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Trophy Whores 328 – PSX-plosion

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Medievil, From Software, World War Z, Tomb Raider and Mega Man X.

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Nintendo Duel Screens 19 – Steve’s Nintendo Memories

October is a very busy month for Andy and Steve, so we have curated a special couple of episodes to sprinkle in throughout the next few weeks while things get back to normal. Instead of your regular news show (which is coming later this week) you will be getting a one on one with Steve as he recounts his fondest Nintendo memories.

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Trophy Whores 310 – Mega Man in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

We should call this the Double Dragon podcast, because Alex and Yield are tearing it up in the streets and spreading the gospel of Trophy Whores: Platinum trophies.  If we changed the name, confusion could ensue, as as people might expect a podcast about the video game series Double Dragon.  Billy and Jimmy don’t want any of Alex and Yield.  They can’t bring the awesome quite like this pair of warriors.  Do you even have the Platinum in Split/Second, bro?

This week, Alex and Yield travel to a far off place and discuss Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, as well as the Blue Bomber, Mega Man, and his collection of Wily-thwarting adventures.  We’ve got a show packed with goodness, so holster your lightsaber — or blaster — and tune in from some beefy discussions.

Join the Trophy Whores as they discuss, among other things, Crash Bandicoot, Split/Second, MotorStorm, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

In a bit of big news, iHeartRadio streams episodes of Trophy Whores, which greatly expands the show’s footprint and reach. It’s a tremendous honor for the show to be part of iHeartRadio’s massive and respected community, and Proven Gamer have only the fans to thank for pushing the podcast to this point.  The Trophy Whores work hard to put out a quality weekly show, but they owe so much love to their listeners, who keep the show strong and growing.

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10 Characters I Would Like to See Make An Appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Finally!  After a long awaited 5 months (since December 3rd back in PSX 2016 to be exact), Capcom has finally released some more info on Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite!  They have even answered the infamous question “When’s Marvel?”.  The game is slated for release on September 19th of this year, and so far they have already showcased a trailer for a story mode as well as a plethora of playable characters that will seemingly be available day one including Hulk, Chris Redfield, Hawkeye, Thor, and even Strider Hiryu!
To view the story trailer and any other information on the game, click here!

Although hype continues to grow surrounding the launch of this game and what characters will be featured in it, I can’t help but think that maybe Capcom is playing it safe by releasing characters that have been in previous installments.  Although seeing characters like Mega Man X and Captain Marvel make an appearance in the franchise for the first time, it was bit of a disappointment to see returning characters like Chris Redfield and Chun-Li featured in the trailer when players have been anxiously awaiting what new characters Capcom had up their sleeve for it’s latest installment in the crossover juggernaut.

Below is a list of 10 characters I personally would love to see make an appearance at some point during the lifespan of Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite.  Although it has been rumored that the X-men will be possible additions to the game at a later date via DLC, this list will not be including them at this time.  Sorry, but no Magneto or Rogue.


Before you saw him on the big-screen portrayed by Wesley Snipes, he was making his debut in the comic book The Tomb of Dracula #10 ( July 1973) as a supporting character.  Since then, this half vampire, half human, day walking vampire slayer has made his mark on many Marvel comics such as Ultimate Spider-man.  Utilizing a vast arsenal of weapons such as twin machine pistols, Vampire stakes made out of silver, and his trusty duel-edged sword, he would make a fine addition to the roster.

Leon S. Kennedy

Don’t shoot!  He’s a human!  Bursting onto the scene on January 21st, 1998, Leon would debut in the highly anticipated sequel to the game that would completely revolutionize the survival horror genre. Starring in both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, both highly acclaimed entries in the franchise, and having to sit on the sidelines while Marvel Vs Capcom would go on to usher in the likes of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and even Albert Wesker, it begs the question:  Why hasn’t this man been invited to the party yet?


