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Trophy Whores 306 – One-Hour PlayStation Sizzle Reel

During their E3 2017 showcase, Sony Interactive Entertainment seemed to have traded long-winded monologues for a nearly constant stream of game videos.  Truth be told, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Shawn Layden didn’t have much to say during the showcase.  People seem split in their opinions.  Alex liked the press conference, while Mark and Yield were disappointed.

Aside from Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus, Sony didn’t have many surprises for their viewers and fans; however, if you watched the showcase, then you saw a litany of great and exciting games.  If you own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR, then E3 2017 has given you reason to smile.  If nothing else, it has been nice to see Supermassive Games, developer of the highly acclaimed game Until Dawn, so entwined with PlayStation’s immediate future.

You might want to buckle up.  Over the course of the next couple hours, we’re going to cover everything from Sony’s E3 showcase, as well as the hour-long pre-show. Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Life is Strange, Days Gone, God of War, Inpatient and Spider-Man.

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Crash Bandicoot Spun me to the PlayStation Brand

Crash Bandicoot changed my gaming habits. When you’re 10 years old, and a fan of silly cartoon characters who emit bright colors and flash stupid grins, Crash Bandicoot doesn’t need to say much to grab your attention.  Despite undeniable charm, Naughty Dog’s furry orange tornado uttered fewer sentences than a Ballpark hot dog.

In 1995, when I was a wee lad with a decade of Earthly experience, my mom took me to Toys ‘R’ Us to pick out a video game console.  As we entered the store, a Sony PlayStation and a Nintendo 64 were featured on side-by-side televisions. I grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System, and with years of experience blasting through boxers in Punch-Out and running through castles in Super Mario Bros., Nintendo had the early advantage. They did not keep it. I was a child, so, despite the power of brand recognition, I was liable to change my interest as quickly as a mercenary for hire.  As soon as I saw Crash Bandicoot, I picked up the PlayStation controller.  Crash won my heart.

Since that day, I have owned every PlayStation console released for the home market.

In the early days of PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment needed a marketable mascot to go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with Nintendo’s Mario. Crash was to Sony as Sonic the Hedgehog was to Sega. While Sonic has seen more success, Crash helped launch the PlayStation brand and contributed heavily to a new era in gaming. And, to be honest, people have long asked Sonic to hit the bricks.

When it comes to video game sales, Mario will always be king, because Nintendo has created the most versatile and recognizable character in the history of video games. If you can host raucous parties, drive a go-kart, and swing a tennis racket, then I think that you have enough talent to generate enough cash to fill 64 dump trucks.  To be fair, Crash played way better in commercials. Sony’s legendary Crash Bandicoot commercials, etched into history via YouTube, were brilliant and hilarious. Sony and Crash seemed to have an edge and an attitude from which Nintendo shied away. We saw that divide play out between the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo; however the rift grew wider when Sony released the PlayStation.

Naughty Dog and Crash had the biggest booth (among Sony games) during Sony’s first Electronic Entertainment Expo, so while he never toppled Mario, Crash provided Sony with the marketable and endearing face that they needed to establish a foothold in the home console market. During those days, video games were still seen as playthings for children and teenagers. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal and Tomb Raider deserve much credit for growing the PlayStation brand, but Sony and its games division owe a lot to Naughty Dog and their hog-riding, kart-driving, plane-flying marsupial. Crash did it all. Unless you’ve ridden a polar bear, then you aren’t as cool as Crash Bandicoot.

Crash converted me to the PlayStation brand.  I hope that didn’t sound too cult-like.

After the NES era, with the inception of the next generation, I graduated to the Sega Genesis. In retrospect, I often wonder why I opted for the Genesis (instead of the Super Nintendo). While the Genesis was beloved, no thanks to Eternal Champions, the SNES had — far and away — the superior software library. It’s like comparing pulled pork tacos to a bologna sandwich. The next time that you’re at a restaurant, look around and see if someone is sipping a margarita and following up with a big bite from a bologna sandwich.

I’ve owned Nintendo and Sega consoles since buying a PlayStation, but following the release of the PlayStation 2, Sony’s latest hardware has always taken priority. Admittedly, I spent more money on Nintendo 64 games than on PlayStation games – but I bought the PlayStation first.  I’ve continued that tradition with each hardware generation. And I haven’t purchased a Nintendo console since the Wii.

Crash Bandicoot was my door to the world of PlayStation, and thanks to Naughty Dog, I have come to know Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Resistance, Until Dawn, Shadow of the Colossus and God of War. If I have only one home console, then it needs to be the latest incarnation of the PlayStation.

