Why In-Game Betting Is The Next Evolution For The NBA 2K Series

In console-based sports gaming, things can begin to seem stagnant from one year to the next. Franchises like Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K primarily make incremental changes with their annual releases, updating players and teams as needed and perhaps tweaking poplar game modes. For the most part though, they rely on tried-and-true formulas and gameplay that is at this point about as good as it can get with current technology.

More than its genre counterparts though, the NBA 2K series has actually demonstrated a somewhat subtle ability to adapt and surprise its loyal following from time to time. It was only two years ago, in fact, that the series launched a companion app. Just a matter of months ago, NBA 2K20 became the first game in the series to include the entire WNBA. And over the last few releases (though particularly with 2K20), narrative has been infused with game play in a way that far surpasses sports games of the past. So, while the core game play of NBA 2K hasn’t hasn’t changed meaningfully in quite some time, and the games may look similar, the series has been perfectly willing to introduce fairly significant changes.

Now there’s reason to believe that in-game sports betting could be the next big one.

In part, this is because of the ongoing expansion of real-money betting activity across the United States – naturally one of the game’s primary markets. In the aftermath of a Supreme Court decision that struck down a nationwide ban on betting in 2018, some states are indeed welcoming online and mobile bookmakers. New Jersey kicked off the trend with a whole collection of prominent sportsbooks, and a few have since opened in Pennsylvania as well, demonstrating the potential for expansion. Furthermore, these new betting sites in Pennsylvania – where people may not be as familiar with betting as in New Jersey, where there’s a history of casino activity – are specifically striving to make things easy on customers. A review of the Sugarhouse sportsbook in Pennsylvania pointed out that the site already offers a convenient mobile option, as well as a “Quickstart Guide” that explains betting practices and even provides a glossary of terms.

Features like those from Sugarhouse, as well as the fact that mainstream sports journalists are now covering betting as well, are going to help the public get up to speed quickly, and will likely help to spark interest in betting among large swaths of the sports fan (and sports gamer) population. And the NBA may be uniquely positioned to take advantage of these developments.

That doesn’t mean that basketball will be the most popular betting sport in the U.S. However, the NBA as a professional entity has been far more openly friendly to betting than its counterparts in professional sports. League commissioner Adam Silver was vocal in his support of legalized betting in the U.S., and the league announced its first betting partnership back in 2018, mere months after the federal ban on sports gambling was lifted. On a related note, Silver has also played an active role in promoting NBA-related eSports, specifically in the form of the NBA 2K League. With eSports having already become popular among bettors internationally, this too has helped to strengthen the ties between the modern NBA and online gambling.

With all of this under consideration – the expanding betting culture in the United States and the NBA’s openness toward gambling and modern gaming – in-game betting does begin to seem like the next natural evolution in the 2K series. It could take any of a number of different forms. The games could simply have built-in betting for online competition. They could incorporate fantasy sports components similar to those on FanDuel, allowing people to play with real money within the games. Or, they could partner with full sports books to include betting options surrounding the real NBA, such that fans can play 2K and gamble on basketball all in one place.

Whatever specific form the development takes though, don’t be surprised if in-game betting is the next big innovation in the 2K series, and potentially in console sports gaming in general.

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Trophy Whores & Nintendo Duel Screens Now On Spotify!

After a long wait to be approved, Trophy Whores and Nintendo Duel Screens have been added to the growing list of quality podcasts on Spotify. We here at Proven Gamer are immensely proud of the hard work the hosts have put into these shows and are excited to see where this new platform will take them.

Trophy Whores

Trophy Whores is Proven Gamer’s Playstation podcast started by TrickyMic (Owner and Founder of Proven Gamer) over seven years ago. Each week Alex, Yield, Tricky and Steve come together and discuss the biggest Playstation news, what they are playing, and occasionally argue over complete nonsense. Sid from across the pond has a segment each week called Sophie’s Trophies, where he goes into detail about a hunt for a platinum trophy. Trophy Whores posts each Wednesday on your podcast service of choice, and will always be posted right here on Proven Gamer.

And as of this moment, you can give the show a follow on our new platform, Spotify!

