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Space Engineers Review

WARNING: Space Engineers is an Early Access game on Steam. Early Access games are games avaliable for purchase, that are not completely finished, yet playable. Not all Early Access games are finished, and some developers completely abandon on these games. Space Engineers is one of the more unique building games...
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Shovel Knight Review

For a lot of people, the golden age of platformers came and went years ago. Released on June 26, Shovel Knight burst onto the scene. It quickly rose to critical claim, fans stating it as a rebirth of classic platformers; a game that rivals even the best Mario games. Critics...
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Hyphen Review

*Note: I did not finish Hyphen due to the games extreme difficulty. I finished roughly 2/3’s of the game.   Hyphen is an Indie game created by a studio called Far Space Games. When I received this review, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that...
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