Crash has fallen on harder times. After Crash Team Racing, Activision gained the rights to the franchise, and they proceeded to shame the body-slamming bandicoot with poorly reviewed games.  If they were less cruel, they would have tied boulders to Crash’s legs and tossed him into a rural lake.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy reminds us that Crash Bandicoot and Sony have great history and, with the right direction, Crash games have been dynamite. Crash Bandicoot: Warped, the third game in the series, remains the pinnacle. While Naughty Dog created three terrific platforming games, and one fantastic racing game, their ability to iterate, expand, and improve a winning formula ensured that Warped built on the success and quality of its predecessors.

In the absence of Crash, I might not have taken to the PlayStation brand. We will never know. More importantly, we will never have to know. I am PlayStation first, and I thank Crash Bandicoot for bringing me home.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will be available on June 30.

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Insomniac Games Takes a Spin at Spider-Man

Insomniac Games, who are no stranger to fantastic action games, are developing a new Spider-Man game, and it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Sony revealed the reveal trailer during its E3 press conference.  The game looks gorgeous, which is exactly what we have come to expect from Insomniac, developers of the visually stunning Ratchet & Clank games.

Sony has grabbed a win; Insomniac’s Spider-Man is a fantastic exclusive game for Sony’s PlayStation 4.  Best of all, PlayStation 4 owners win, too.  Insomniac, a fan-favorite development studio, has served as the brains behind the creation of Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Sunset Overdrive.  Sunset Overdrive has drawn comparisons to Sucker Punch’s inFamous series, which challenges players with using superpowers for either good or evil.  Insomniac often provides players with larger-than-life abilities, and I know that they can make an amazing Spider-Man experience.  What’s more, Insomniac are admitted Spider-Man and Marvel fans, so the masked, web-slinging New Yorker is in good hands.

While Naughty Dog has earned the privilege to be called the best developer in video games, by myself and the rest of the Trophy Whores, Insomniac has show over their 22-year history that they make incredible games.  Based on what I have seen so far, I expect nothing less than an incredible Spider-Man game.

Sony Computer Entertainment owns the video and picture content used in this article.

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Sony Dates The Last Guardian For October

The Last Guardian, that PlayStation game that you have (probably) thought has been destined for the trash compactor, has a release date: October 2016.  Yes, that release date comes straight from Sony, and you can mark it on your Shadow of the Colossus calendar. I know that you have one.  Don’t we all have a Shadow of the Colossus calendar in our souls?

For those who are still in shock, we’re living in the year of 2016. The Last Guardian is coming out this year. You will be able to buy The Last Guardian before you will be able to purchase Horizon: Zero Dawn, my early pick for 2017 Game of the Year, and before you will be able to purchase an affordable flying car. At one point, that seemed implausible. I guessed spring 2017, but I suppose that I need to wipe the haze off of my crystal ball.

Team Ico, developers of The Last Guardian, gained fame through their critically acclaimed and beloved PlayStation 2 games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Originally dubbed the Olympic team, as they released a game every four years, and headed by the superbly talented Fumito Ueda, Team Ico earned the respect and ardor of devoted PlayStation gamers, many of who salivated when news of The Last Guardian surfaced.  They have since lost that moniker, as it has been 11 years since Shadow of the Colossus came out, but if Team Ico and Sony can deliver on the promise of October 2016, as well as a fun, playable and good game, then I think that we can forgive them.


Report: Kojima Left Konami?

Has Kojima Left Konami? We’d like to know too.

Today, Japanese business journal Nikkei has reported that Hideo Kojima has left Konami and is in talks to create a new studio which may release games for consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation.

It is unknown whether or not this has actually happened without statement from Konami. However, Hideo Kojima’s contract was said to be ending at the end of 2015. A recent tweet was sent out by Xbox One watchdog @lifelower mentioned that the studio will be formed with former members of the now defunct Kojima Productions.

Kojima Left Konami

Earlier in the year it’s been speculated that Hideo Kojima would be leaving the company due to the new focus Konami was taking for their game’s division. Konami and Kojima’s development studio Kojima Productions released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain worldwide to much fanfare. The game was lauded for its exceptional gameplay.

Recently members of the media and within the video game industry reached spoke out about the treatment of Mr. Kojima when Konami lawyers banned him from the 2015 Video Game Awards. The Structure Network also voiced its opinion the situation.

We’ll update you on this situation as we get more word.

Update: When we reported this originally, the article stated that his new studio would be under Sony. This was due to a mistranslation and instead his new company will release games for the Sony PlayStation console. We have updated our article to reflect this.