is a fun game for all ages and is worth the price of admission. Its corky dark comedy mixed with fundamentally sound controls makes it a good experience with moderate replay value. And as a plus for all of the trophy and achievement hunters out there you cant go wrong with a 7 hour platinum/game completion. I would definitely recommend this game for its easy access, plug and play nature, and most notably the price. Releasing at $11.99 USD I don’t think you can go wrong with it.




Watch the Playstation launch trailer here:





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Free PS4/XB1 Games for the Month of February!

This February PlayStation is going galactic with it’s two free titles coming to the PlayStation 4 and available for PS Plus members. First, PS Plus members will be treated to Helldivers; a top down, chaotic twin stick shooter heavily focused on teamwork, where players will be face off against invading alien forces. PS Plus members will also dig into Nom Nom Galaxy, where players take the role as a new Astroworker for SoupCo; combining platforming, mining, base construction, tower defense, and of course, making soup.

PS3 members will be treated with Helldivers as well, along with Codemaster’s racer Grid Autosport, and the fast-paced anime fighter Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Vita owners will also get Helldivers along with the classic platforming puzzler Lemmings Touch.
Meanwhile, Xbox Gold members will receive Styx: Master of Shadows, a stealth game with RPG elements, and Hand of Fate, a roguelike/ action-RPG/deck builder hybrid on the XBOX One, as well as the intense, cover-based shooter Gears of War 2 and the side scrolling, arcade style, cooperative beat ’em up Sacred Citadel on the Xbox 360.

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Press X To Win 21 – Gamescom Extravaganza!

On this weeks episode of Press X, the crew talks about all of the announcements at Gamescom, including a classic Jake rant about the new WoW expansion. Even the Sony fanboy has something nice to say about Microsoft! Then we go over esports. Good? Bad? What the hell is an esport? Find out on this weeks Press X To Win.

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Understanding PC vs Consoles

So, I know what you’re thinking. Well, hopefully. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of “PC vs consoles?! Oh no, another propaganda piece about PC is superior to consoles.” Well, I can say for certain that is not the case.

What is the case, however, is trying to understand what each platform brings to the table, so to speak. First, some rules. I do not consider handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS or Vita to fall under the “console” category. Consoles are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Mobile devices such as tablets/phones are another thing entirely. People try to make games for them and they mostly work.

Either way, I’ve found myself really at a crossroads lately, with my nights/weekends where I can actually game all the more troublesome to manage. What I mean by this is that my Xbox One takes awhile to boot, plus it’s in my living room, which requires me to logoff my computer, turn on the Xbox One, sit down with the controller in hand and decide from the 30 or so games I have on my Xbox. Lazy, I know.

But there’s a good reason. With PC gaming, unless it’s a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, things like anti-aliasing and render quality aren’t things you generally worry about. Plus, your games are literally right in front of you.

Next comes a major factor: price. If it’s above $5, I’m going to be pretty hesitant about buying any game. I really don’t like spending $20 on one game, but rather, many games. The philosophy behind this is simple, the more games I have to play, the more joy I get out of playing video games. This is something that has become a bit of a problem on services like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Why should I pay $20 for a bullfighting game when I can pay $20 for about 15 games? One, it’s just too expensive. Two, really? A bullfighting game? Three, why aren’t there more $5 games? Four, why don’t more games get promoted via Deals with Gold or PlayStation Weekly Deals?

Trust me, I don’t mean to harp on how bad this situation has become. It’s just irritating that Xbox and PlayStation have fallen so far. Back in the days of Xbox LIVE Arcade, I could buy games for $5 and was pretty much guaranteed a great game. Nowadays, you should expect to pay at least $15 for a halfway decent game, which in turn limits players from buying any possible expansions/DLC in the future, as they are most likely turned off by the pricing model of the base game.

This is just one of many problems that I hope is fixed sometime in the future. Yes, I know I can play PlayStation 1/2/3/4 games on the Vita and Windows 10 will be able to stream the games I own from my Xbox One to my PC, but both feel like a half measure to something greater, like using PlayStation Now to play PlayStation games on my phone/PC or using Steam to play the PC versions of my Xbox One games (and maybe even OG Xbox or Xbox 360) when I just want accessibility.


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Gucamelee Review

Guacamelee is “Juan” heck of a game. Drinkbox has done it again, and brought another great PSN game on to the PlayStation consoles. Guacamelee! captures the humor, art, and musical style that all of their previous games have brought. The game also has wonderful platforming elements, a great combat system, and a really good story. It has all the elements a game needs to be a great game, but Guacamelee! has a lot more than just those.

The game starts off introducing you to the main character, Juan. He is a farm boy from Pueblucho, a town that greatly respects luchadors. Juan goes to help out a man when El Presidente’s daughter is caught in a fire. Juan rushes over, only to find a skeleton by the name of Calaca, has captured her. Juan tries to fight back, but sadly, Calaca kills Juan. In the world of the dead, Juan finds a mysterious luchador mask. He then progresses out of the world of the dead, and obviously, tries to save El Presidente’s daughter from Calaca. This makes for an interesting plot line throughout the game, and is not just a complement to the excellent gameplay that comes along with it.