Making his debut in the Amazing Spider-Man #360 (1992), Carnage was a serial-killer named Cletus Kasady who would later become the villainous figure while merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote known as Venom during a prison outbreak.  Confessing to the crimes of his wife’s murder, and even his own grandmother, the symbiote latches onto his bloodstream, adapting to the personality of its host, therefore feeding off the lust and destruction of Kasady’s insane mind.  Much like Spider-man’s arch nemesis, Venom (except way more cuckoo), Carnage can use the symbiote to grant him super speed, strength, and even shape-shift his hands into deadly weapons!

  M.Bison (Vega)

M. Bison (or Vega as he is referred to in Japan) was head stomping his way onto the arcade scene in Street Fighter II: The World Warriors as the main villain of the arcade mode.  You know… back when Street Fighter had an arcade mode.  But I digress.  This evil dictator had one thing in mind: world domination with the help of his underground crime syndicate known as Shadaloo.  Not really sure why he needed a crime syndicate.  He wields what he dubs his “Psycho Power” which allows him to fly, shoot fireballs, increase his strength and mobility, and even turn himself into a human torch and barrel his way into opponents with his Psycho Crusher!  If done right, I believe M. Bison would be a great addition to the roster as an “anchor”, especially with the absence of Magneto.   Seriously!  How can you have a Marvel Vs Capcom game without the X-men!


He’s blind.  He’s deaf.  He’s mute.  Ok… that’s a bit over exaggerated. He’s just blind.  But he became blind by toxic waste being dumped on him when he was just a kid, which gave him super-sonic senses which he would later use to learn martial arts and track down the killers of his father as well as other baddies infecting the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.  Wow, that sounds really convoluted. Created by the great Stan Lee, he would first make his appearance in Daredevil #1 in April of 1964.

Proto Man

Ah, the year 20xx.  Those were the good ole days.  Proto Man would make his debut on the NES classic Mega Man 3.  During your journey, you would hear a familiar tune jingle as the screen flashed, only to be confronted by the scarfed crusader, who would essentially challenge you to a duel.  Quick reflexes, and well-placed shots from your P Buster would inevitably grant you victory during your 1 on 1 bout.  Although the origins of Proto Man were shrouded in mystery in the beginning, it would later be discovered that he was a creation of Dr. Light himself, and the first humanoid robot capable of independent thought and reasoning.

Scarlet Witch

Ok, I know I said no X-men.  Don’t judge me.  I think it’s safe to assume that with her appearance in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War film, this makes her exempt from that rule! Created by the dynamic duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, she would make her debut in X-men #4 on March of 1964.  For a time, she was believed to be the daughter of Magneto.  Commanding the powers to alter probability, she would certainly be a force to reckon with for anyone brave enough to challenge you to a first to five.


He looks like Dante.  Fights like Dante.  Acts like Dante.  But he’s very much different.  Like Dante, Nero has Sparda’s blood and powers, and would first be introduced in Capcom’s Devil May Cry series in it’s fourth installment.   An orphan adopted by the Sparda-worshipping order of the sword, Nero wields his mechanical sword named Red Queen, his double-barrel revolver known as Blue Rose, and the crème dela crop; his demonic arm known as Devil Bringer.  By defeating demons, he can increase the Devil Bringer’s reach, and eventually summon a Devil samurai known as Yamato to fight alongside him.  We’ve had Dante, Virgil, and even Trish.  Why not Nero?

The Punisher

Perhaps one of the most requested characters for the Marvel Vs Capcom universe, The Punisher (aka Frank Castle) first made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Feb. 1974).  His story isn’t super complicated.  His family was murdered and he vows revenge upon the ones responsible.  He doesn’t have any super-powers, and that is probably a good thing.  This guy is brutal, and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.  On a positive note:  He’s a good guy.  Maybe?   We have seen many characters in previous installments use firearms such as Chris Redfield, Deadpool, and even Dante, so a character like The Punisher would fit well into a roster of fighters ready to plaster their enemies into the corner using bullets.