Nintendo Duel Screens

NDS is a Nintendo Podcast hosted by Proven Gamer’s own Editor-In-Chief Stephen Fontana and his best friend and editor Andy Asimakis. NDS is a show where Andy and Steve cover the Nintendo news you absolutely need to know about and have an open discussion about Nintendo’s past, present and future. The boys routinely have guests on the show from the indie dev community such as Alx Preston, creator of Hyper Light Drifter, and even recently had Kaiji Tang, voice of Detective Pikachu on the show. The boys enter the Hype Zone (a super hype segment about the “most important” news of the week), and even play a retro game trivia game called The Retro Game Club. NDS posts each and every Monday for your listening pleasure on your podcast service of choice and will of course be posted directly on Proven Gamer as always.

You can now find the show right on Spotify!

We are incredibly proud of these shows and cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of The Proven Gamer Podcast Network.




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Playstation 4 News

The Last of Us 2 Confirmed


While the game was not confirmed at E3, it was confirmed at PSX 2016.

*Original Story*

On Proven Gamer’s visit to PAX East 2016 it was confirmed by an unnamed, yet very reliable source very close to the project, that The Last of Us 2 is in development, and will have a formal appearance at E3 in June.  As of now, the game has been set to launch in 2018 on both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation VR and will showcase the return of Joel and Ellie, but sources are quiet at this time as to if they are the main protagonists in the game.  Die hard fans rejoice as the series’ multiplayer makes a return as well as two single player DLC campaign add ons.  Stay tuned to for more info on The Last of Us 2 when it will finally be revealed at E3 in June!


You also listen to Trophy Whores 254 and find out how 4 big fans of the series think about the news.

Unboxing Videos

Geek Fuel Unboxing Jan 2016

Darrell and Tbyrd do an unboxing of the Resident Evil box from Geek Fuel

Playstation 4 X-Box One

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Conventions Paris Games Week 2015

Paris Games Week (Recap)

Hello boys and girls if you are a social media junky like some of us you already likely know it is Paris Games Week. Though if you have secluded yourself into a darkened disconnected room for the week until the air is free of The Walking Dead spoilers no worries we have you covered with some great updates. Want to check out some of the amazing that was Sony’s portion of the conference without having to scroll through the muck? We here at Structure have compiled some of the highlights you may want to check out. Plus we hate when good things get spoiled as well so we have kept this post spoiler free.

Fighting game fans got a taste of some of the blood of their opponents as two major titles released some updated information.

Street Fighter V

Capcom started off in grand fashion as Yoshinori Ono released some great content. Street Fighter V fans were treated to a glimpse of the new character Dhalism: which you can check out below.

Sadly a last minute leak rained on the parade so as to not be outdone Yoshinori Ono also announced some other new content. This reveal came in the form of post-launch DLC for Street Fighter V six unannounced characters will make their appearance in Street Fighter 5, freely available to download by all players. Last but surely not least we finally have a release date set for February 16, 2016.


Not to deviate from the course, Tekken next stepped up to spar in the ring while producer Katsuhiro Harada stepped on stage. It was revealed that Tekken 7 would be making its way from arcades to your home via Playstation. Coming as no surprise as all the other games in the Tekken camp have also been on the Sony system. One bit of information did draw a buzz from an other wise reserved crowd. Announced was the fact that Tekken 7 would be coming to Playstation VR.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo sped onto stage but mostly just leaving fumes of burned up gas with little to no information. All we could gather is the new title will be named Gran Turismo Sport but not much else was revealed about the title at this juncture. We will see the release of a beta which is scheduled in early 2016. Hopefully before then we get a better glimpse of a game that has left rubber in many a racing game fans hearts.