Speaking of that gameplay, it is arguably one of the best platformers I have ever played. Why it is, is because it actually makes you think, and it can actually become quite difficult. At some points, I had to pull off crazy combos to get to the next platform, and after I had completed them, I felt like a luchador myself. The platforms are laid out perfectly, and I never had a problem with something being impossible or too hard to pass. As the great Goldilocks once said, “It was just right.”

Juan can also beat up baddies along the way. The excellent combat system makes that super fun. Juan can pull off awesome combos, in both the air, and on the ground. It’s fluid, and it just feels right in place with how everything else in the game works. Along with just his punches and kicks, Juan also learns some mystical attacks from a goat-man. These can be used to break objects in the environment or when battling enemies. These have great, funny names attached to them like the Rooster Uppercut, and my absolute favorite, The Dashing Derp-Derp. I just love how the combat works, and it just feels right for the game.


The enemies won’t cause you too many problems (in the normal mode that is), but the bosses will kick your butt over and over again. These bosses will take you many, many times to figure out. Their attack patterns are all so diverse, and finding out how to stop them is even harder. Eventually, when you do figure them out, it feels awesome, and like I said before, like a real luchador.

My only real problem was that the game was a bit too short. My first time through clocked in at 4 hours, and 4 minutes. I didn’t go out of my way for collectibles, or do any of the side-missions on that run-through. However, if you were to play on hard, the game lasts longer (you will have to re-do more parts), or if you did look for collectibles and do the side missions. If you did any of those things, the game could last you 10-20+ hours. Still, I wish there was a little more content to it, even though I really enjoyed what it had.


Humor is where Drinkbox excels the most. There are references to so many things you wouldn’t believe. On the billboards, there are ads for “Mega Hombre”, “Casa Crashers” and even an ad in Spanish for their last Vita title, Tales from Space Mutant Blobs Attack. There are also funny references to other things outside of games, like the meme, Grumpy Cat, or the movie Wreck it Ralph (they put “Bust it Bill”). All of these were hilarious, and the character dialogue and gameplay has even more references and jokes. Guacamelee! had me laughing the entire game.

The art and music are great as well, and fit with the overall aesthetic of the game. The art has a 2D beautiful surface in the front, and some kind of background that pertains to the kind of environment you are in. Like for example, the desert scene has sand dunes in the back. The game looks beautiful on both my TV, and my PlayStation Vita’s 5 inch display. The music is an upbeat, Mexican style. It fits wonderfully, and sounds especially nice when coming through headphones.

Guacamelee! is an all-around awesome game, and anyone with a Vita and/or a PlayStation 3 should pick it up. It’s one of the greatest platformers that I’ve played in a while, and it has all the elements a game needs to be great; awesome gameplay, great soundtrack, good graphics, and a fun story. Guacamelee’s got it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke, or don’t have any money, you need to buy Guacamelee. Believe the hype, it’s really that good.


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Fuel Overdose Review

Fuel Overdose is much more than a top-down racer. It is an excellent game that combines features from other games, and implements them perfectly. While most top down racers are just racing, ut Fuel Overdose tests your dexterity and strategies like no other racer I have played. Its combination of cars and combat provide many possibilities, and will keep you coming back for more, and believe me there are a lot. Fuel Overdose is a PSN game you shouldn’t pass up.

Let me start off with the racing mechanics, the heart of the game. The feel of it is very reminiscent of Motorstorm RC, in the way the driving controls, but Fuel Overdose has shifting camera angles. The camera won’t stay top-down the whole time, it strategically places it in the best viewing angle for the situation. This doesn’t always work well, as it would glitch and I wouldn’t be able to see my car, but those moments were few and far between.


But where Fuel Overdose starts to set itself apart is in its combat. There are three basic weapons that every vehicle is equipped with, the machine gun, the rocket launcher, and mines. You also have bomb triggers. There are bombs on the track, and you have triggers you can use to detonate them when they are on your screen. If you have ever played Split Second, it’s similar to that. I used this very often, and it is one of my favorite weapons. One more weapon you have is your special weapons. Each character has his or her own, and are earned by building up your berserk meter to certain levels. You build up your meter by getting hit by other cars weapons. I never felt the urge to use these much, as the base weapons are powerful enough.

There is another tool fundamental to the arsenal in Fuel Overdose, the grappling hook. There are endless possibilities for the grappling hook. You can use it to turn sharp corners and give yourself a massive speed boost. But, you can also hook onto other cars, and that is where it really shines. You can use other cars to give yourself a boost, electrocute them and damage them badly, or even use them as a comeback in a race. I say that last one because if your car turns around and you are backwards, you can use the grappling hook to turn your car around and boost ahead of everyone. You don’t know how many times that grappling hook saved a race for me. Especially with the tiny car I always used.