Samanosuke Akechi

During the PlayStation 2 era, Capcom created a neat little demon-slaying Samurai game known as Onimusha. Ring a bell?  It should, because fans are screaming for a re-master!  Samanosuke Akechi would appear in the first and third (and arguably the best) installments of the series as the main protagonist.  During a battle with the Warlord Nobunaga, Japan is overrun with demons and Samanosuke is tasked with defeating them and putting an end to the demonic horde. Trust me, the story is much more complicated than that!  Gifted with a trusted gauntlet, he can collect the souls of his fallen demon foes and use them to upgrade orbs which grants him access to more powerful weapons.  Why does this sound like Devil May Cry?   Raizen (a thunder infused Katana), Enryuu (a heavy-hitting, fire-themed western broadsword), and Shipuu (a wind infused double-sided Naganata) are just a few of the available weapons at his disposal.  He can also attack enemies from afar using either a bow & arrow or a matchlock rifle.
One can only hope that Capcom takes suggestions from the community to make this installment of Marvel Vs Capcom one of the biggest and baddest it’s ever been!  Until then, we will just have to wait and see what they have in store for us when the game releases on September 19th.
What characters would you like to see make it in the game?
For more on Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, let us “assist” you right here at



6 Tips to Get Better at Street Fighter 5

Fighting games can be a blast to play. However, for new players to the genre, early experiences can be extremely frustrating. When you lose in a fighting game, there is no excuse other than that your opponent was better than you in that match. This is especially true for beginners. With the first season of Street Fighter V wrapping up, and Capcom Cup 2016 just around the corner, here are some basic tips for new members of the fighting world. Keep in mind, these steps are not just to help you improve your fighting skills, but also how to have fun and enjoy the experience.

1)Find a Character You Enjoy


Once you venture online into ranked or casual play, get used to seeing Ryu and Ken early and often. These two fireball throwing warriors have been staples of the game dating back to the beginning. They are balanced characters that can do damage from a variety of ranges and are great for learning the basics of the game. However, just because Ryu and Ken are icons of the franchise, don’t feel like you have to use them. Find a character that fits how you want to play. Want to play high octane, fast paced, and try to keep your opponents guessing? Give Rashid a whirl or take a stab with Vega. Combatants like Dhalism, Nash, and Guile both allow you to fight from a distance. Characters like Zangief, Mika, and Laure will keep your grappling skills polished. Every fighter in SFV can be dangerous and effective. Finding the style you like will put a smile on your face and make losses and learning experiences much more enjoyable.

2)Training Mode(Easy Combos, Range of Attacks)



The best part about training mode: unlimited do-overs and nobody hits back. Any fighter’s move set can be a daunting thing to look at for someone not familiar with Street Fighter. Start at the beginning with training mode. Try out each basic and special attack against a static opponent and get a basic idea of what kind of range and effectiveness each attack has. Figure out some easy combos to chain together for some additional damage. Most importantly, start working on your muscle memory. Approach training with the goal of getting things to the point where you can perform any move with your eyes shut. After you get a feel for the basics and want to see where you stand, give online a shot when your ready. Treat your first fights as a learning experience. What worked well? What didn’t? Take that stuff back into training mode. Embrace the challenge of getting better. Also, remember that this is a great place to practice against fighters that give you a hard time. Just pick the character you need to practice against, take them out of dummy mode, and ramp up the difficulty level(5 or 6 usually does the trick).

3) Learn with Friends

Street Fighter on your own can be a grind and a challenge. Street Fighter with a friend who knows the same or less than you can take a frustrating experience and turn it into an amazing evening. Trying to learn on the fly in versus mode, yelling advice at each other in online bouts, and breaking things down after each fight can take every controller throwing moment and turn it into an hilarious one. There is nothing better than rolling on the floor laughing every time Fang tells you to “Take the poison!”. Versus mode also gives you the chance to play as every character and figure out exactly who your main will be.

4)Defense Defense Defense

The common saying may be “the best defense is a good offense”, but in SFV, your best offense early and later on may just be a great defense. With the removal of chip damage to win a round(with the exception of Critical Art), blocking, V-Reversals, and anti-airs can get you wins early and often. The rush of blocking a flurry of attacks just to counter with that combo you have been working on makes all the hard work feel like it is really paying off. Learn how to play defense and you can extend the length of battles and in the process learn how to punish over-aggressive players. Blocking successfully can help build confidence to continue moving forward.