Drive Club: Bikes

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times as we continue to kick the racing games into Drive. Speaking of Drive, Evolution Studios officially announced DriveClub: Bikes. In this new stand alone expansion you will be able to find robust features such as campaign mode, multiplayer racing and plenty of exotic brands to choose from. No need to down shift waiting for this title though because as soon as the conference had ended the title was parked ready for users to download.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Notably one of the more desirable and coveted titles also had a reveal of its own as the touted Killzone developer Guerrilla Games brought a new Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay video. We are introduced to some of the game mechanics as well as the fantastic beast of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Collection of resources is essential to further your adventure, we see how the player takes a pack mentality of a rather docile herbivore type dinosaur to drive the beasts to their death. As the clip ends we get a chance to check out one of the other not so friendly predators looking for its next meal. A T-Rex is scary alone now imagine a mechanized armed T-Rex with few weak spots to fell the giant monster. Combing many elements such as shooter, rpg and a crafting game Horizon is shaping up to be an amazing game. Sony fans are lucky as this is a Playstation exclusive title.


Wild, a title from Rayman creator Michel Ancel, has been pretty absent from the major game shows since announcement in August 2014. Wild may be the name of the game but the concept could also be labeled as such. You as the player takes control of a Shaman, who then can control wild animals inside the game. In taking control of these animals you can use them to complete many different tasks. In the trailer we see an eagle being used to grab up some snakes for a mission. Travel can be slow by foot so why not grab up a bear to get across the map in half the time. As a mount the bear can be used to travel, but can also be a powerful weapon. We are welcomed to using the bear as a method of attack to clear out enemies, only after sneaking in with a rabbit does the player take control of a flock of ravens which the player then controls to cause some confusion to the enemy camp thus making the fight easier. One unique aspect of the game is the control of animals but as a human your body is still vulnerable to attacks so you must protect it as to not lose your own life while trying to save another. Wild is shaping up to be a game that looks very open world as well as unique.

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage introduced Detroit: Become Human, a Quantic Dreams working title. If you have never played Heavy Rain, another well known Quantic Dreams title stop reading now and go find a PS3 and a copy of the game. You will thank me later for sure as Heavy Rain was one of the must play titles of the last generation of gaming systems. Detroit: Become Human shows off a world completely dependent on robot slaves. As the trailer starts we are introduced to a robot who quickly realizes their is more to a manufactured life than just being. As she walks into the world she gains new emotions, thoughts and feelings. No longer wanting to be part of the same system that has so long trapped others like her. Being a Quantic Dreams title we can expect some great gameplay as well as story lines. Keep an eye out for more from Detroit: Become Human as time goes on hopefully we will see some actual in game footage and not just a pre-rendered video.


One of the more ambitious presentations had to be Dreams, a new title by the famed Media Molecule creators of Little Big Planet. Much akin to Little Big Planet Dreams is a very open title with much of the creation and story driven elements coming from the creator themselves. Players will be able to craft levels from scratch with no preset assets meaning they can let their imagination run wild. Imps are the little character sprites that players will control becoming their creators and face inside the world of Dreams. Imps will also be lip synced to a players voice. As players enter the world they are allowed to create, destroy and enjoy a level on the fly with no required steps to do so. Imps can also take control of characters inside the game adding in another separate dynamic. After watching the video posted below, I must say that Dreams will for sure be one of the titles I am sure to pick up. It is my hopes that the ambitions and fun of the trailer transfers to the actual game when it does finally release.

Two indie titles also graced the stage one more well known and one a bit less known. No doubt both look like they will be front runners in the best indie title run, both games look impressive as well as unique.


Boundless is a Minecraft-esque game which lets players traverse new worlds then you can spread different cultures, creatures and creations through each one. Boundless look to be a title that will follow in the steps of Minecraft but be different and unique enough that it can stand on its own two legs.

No Man’s Sky

Even if you are not a fan of games or have not been following the gaming trends you more than likely have heard of No Mans Sky, a break out in the indie game field. No Man’s Sky will offer up space exploration in infinite corners of space. Each time a procedural generated level will be different allowing players to never play the same thing twice in theory. Salivating does not even begin to explain the amount of drool over this game *Empties 5 gallon drool bucket* this game looks beautiful not only in style but also concept. Will be exciting to see how well the game pulls off the procedural levels along with the open world that will be No Mans Sky.