The cars are all unique, with their handling, speed, and acceleration. I used one car the majority of the time called the Cadiz. It had good handling and acceleration, but not much speed or durability. But you can play with any strategy, and use a bulkier car with more speed and less grip, or even a big rig.


There are 4 different game modes, free race, championship, story, challenge, and multiplayer. The free race is self-explanatory, pick your car, character, track and race. Championship is something similar to what you would see in Mario Kart, where there is a series of 5 races, and the person with the most points wins. The multiplayer is okay, but is really only good for playing with friends. It’s fun, but can’t keep my attention for a long time, because there is only one fun game mode. The driving mode is not fun, because if you start out in last, you stay in last because it is pretty much impossible to make a comeback without weapons. Also there is basic, with only your basic weapons. So there are 3 game modes, and they are mostly okay.

The story mode is also okay, there is a cool apocalyptic sort of premise, but the individual character stories are not good. The premise is that the Earth gained an asteroid satellite, and it caused some crazy disease. One group of people called the Consortium took all the vaccine, and kept it for themselves. The started an event called the “Race of Chaos” and had representatives from other clans race to earn the vaccine. You race as each character, and find out why each is in the race. This is cool, but the story cutscenes are only character models and dialogue boxes. I wish they would have done a little more for the story, it could have been great.

The last game mode is the challenge mode, and the word challenge is an understatement. The challenge mode has different kind of races, such as the no weapons we saw in the multiplayer or a mode where instead of winning; you have to wreck all of your opponents’ cars. Some of them are impossibly hard, and will take multiple tries. This is fun though, and a great addition to the game.


The art style and music fit the atmosphere as well. The music is an upbeat kind of techno music. It is good for a racer like this, and never got boring. The art style is great too, with a look reminiscent of Borderlands , with the exaggerated black outlines and vibrant colors. The story cutscenes have an anime look, and are cool. The music or art never get old or boring, and are designed very well.

Fuel Overdose is a must buy PSN title, that will be out for only $9.99. It is unique, and like nothing I have ever played before. It also offers tons of content, and a challenge that I haven’t experienced in a long time. This is not a top down racer, it is Fuel Overdose, and Fuel Overdose is one amazing game.


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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Review (Vita)

Rocketbirds is a cinematic puzzle platformer, that is definitely fun, but has plenty flaws too. Puzzles get repetitive, the story is pretty bad and often doesn’t make sense, the combat can be very frustrating, and the game is pretty short. Platforming is fun, and is the heart of the game, but the other aspects are not as good. If you are able to overlook the flaws, you can find an okay puzzle platformer in Rocketbirds. But those flaws are unfortunately very hard to ignore.

The gameplay is simple, being a platformer. The puzzles are for the most part easy, except for near the end of the game. The puzzles don’t provide the same sort of satisfaction given from games like Portal, where you feel intelligent for solving them. Instead, they hide things from you, things that often feel too hard to find. You can spend buckets of time just looking for things that blend in. The art style doesn’t help this at all. While the art style is aesthetically pleasing, it makes seeing where you have to maneuver difficult. Some of the puzzles are fun, but most are bland and repetitive.


Combat in Rocketbirds is okay, but can get quite annoying and frustrating. When it works, it is a good and fun system, but sometimes the enemies just overpower you. For example, with this combat system, the final boss is ridiculously difficult. It took me far too many tries. There were times it worked well, and those were some really fun times in the game, but when it doesn’t work, and the level is too hard, it can get really frustrating.

The story is confusing, and with the limited dialogue, it doesn’t really explain what is going on at all. What I got out of the story is that Hardboiled Chicken was recruited by the penguins, and didn’t like that they were taking over innocent towns and people, and then quit and became a renegade soldier. He then goes and tries to liberate the town that the penguins have most recently taken over, Albatropolis. The story really does matter much in the grand scheme of things, and it didn’t get in the way much.


The amount of content is kind of disappointing as well, as the game is really short. There are 15 missions, lasting at most about 20 minutes each. That turns out to be about 5 hours, which feels a bit short. There are 3 signs, or collectibles, in each mission, for a total of 45 signs in the game. Other than that, the only things that will keep you playing are the Co-op campaign, and that lovely platinum trophy.

Speaking of the trophies, they are mostly pretty easy. There are trophies for collectibles, doing specific things in the levels, and that one trophy that prevents you from a platinum trophy. You have to complete the Co-op campaign. That shouldn’t be very hard, except you can only play online via invite only.

As far as sound design goes, the voice-overs are not great, but few and far between. But a real plus is the music, which is pretty great. The music is done by New World Republic, and pairs up really nicely with the gameplay. It was a sort of rock-techno band, and their stuff in the game is great. Especially at the end of the game is when the music starts to kick in, and I was rockin’ out on my little Vita earbuds.


Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken is a mediocre platformer, with a few too many flaws. A confusing story that doesn’t really matter, bland puzzles, not so great combat, and a lack of replay value. There are some positives, however; some decent platforming, a good soundtrack and a pretty art style. For ten bucks, you could do a lot worse, but there are plenty of better times to be had on the Vita.