5) Know When to Step Away

No matter how much practice you put in, your gonna lose your share of matches when you go online. Losing in fighting games as a beginner can create plenty of frustration. Training mode and powering through online are great ways to improve. However, like anything else in life that can give you a hard time, sometimes it is best to just walk away. Put down the controller, take a walk, and cool off. Let you brain reset and calm down. Once you think you’re ready, hop right back in!

6) Search Out Additional Resources


A final way to learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter, watch the professionals. Find out who the best players in the world are at using your character and observe what they do. Then take what you see into training mode and try to recreate it. Beyond simply watching the best in the world, players can also learn from them by taking lessons. CrossCounter Training is a site that was developed by Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, a mainstay in the fighting game community. From the site, players can schedule training sessions with him, as well as some of the best players around the world. In a one hour session with any of the trainers, you can learn things about the game that could take weeks to understand on your own.

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“Kitchen” Demo Included With PlayStation VR

Capcom has announced that the intense Resident Evil 7 biohazard “KITCHEN” demo is available today alongside the release of PlayStation VR. The demo is included on a disc as part of the PlayStation VR headset package in North America and is available as a free download in Europe for PlayStation VR owners.

“KITCHEN” features a quick and intense glimpse of the immersive horror experience players can expect from Resident Evil 7 biohazard, when it releases on January 24, 2017. In this atmospheric teaser demo, a disturbing kitchen provides the unsettling backdrop for a tense scenario that draws players into a hyper-realistic virtual world like never before.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard will be one of the first AAA games to be completely playable in VR as an option from start to finish, or any part thereof, when it releases on PlayStation 4. The flexibility of the optional PlayStation VR Mode included with the game gives players complete control over how much they want to engage in the immersive and terrifying VR experience. In fact, players are able to use the same save data to play the game in either standard or PlayStation VR Mode at any point.

Check out some of the horrors of Resident Evil in the trailer below:

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Capcom Announces New York Comicon Lineup

Capcom is descending upon New York Comic Con 2016 this weekend with terrifying horrors in VR for Resident Evil 7, zombie slaying madness in Dead Rising 4, and frightening new looks for iconic fighters in Street Fighter V. Visit Capcom at booth #1420 to check out playable demos of these exciting games.


·         Resident Evil 7 biohazard (PlayStation 4 with optional PlayStation VR mode, Xbox One, Windows PC; Coming January 24, 2017) – Experience a disturbingly realistic PlayStation VR demo that delivers an intense up close and personal look at the game. In the demo, explore the sinister plantation mansion and encounter Marguerite Baker of the disturbed Baker family. Resident Evil 7 is the next major entry in the renowned survival horror franchise, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. This demo is making its North American event debut at NYCC.

·         Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One, Windows PC; Coming December 6, 2016) – Frank West makes his heroic return to Willamette to investigate a new zombie outbreak during the holiday season. Equipped with his wit, his camera, and a whole lot of duct tape, tear up the zombie hordes with a huge number of combo weapons and vehicles, or just tear up the landscape with all-new EXO Suits.

·         Street Fighter V (PlayStation 4, PC; Available Now) – Vice President of the Illuminati and recent roster addition Urien, plus, the upcoming Halloween costumes and themed stage are all playable at the event. Fans ready for a challenge can also sign up for tournaments throughout the weekend at the Capcom booth for a chance to win prizes.

E3 2016 Playstation VR News Previews

Resident Evil 7 Announcement for Playstation VR

After twenty years, Resident Evil is still going strong. Capcom announced Resident Evil 7 for the VR. The game looks like it is taking a step back to its original roots with the game possessing a Blair Witch feel and characters that appear to everyday citizens trapped inside a creepy building.


Resident Evil 7 isn’t the only big announcement from Capcom. The announced Resident Evil 2 remake and a re-release of Resident Evil 5 and 6 on PlayStation 4/Xbox One along with Resident Evil Umbrella Corps this year.