Uncharted 4

OH MY GOD UNCHARTED 4, okay, sorry, now that is out of the way, Naughty Dog did not disappoint at the Paris Game Show bringing some great Multiplayer video to the stage. Multiplayer will be donned with the characters we know and love as well as some awesome powers in the form of Relics. Drake, Sully and the others from the single player story will be in full form with wise cracks and jokes. Once you finish the single player you should jump into the multiplayer, or hell skip the single player at first and jump into the Multiplayer first. If you have played any of the other Uncharted games this one looks to tie up the series and add onto the ever growing story of Nathan Drake.

Personally all of the news/reveals plus the presence of some of the new and well known games has seriously got me ready for 2016. Though my wallet wont be thanking me I am sure my gaming side will be elated for all that is to come. Now that the Paris Game Show has wrapped up for Sony what can we expect from the future? Are you excited for any of these titles? Will you yourself be picking up any of them? Let us know in the comments if you were hoping for more news from another of your favorite titles that was not present.

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Latest Installment in the Trackmania Series is the First to be Developed For New-Gen Consoles and Includes a Brand New Art Direction

LOS ANGELES – June 15, 2015 – Today, Ubisoft announced the development of Trackmania Turbo, the latest installment of the Trackmania franchise developed by Nadeo, a Ubisoft studio. Trackmania Turbo marks the first time in the series that the game will be available on new-gen consoles, as it will be released on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC on December 1 2015 in North America.

Trackmania Turbo features an “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay style that relies on time attack racing where players set their own limits and challenges. The gameplay revolves around the perfect combination of matchbox car fantasy on a massive scale, focusing on the pursuit of the perfect run around the track. Players can test their skills in the campaign mode which includes more than 200 head-spinning tracks set in four beautiful environments each with their own gameplay style.

Among these environments is the brand new Lagoon Rollercoaster set in a tropical paradise which relies on gravity and magnetic forces to keep the drivers on track. To bring these new environments to life, the team has created a new art direction led by Academy Award winning creative director Francois Alaux*. The new direction uses next-generation graphics based on racing culture elements to create a visual identity that immerses gamers in the arcade racing experience.

Trackmania Turbo also introduces an all-new mode to expand the gaming experience. Double Driver is a co-op mode which challenges two players to coordinate and control the same car with two controllers. It also implements a new systemic music feature, where the music is tied to the racing experience, creating its own variations of intensity and dramatic drops.

For those looking to create their own experiences, Trackbuilder is an innovative feature that provides a diversified gaming experience by blending arcade-style racing with an intuitive, customization toolbox. Players can use Trackbuilder to design an infinite number of unique and creative tracks or try their luck by generating random ones. Tracks built in Trackbuilder can be saved and shared amongst the Trackmania community.

Additionally, Ubisoft announced Trackmania Turbo is currently being developed for Virtual Reality devices as a separate project that will be released at a later date than the standard version.”

To learn more about Trackmania Turbo, visit

E3 2015 PC News


After 5 million units sold worldwide, the strategy city-building series will be back on November 3rd

LOS ANGELES – June 15, 2015 – Today, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft® announced Anno® 2205, the sixth installment of the strategy city-building series. Anno 2205 is set in a futuristic world, and will allow players to leave earth venturing into outer space for the first time in the series. Currently in development at Blue Byte, a Ubisoft studio, the game will release worldwide on PC on November 3rd 2015.

In Anno 2205 players will join mankind’s next step into the future, with the promise of building a better tomorrow by expanding into space. Players must develop rich metropolises on Earth that are capable of launching missions to the moon as they race to establish production colonies on the lunar surface. By mining the Moon’s resources to send back down to Earth, Anno 2205 players will receive the benefits of technological advancements and the tools to help expand their cities and transform them into thriving metropolises.

The new Anno 2205 Engine paves the way for players to build cities on islands five times the size of those in previous Anno games. It also allows for a high level of graphical detail in the game, so players can immerse themselves in futuristic cities that come to life with flying cars, more than a million thriving citizens, churning factories, and grinding mines. Gameplay uses a revolutionary session mode that lets players control several sessions on Earth and on the Moon simultaneously, and connects multiple regions via different sessions.

