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Microsoft’s E3 – A Potentially Promising Future for Xbox players!

Whether you’re an Xbox player or not, there is no doubt that Microsoft really outdid itself at E3 this year. Not only was it the largest show in their history, but they unveiled some really juicy details that should have any Xbox owner excited. I’m not referring to the 18 console launch exclusives, 15 world premiers, or any of that. I’m talking about their clear focus on creating original content in the future.

The creation of The Initiative, Microsoft’s brand new studio dedicated to creating first party titles, is big news. Based in Santa Monica and headed by Darrell Gallagher, The Initiative’s sole purpose is to make Xbox exclusives, which should be exciting to anyone who owns an Xbox as our lineup of first party games is basically a barren wasteland at the moment. The most exciting thing about this announcement is that while they are directly a Microsoft studio, they have been given the creative freedom to operate like an Indie studio. Which could mean getting some fresh and unique titles exclusively for Xbox.

As well as this new first party studio they have also acquired Playground Games, longtime development partner and team behind the Forza series, who are not only working on Forza Horizon’s 4, but have been confirmed to already be working on a brand new project. In addition, Microsoft will also be acquiring Ninja Theory, makers of Hellblade and Kung Fu Chaos. This will give them the resources and ability to make even more ambitious games on the Xbox platform. State of Decay 2 has seen over 2 million people playing, and more to come especially since it was available at launch on the Xbox Game Pass, and it sounds like Microsoft is planning on shelling out the resources to make sure that game continues to grow. Last, but surely not least, Compulsion Games. The brilliant minds behind We Happy Few, could truly benefit from Microsoft’s support and deep pockets. They have definitely shown they can make a unique and refreshing game, now imagine what they can do with the freedom to dream bigger and take risks. All of these teams developing for Microsoft is a HUGE boon for future releases, and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Also, one of the better announcements of Microsoft’s E3 presentation is the upgraded Game Pass, which will now see many big titles added such as Elder Scrolls Online, The Division, Fallout 4. As well as giving subscribers Xbox exclusives on their launch day, including games like Horizons 4 and Gears 5.

Definitely sounds like some exciting games will be coming to Xbox in the near future. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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[Rumor] – April 2018 NPD: Playstation 4 Sells More Units Than The Competition Combined

According to a thread on Reset Era, it looks like God of War gave a mighty boost to the Playstation 4 sales for the month of April. According to the supposed leak, and after some math that I will never understand, the PS4 topped around 364,000 units, with Switch at around 171,000 units and the X-Box One trailing at 134,000 units. Magipork has the leak below:
“The relative sales volumes of game hardware was:
PS4: 1.92
Switch: 1
XBox One: 0.79
3DS: 0.41″
While this is firmly in the “grain of salt” territory, it would not be a shock to see God of War provide such a boost in sales. We look forward to seeing official NPD Numbers on Tuesday. Stay tunes here on Proven Gamer for more information.
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Why you should be playing Dead Cells

Developer Motion Twin has been making video games since about 2001 but if you’re not part of their self-described “Anti-social Network” Twinoid You may have absolutely no idea they even exist. Almost all of their games, aside from Dead Cells, can be played for free after signing up. I tried out a few of the games including MUSH, Die2Nite, and DinoRPG. Some are homages to beloved franchises. Others are wholly unique. While none of them really sank their hooks into me, almost all of them are indicative of one thing: The name Motion Twin will eventually be synonymous with greatness in the world of indie games.

All this history brings us to Dead Cells. Motion Twin’s Steam Debut is one hell of a “Hello” to the indie games scene and I’m gonna give you a few reasons I think you should give it a go.

Combat Savvy


Let’s start off with the combat. It is by far the #1 reason you should be playing Dead Cells. It’s frantic, tactical, and fluid all at once. As you play through the game you’ll pick up blueprints for a bevy of weapons and items that you can unlock using cells dropped from all the enemies you will inevitably slaughter. The combination of swords, shields, bows, skills and other gadgets is almost endless. You have four slots to fill, two of which can be filled with either a melee, ranged weapon, or shield. The other two are where your skills go. Each run (trust me there will be many) will have you balancing new strategies depending on what drops, power-ups, and skills you encounter. Weapons and Items are broken down into three, conveniently color-coded, combat styles: Brutality, Tactical, and survivability. These three styles eventually are tied into a series of perks like “Killing an enemy gives you X health” or “Shortens the cooldown on your skills by X%.” Building up one of these three styles with whatever power-ups you get is just one part of a larger synergistic combat system.