Capcom may be making huge steps in a direction that gamers can appreciate. Resident Evil 7 will come to PlayStation VR on January 24, 2017. Get your VR pre-orders ready. For more gaming news, stay tuned to

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Resident Evil 5 for PS4 and Xbox One has a release date

Resident Evil 5 will be releasing digitally on PS4 and Xbox One June 28th with a physical edition coming to North America July 12th. The newly re-mastered editions will come with the original game and all of the previously released DLC including Lost in Nightmares and The Desperate Escape. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will also include the PC No Mercy modes previously unreleased on the last gen consoles.


Resident Evil 4,5, and 6 announcement trailer:


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Umbrella Corps Deluxe Edition announced and new maps revealed

Pre-orders are now available for Umbrella Corps, Capcom’s latest fast paced action shooter spin off of the popular Resident Evil franchise only available on PS4 and PC. Capcom has also announced the Deluxe Edition of Umbrella Corps priced at 39.99 USD that including skins of your favorite Resident Evil characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, Hunk, Albert Wesker, and his son Jake Muller. The standard edition is 29.99 USD with the option to purchase the upgrade pack separately for 14.99 USD. Capcom also revealed a new map for Umbrella Corp via Capcom official blog. It is the Raccoon City map blending familiar areas from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 including the chaotic streets filled with overturned cars, a city in rubble, and plenty of mindless undead roaming around. The infamous Raccoon City Police Department will also be one of the playable maps in Umbrella Corp and is said to be one of the largest and most open areas in the game.


Watch the latest Umbrella Corps trailer here:


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Resident Evil 7 rumors are still swirling

In a recent stream of tweets by a Japanese annalist,  it appears that Resident Evil 7 is real and will in fact be at E3. It has been said that Resident Evil 7 will return to the roots of the franchise focusing on the horror and not as much on action and will be a “clean slate” for the series. Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based gaming consultancy Kantan Games also said that Jordan Amaro who previously worked on MGS V and PT has joined the RE 7 team. This news lines up with the “full scale offensive” for Resident Evil promised by Capcom at their last investor’s meeting.

For more new, reviews, and previews stay tuned to


Does Capcom’s “full scale offensive” mean Resident Evil 7?


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Does Capcom’s “full scale offensive” mean Resident Evil 7?

Rumors are running rampant on the internet this week and rightfully so. With it being the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil fans have to wonder, what all does Capcom have up it’s sleeve? Already this year we have seen the release of the Resident Evil Origins collection including the re-master of Resident Evil remake and the re-master of Resident Evil Zero. Most recently Capcom has released the Resident Evil 6 re-master and has promised Resident Evil 4 and 5 for current gen consoles. Still to come in 2016 we have the fast paced third person shooter Umbrella Corps. There is also the Resident Evil 2 re-make in development. So what else could Capcom have planned for their loyal resident Evil fans? In a recent financial report Capcom said they plan on launching a “full scale offensive” in the second half of the year after the release of Umbrella Corps. They also mention releasing a title that will sell around 4 million units which would indicate a new numbered title in the core series. E3 is just around the corner so expect to see some big news on one of the mains stages being either Sony or Microsoft.


Umbrella Corps Trailer:

Resident Evil Zero Review:

Resident Evil Zero HD

Resident Evil 2 re-make announcement trailer:


Playstation 4 News

Capcom has released a new trailer showing off Guile and classic Air Force base in new April update for Street Fighter V


Capcom has revealed today that Guile will be available for free to all players in the newest April update to Street Fighter V. Guile’s battle suite will also be free for all season pass members. Along side the newest character Street Fighter V has it’s first DLC map and it is none other than the classic Air force Base. The map will be available for an in game purchase of 70,000 FM, and season pass owners will receive this map for free. In the April update there is also a new “Rage Quit” system designed to punish players that frequently disconnect during matches. This system will target players that have a high rate of disconnecting from matches and will lock them out of match making for a period of time. Capcom also noted that they have improved matchmaking by making it easier to create and join Battle Lounges and have loosened restrictions on finding other players.


Watch the new trailer here:



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Capcom reveals Resident Evil: Code Veronica Map for upcoming third person shooter Umbrella Corps


The Antarctic Base, set within the Umbrella research facility, was never repaired after the deadly T-virus incident witnessed in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The base remains in its heavily destroyed state, featuring a vertically expansive play area covering three floors that allow players to endure a thrilling fast-paced round of hide and seek gameplay. Perhaps the most tactical map in the game, players can utilize cover points, interwoven ventilation ducts, and ladders to unleash deadly surprise attacks on their foes.