“We’re proud to take players beyond the realms of planet earth with the biggest Anno game ever,” said Benedikt Grindel, studio manager at Blue Byte. “The development team has been working hard to ensure we are integrating fresh and innovative new content, whilst remaining faithful to the roots of the Anno franchise.”

Anno 2205 will be available in three versions: the Standard Edition which includes the full game experience, and the Gold Edition, which extends the experience with additional content.

Starting now, fans can pre-order any version of the game to gain guaranteed access to the closed beta phase ahead of launch. Additional details regarding the closed beta will be announced in the future.

For the latest information on Anno 2205, please visit:

To Pre-Order Anno 2205 and view more information on the various editions, please visit:

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‘Awesome Level Max’ Adds 40 New Tracks and a Flamethrowing Unicorn to the Trials Fusion Experience

LOS ANGELES – June 15, 2015 – Today, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft® announced Trials Fusion®: Awesome Level Max, a downloadable expansion pack that includes an eccentric mix of brand-new tracks, characters and in-game items, and Trials Fusion®: The Awesome Max Edition, a new bundle including the main game plus all of the title updates and downloadable content packs released. This new content will be available worldwide on July 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max is the largest content update in the series and introduces 40 tracks plus a wide variety of new garage items, achievements, track challenges and objects for the track editor in two separately themed events, The Awesome Adventure and RedLynx vs. All-Stars.

The Awesome Adventure is a unique Trials Fusion experience that transforms your character and bike into a gun-wielding cat riding a flamethrowing unicorn. The Awesome Adventure also includes eight new classic Trials tracks, various mini-games and an entertaining soundtrack for the ride.

RedLynx vs. All-Stars is a collection of more than 20 new tracks pitting RedLynx’s own track creators against the very best track creators across the world. The development team has collaborated closely with the fans over the past year, and half of the RedLynx vs. All-Stars tracks have been created by the best builders among the Trials Fusion community.

Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition brings the full experience of Trials Fusion in one package, available all at once, combining all of the new content introduced in Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max, plus all 10 title updates and the first six add-on content packs previously released.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max and Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition will be available for download on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 system.
Developed by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft’s Shanghai and Kiev studios, Trials Fusion has sold over 1.7 million copies to date and offers players an unlimited array of obstacles and challenges as they race against the clock to set track records. Trials Fusion is continuously being updated to add new features and content, as well as track editor items to make the game the ultimate racing experience. In addition to these updates, the game’s Track Central contains almost 60,000 user-generated tracks with new submissions coming in on a daily basis.

For the latest information about Trials Fusion, please visit

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The Witcher 3 Review

2015 is a big year for gamers. So many games filled with potential, coming both from the AAA and indie scene, are on their way. One of the most anticipated ones, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, is finally out. This AAA, high fantasy RPG aimed to emerge us in its beautiful, massive world filled with characters, side quests, and a superb story to end the trilogy. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that for the most part, The Witcher 3 delivers in every single aspect. And outside of a few minor problems, it is just as good as it promised to be.
The first thing I noticed when playing the game, is just how good it looks. The Witcher takes full advantage of its fantasy setting, as it presents an incredibly beautiful world. Skies are full of colors, water physics relaxed me, and riding my horse while seeing dozens of trees getting pushed by the wind felt great. On the more technical side, the game usually maintains a steady framerate, without a lot of pop up. It’s worth mentioning that outside of when you start the game or when you die, The Witcher has no loading screens. Meaning that you could go from one end of a map to the other, without having to wait.