Also being added into the shooting mayhem are the special “Mutated Zombies” that can be found in the single player Experiment Mode’s Antarctic Base map and in the Multi-Mission Mode’s SP DNA Hunter ruleset. Featuring advanced states of mutation, there are many viruses spreading across the infected zones in Umbrella Corps and it’s unclear whether the T-virus or C-virus is responsible for these blood thirsty enemies. Harder to defeat than normal zombies, not only are they unaffected by the Zombie Jammer, but they are also able to render the Zombie Jammer temporarily ineffective against other creatures near the player.

About Umbrella Corps
Umbrella Corps is a new fast-paced third person shooter set in the iconic Resident Evil universe. The competitive online game will feature quick, intense matches in compact battle zones themed from historic  Resident Evil environments. The game utilizes the Unity engine developed by Unity Technologies.  Umbrella Corps  will be available digitally for an MSRP of $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC across North America and Europe on June 21, 2016.

Watch the new trailer here:



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Capcom’s Umbrella Corps gets new trailer and release date



Capcom’s newest upcoming Resident Evil spinoff Umbrella Corps got a new trailer today highlighting character customizations as well as weapon customizations. Capcom also managed to squeeze in a new release date for the game. Originally set to come out on PC and PS4 in May 2016, Umbrella Corps is now slated for June 21st digitally. There is no word on a potential physical release. The team-based shooter will be $29.99 when it arrives, and will offer faced paced competitive shooting while taking place in familiar environments inside the Resident Evil universe.


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Umbrella Corps 2nd Trailer Drops

Capcom has revealed a new trailer for Resident Evil Umbrella Corps and it’s everything we NEVER loved about the Resident Evil universe.

Fast paced competitive shooter is not what comes to mind when you say Resident Evil, and with past titles such as Operation Raccoon City being underwhelming, despite selling pretty well, Capcom is still pushing for that “Call of Duty” experience. But will this finally be the game that takes off? With Esports becoming a bigger deal, and more and more companies such as EA placing a huge emphasis on competitive gaming, does Capcom have what it takes to grab a price of that market with the latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise?

With the second trailer, Capcom plays off nostalgia a great bit. The setting is in Resident Evil Four’s notorious village where we were first introduced to the Las Plagas. RE4 is often referred to as the best in the series so it makes perfect sense to play on the nostalgia of a successful game to grab the core fan base and get their attention on Umbrella Corps. But will it take off? The fast paced, action packed trailer shows off several familiar enemies such as Las Plagas, zombie dogs, and what appeared to be crows attacking the very generic looking Umbrellas soldier. Graphically, it looked pretty impressive, and if the trailer was any indication of the actual game play, than fast paced is an understatement. There was something else that deserves to be mentioned. After promoting the team based, strategic multiplayer, Capcom showed off a single player challenge mode. There is no information on whether it is an “offline” experience, but hats off to Capcom for taking notice to the growing number of online only multiplayer shooters with no single player modes or campaigns and at least promoting this option in the short trailer. With a May release window, we can only hope that more light will be shed on the single player aspect of the game, because, let’s be honest, the foundation of Resident Evil is built in the single player experience. Multiplayer only is a huge risk, especially for an Resident Evil game. And, of course, what better way to end this two minute video than with a glimpse into the next play on nostalgia with a quick look of the Resident Evil five themed area.

With a release window of May 2016, we can only hope that more details are released about this game. Umbrella Corps is currently set to release across North America and Europe at $29.99/€29.99/£24.99 on PC and PlayStation 4.

Conventions Paris Games Week 2015

Paris Games Week (Recap)

Hello boys and girls if you are a social media junky like some of us you already likely know it is Paris Games Week. Though if you have secluded yourself into a darkened disconnected room for the week until the air is free of The Walking Dead spoilers no worries we have you covered with some great updates. Want to check out some of the amazing that was Sony’s portion of the conference without having to scroll through the muck? We here at Structure have compiled some of the highlights you may want to check out. Plus we hate when good things get spoiled as well so we have kept this post spoiler free.

Fighting game fans got a taste of some of the blood of their opponents as two major titles released some updated information.

Street Fighter V

Capcom started off in grand fashion as Yoshinori Ono released some great content. Street Fighter V fans were treated to a glimpse of the new character Dhalism: which you can check out below.

Sadly a last minute leak rained on the parade so as to not be outdone Yoshinori Ono also announced some other new content. This reveal came in the form of post-launch DLC for Street Fighter V six unannounced characters will make their appearance in Street Fighter 5, freely available to download by all players. Last but surely not least we finally have a release date set for February 16, 2016.


Not to deviate from the course, Tekken next stepped up to spar in the ring while producer Katsuhiro Harada stepped on stage. It was revealed that Tekken 7 would be making its way from arcades to your home via Playstation. Coming as no surprise as all the other games in the Tekken camp have also been on the Sony system. One bit of information did draw a buzz from an other wise reserved crowd. Announced was the fact that Tekken 7 would be coming to Playstation VR.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo sped onto stage but mostly just leaving fumes of burned up gas with little to no information. All we could gather is the new title will be named Gran Turismo Sport but not much else was revealed about the title at this juncture. We will see the release of a beta which is scheduled in early 2016. Hopefully before then we get a better glimpse of a game that has left rubber in many a racing game fans hearts.

Drive Club: Bikes

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times as we continue to kick the racing games into Drive. Speaking of Drive, Evolution Studios officially announced DriveClub: Bikes. In this new stand alone expansion you will be able to find robust features such as campaign mode, multiplayer racing and plenty of exotic brands to choose from. No need to down shift waiting for this title though because as soon as the conference had ended the title was parked ready for users to download.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Notably one of the more desirable and coveted titles also had a reveal of its own as the touted Killzone developer Guerrilla Games brought a new Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay video. We are introduced to some of the game mechanics as well as the fantastic beast of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Collection of resources is essential to further your adventure, we see how the player takes a pack mentality of a rather docile herbivore type dinosaur to drive the beasts to their death. As the clip ends we get a chance to check out one of the other not so friendly predators looking for its next meal. A T-Rex is scary alone now imagine a mechanized armed T-Rex with few weak spots to fell the giant monster. Combing many elements such as shooter, rpg and a crafting game Horizon is shaping up to be an amazing game. Sony fans are lucky as this is a Playstation exclusive title.


Wild, a title from Rayman creator Michel Ancel, has been pretty absent from the major game shows since announcement in August 2014. Wild may be the name of the game but the concept could also be labeled as such. You as the player takes control of a Shaman, who then can control wild animals inside the game. In taking control of these animals you can use them to complete many different tasks. In the trailer we see an eagle being used to grab up some snakes for a mission. Travel can be slow by foot so why not grab up a bear to get across the map in half the time. As a mount the bear can be used to travel, but can also be a powerful weapon. We are welcomed to using the bear as a method of attack to clear out enemies, only after sneaking in with a rabbit does the player take control of a flock of ravens which the player then controls to cause some confusion to the enemy camp thus making the fight easier. One unique aspect of the game is the control of animals but as a human your body is still vulnerable to attacks so you must protect it as to not lose your own life while trying to save another. Wild is shaping up to be a game that looks very open world as well as unique.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage introduced Detroit: Become Human, a Quantic Dreams working title. If you have never played Heavy Rain, another well known Quantic Dreams title stop reading now and go find a PS3 and a copy of the game. You will thank me later for sure as Heavy Rain was one of the must play titles of the last generation of gaming systems. Detroit: Become Human shows off a world completely dependent on robot slaves. As the trailer starts we are introduced to a robot who quickly realizes their is more to a manufactured life than just being. As she walks into the world she gains new emotions, thoughts and feelings. No longer wanting to be part of the same system that has so long trapped others like her. Being a Quantic Dreams title we can expect some great gameplay as well as story lines. Keep an eye out for more from Detroit: Become Human as time goes on hopefully we will see some actual in game footage and not just a pre-rendered video.