On The Witcher 3, we follow the story of Geralt, a witcher who is on the search of his disciple, Ciri. He must find her, before The Wild Hunt (the bad guys) do. As someone who didn’t play the first two games, I was afraid of not understanding what was going on. The game does its best at explaining what happened in one or two cutscenes. While certainly not ideal, I understood why Geralt’s mission was so important. The story is pretty good. It tells an emotional story, while delivering some unexpected twists and turns. While riding through the main quests, I constantly found myself ignoring them, so I could explore. And that brings me to the star of the show… the game’s huge open world.
CD Project Red managed to create a game 30% bigger than Skyrim. This is a particularly respectable accomplishment, and they should definitely be praised for it. Thankfully, the game also has many extra activities. And by many, I mean way too many. From side quests, to undiscovered locations, to an awesome card game, some knuckle fights and other mini games, The Witcher has an extraordinary amount of content. This is not by any means a bad thing. While it was overwhelming for the first couple of hours, I eventually realized I would never see everything the game had to offer, and I was fine with it. That’s when the fun started. I dived into the game and I didn’t want to come out. I felt like I was a part of the universe, and I had an important role to play in it. Helping a sick man, killing monsters who were attacking villagers, or rescuing a kid in danger was great. I really did feel like Batman’s great, great grandfather.
My main problem with the game comes from the way it controls. Geralt feels extremely stiff and heavy, an issue I also share with the Assassin’s Creed series. Many times I wouldn’t be able to pick some loot up because I’d go over it, and then I’d spend about 10 second trying to get to the loot without walking past it. I eventually just got used to it. And while it’s not a game breaker, it definitely is something that annoyed me. The other minor issue I have with the game is that the story is not just as epic as I thought it’d be. Like I said before: story’s pretty good, but not great.

When all is said and done, people will look back at “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” with respect and appreciation. An incredible world filled with a crazy amount of content and a pretty good story make this game an early Game Of The Year Contender. And while some small issues hold it back from perfection, I still consider this a must-play.


Opinions Previews

The Games We Want At E3

We here at Proven Gamer cannot wait until June 9th for E3.  So we decided to compile a list of the top 5 games we want to see at this year’s E3. Enjoy!


Tim Weber

Fallout 4: I know it’s a stretch. A very big stretch, but this is by far my most anticipated game to see at E3. Many people love the Elder Scrolls games, and though I enjoy it, I would much rather be in a wasteland blasting away super mutants in a Fallout game. There have been so many rumors about this game and I really hope we get a glimpse at this new title.

project beast

Project Beast: Right behind Fallout 4 in my tops picks is this little beauty. This could be a complete hoax for all we know right now. If the rumors are true this game is created by From Software the same creators of Dark Souls, and this game most definitely is a Souls game. It’s supposedly a PS4 exclusive which then tells me that we might just have a Demon’s Souls 2 on our hands. This would make me a very happy gamer.

Gears of War: Again this is another stretch, but I would still like a tease of this game. We know it is in the works, but from what we are told it’s only been worked on for like 3-4 months now. So it is in a very proto type stage. I would still just love a tease of this game. Just something to let my mind think about what this game could be like.


Smash Brothers: So we have already seen a bunch about this game. I STILL WANT MORE! I cannot wait for this game to hit shelves this year. There is one thing that bothers me right now though, more than anything else about this game. WHERE IS NESS!!! He’s my go to guy, and I’m sure he will be in it; I just want it to be confirmed. This is by far the best fighter coming out IMO. So I’m excited to see any new things Nintendo has up their sleeves.

The Division: Alright so as far as we are aware we are not getting a new Rainbow Six game anytime soon. As depressing as that is, The Division looks like a great game to hold me over until then. Its Ubisoft, Tom Clancy, small squads, 3rd person shooter, and it looks absolutely Gorgeous. It’s everything we want in the next Rainbow Six game; it’s just not Rainbow Six lol.


Todd O’Rourke:


The Division: An MMO-style open-world shooter that changes climates and a realistic day/night simulation.  This game has so much potential, it is almost unrealistic to believe that it will live up to the hype.  It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft will show this E3.


Star Wars: Battlefront: Even if it is a teaser trailer, as many suspect, that would be enough for me.  I have faith that Dice can move past the Battlefield issues and create a game Star Wars fans have been clamoring for.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:  I adore the Witcher franchise.  Having played the first two games, my chief complaint was a lack of exploration.  With Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red, opens the floodgates and allows for freedom of exploration, all the while maintaining it’s trademark consequences.


Mass Effect 4:  A new M.E. game… enough said.

kingodom hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3:  I played the hell out of the first two KH games for the PS2.  If the third game is truly the end to the series, I want to witness anything Square Enix is ready to reveal this E3.