One of the more ambitious presentations had to be Dreams, a new title by the famed Media Molecule creators of Little Big Planet. Much akin to Little Big Planet Dreams is a very open title with much of the creation and story driven elements coming from the creator themselves. Players will be able to craft levels from scratch with no preset assets meaning they can let their imagination run wild. Imps are the little character sprites that players will control becoming their creators and face inside the world of Dreams. Imps will also be lip synced to a players voice. As players enter the world they are allowed to create, destroy and enjoy a level on the fly with no required steps to do so. Imps can also take control of characters inside the game adding in another separate dynamic. After watching the video posted below, I must say that Dreams will for sure be one of the titles I am sure to pick up. It is my hopes that the ambitions and fun of the trailer transfers to the actual game when it does finally release.

Two indie titles also graced the stage one more well known and one a bit less known. No doubt both look like they will be front runners in the best indie title run, both games look impressive as well as unique.


Boundless is a Minecraft-esque game which lets players traverse new worlds then you can spread different cultures, creatures and creations through each one. Boundless look to be a title that will follow in the steps of Minecraft but be different and unique enough that it can stand on its own two legs.

No Man’s Sky

Even if you are not a fan of games or have not been following the gaming trends you more than likely have heard of No Mans Sky, a break out in the indie game field. No Man’s Sky will offer up space exploration in infinite corners of space. Each time a procedural generated level will be different allowing players to never play the same thing twice in theory. Salivating does not even begin to explain the amount of drool over this game *Empties 5 gallon drool bucket* this game looks beautiful not only in style but also concept. Will be exciting to see how well the game pulls off the procedural levels along with the open world that will be No Mans Sky.

Uncharted 4

OH MY GOD UNCHARTED 4, okay, sorry, now that is out of the way, Naughty Dog did not disappoint at the Paris Game Show bringing some great Multiplayer video to the stage. Multiplayer will be donned with the characters we know and love as well as some awesome powers in the form of Relics. Drake, Sully and the others from the single player story will be in full form with wise cracks and jokes. Once you finish the single player you should jump into the multiplayer, or hell skip the single player at first and jump into the Multiplayer first. If you have played any of the other Uncharted games this one looks to tie up the series and add onto the ever growing story of Nathan Drake.

Personally all of the news/reveals plus the presence of some of the new and well known games has seriously got me ready for 2016. Though my wallet wont be thanking me I am sure my gaming side will be elated for all that is to come. Now that the Paris Game Show has wrapped up for Sony what can we expect from the future? Are you excited for any of these titles? Will you yourself be picking up any of them? Let us know in the comments if you were hoping for more news from another of your favorite titles that was not present.

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Resident Evil Remastered Sells One Million Units Worldwide


Capcom announced today that Resident Evil‘s more recent remaster has sold over one million units worldwide since its release in January. The remaster has also set a new record for the best selling Day One Digital title on PlayStation Network and is Capcom’s fastest selling digital title in their history across Europe and North America.

Now, what does this mean for Resident Evil and/or Capcom? Well, I think it would be safe to say that we might hear the announcement of Resident Evil 2 getting a remaster or any of the early Resident Evil titles pretty soon. Maybe even at E3 this year.

For more on Resident Evil and its related news, as well as some other cool stuff, be sure to check back to Proven Gamer every weekday and I promise we’ll have something cool.

3DS News

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Ships One Million Units On The 3DS In The West

In a press release by Capcom today, it was revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS has shipped one million units over retail and digital since its release in North America and Europe on February 13th, 2015.

Now, I’m new to press releases, in fact, this is my first one actually getting one sent to me, but Capcom says shipped instead of sold. The reason that concerns me is that when a company says they’ve shipped that many, that means that’s how many copies they’ve sent out to retailers. Now, it is curious that Capcom includes digital as part of this ship number, as quantities of digital copies will be sold out, because you’re downloading a file to your system, not buying a box.

Either way, I don’t think companies like Capcom understand what we want to hear when it comes to how a title is performing on the market. All ship numbers are is how much demand there is, not how many copies have been sold.

For more on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and all things Capcom, make sure to keep checking back here each and every day.