The Importance Of Casinos In Grand Theft Auto

The San Andreas edition of Grand Theft Auto features a total of thirteen casinos, so you can take it for granted that they are a very important feature of the game. However if you want to enjoy a little gambling on the way, there are only three in which you can enjoy a few games of blackjack, roulette or slots. The important three are the Four Dragons Casino, the Casino Floor, Caligula’s and Tham khảo thêm về nhà cái casino uy tín nếu bạn thích KU Casino, Palace where you will also discover wheel of fortune, video poker, virtual horse racing and pool.

Once you start a game of San Andreas Grand Theft Auto you don’t have a big enough bankroll to play the usual casino games, so you need to build it up playing pool and making a few horse racing bets. In reality this isn’t too difficult, you seem to win on horse racing a little too often for it to be random (yes, it really is biased in your favor) and playing pool is really not very difficult at all, but you will like it if you’re into gambling, and if you want to do some real bets online, you can go to sites as sbobet online to do some gambling on the web.

The game features a stats page and one of the stats is your gambling skill. The higher the score gets the more money you are able to win on the casino games. Also the more often you gamble, the bigger your maximum stake becomes. However this is a whole lot easier than playing at a conventional online casino like, in fact if you are any good at all you are likely to max out your skill level within half an hour.

One feature of the game you will enjoy is the ability to borrow money from a casino and what will happen to you if you fail to repay the loan. The heavy mob sets out to get you but don’t worry too much. Just make sure that you are well armed, shooting them is easy and when you do you can take their money, and they always have plenty of it.

If you enjoy gambling, then this is the best Grand Theft Auto yet.


Drive A Nissan GTR Around Silverstone Track

We have celebrated the upcoming release of Mario Kart U by picking some real life inspirations to add to your shopping go-kart. It’s been five years since Mario Kart Wii hit store shelves and for anyone without a Nintendo DS, it’s been a tire-some wait indeed.

But with new footage unveiled at the recent E3 games expo in Los Angeles, the very latest Mario Kart has got everyone at excited.

The unofficial champion of the kart racer, Mario Kart’s greatness is owed to its outrageously adorable and whacky characters, insane environments and iconic projectile attack system, all components we wanted to celebrate.

In celebration of the news and all the game’s best features, we’ve compiled a list of real-life cars that would be perfect fits for our favorite Mario Kart characters. Mario Kart Starting Grid

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Civil War of 2013

A civil war has been festering for years now and at the end of 2013 it will come to a head. This war has put family members at odds. It has even ended friendships. Some may ask: what is this war you speak of? I’m speaking of the war of gamers (ps4 vs. xboxone).

With the Xbox, you’ll pay a subscription fee of $59.99 which includes online gaming, Netflix, Hulu plus, as well as other apps. PlayStation network is free and does not require you to pay to play online or access Netflix, Hulu plus, or any other apps. With the ps3 Sony gives you an option of getting the free service or paying for the premium service “PlayStation Plus”. With PlayStation Plus you pay a fee for extra content at a cheaper price or “free”. Within the first month of Plus the free games you get actually pay for your whole year of plus which is winning. Microsoft has adopted the free games concept within the last month; which in my opinion is too little too late. I’ve been a gold member for 8 years and have not received one free game from Microsoft.
The bottom line is: to each its own. Choose your console based on what’s best suited for you and not because of the name. Me, I want a console that’s built for gaming. That’s what I do. Not a console that forces an all in one and neglects the hardcore gamers. If I pay you excessive money to play my games on your console and you choose to reward me with free games then you know where my money is going. I’m not here to persuade you to choose Sony but hey, it is what it is. They are taking care of the gamers first.
When November comes and all the dust has settled both consoles will do the same thing…….. PLAY GAMES
Only to be separated by exclusives.
So cut all the bickering and bitching between systems and get ya game on.

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PS4 Reveal E3 2013

Sony finally showed us exactly what their all new PS4 will look like! Check out the big reveal right here!

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Quantum Break Trailer E3 2013

At E3 2013, Microsoft showed off some more of Remedy’s all new Quantum Break. Check out the all new trailer right here!