Every item you pick up has a chance to have an “Affix.” These range from just additional damage to things like “Does 125% damage against a bleeding target” or “Enemies killed with this weapon explode into a cloud of poison gas.” Using these affixes to build synergistic builds is not only key in succeeding in Dead Cells but maliciously fun. Curating a build well can lead to some absolutely vicious combinations.

Once you’re savvy enough, and if RNGsus is on your side, you could end up in a situation like the following: A group of enemies are in front of you. In your main weapon slot you have a sword that does 100% damage against a burning target. In your secondary slot you have Firebrands. In your first skill slot you have Oil grenades and in your second Skill slot you have a Deploy-able turret that causes it’s victims to drop a swarm of bitters. You open the salvo by throwing your Oil Grenade, this douses anybody unlucky enough to be in the blast radius with a Flammable oil that enhances the effects of any fire weapon. After they’re drenched in oil you throw the fire brand and it lights up the ground and any enemy in the immediate area. The enemies covered in oil take extra damage from the fire. They are roasting up real good. You deploy your turret and then move in to attack with your sword. Every swing is eviscerating any foe that happens to be covered in flames, as they die a swarm of bitters crawls out of their corpse thanks to the turret you put down. The bitters help with taking on the rest of the hoard. Before long, everything is dead and you’re left standing


Situations like this are the norm in Dead Cells. It is full of these frenetic bursts of action that have kept me coming back time after time.

Developers with ears and sensible progression


There are a ton of rouge-lite/likes out there all with their own take on how progression should work. Games like The Binding of Isaac are notorious for peeling back new layers of the game as you progress through. New floors and unlocks tied to them; new bosses and enemies. Dead Cells presents a similar path. As you progress through several runs (if you’re like me this will be in the hundreds before you unlock everything) you’ll unlock runes that allow you to access new areas. Each new area contains its own brand of new fearsome foes to fight and generally contain a higher tier of blueprints than areas you’ve already been in.

What’s more interesting is that opportunities to use runes that you’ve yet to unlock present themselves in almost every area of the game. So in addition to unlocking whole new areas, the runes also allow players to access even more parts of existing areas. These offshoots usually contain extra weapons or power-ups that would have been otherwise inaccessible and can sometimes help a ton at the beginning of a run.

Currently there are 5 runes in Dead Cells, but since the games debut on Steam, Motion Twin have added more than a few runes, areas, weapons, and enemies. I would be surprised if this didn’t continue till release and after. Especially considering how much Dead Cells has changed since its debut. Motion Twin has regularly posted developer logs and communicated with the community. The base three-colored system I mentioned above was entirely different on first release and has been changed with some further development by listening to the community. A look at their developer blog is proof of that. They even list changes as “Community suggestion.”

I think it’s important to support developers who support the community around their games. In a time where sometimes it feels like the developers never listen (looking at Bungie), it’s nice to know that some devs do have ears.

Intricate Pixel Art and Level Design


This last one will be short but man, this is one good looking game. If I had any friends that thought pixel art couldn’t be gorgeous, I would very likely show them Dead Cells. Multi-Layered backgrounds haven’t looked this good since parallax scrolling was invented.

Alright, maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic, but seriously, Dead Cells is easy on the eyes. For the amount of carnage that can be happening on screen at any minute, everything is easily defined and readable. Every weapon or enemy attack animation is fluid and incredibly well designed. You can really see and feel the weightless slash of the Balanced Blade vs the slow brutal smash of The Nutcracker. The level of detail really brings out the character in every new monster you meet.

Every new area looks and feels completely different.

The Toxic Sewers are claustrophobic and soaked in whatever unspeakable sludge ends up there, the Ramparts are far reaching lofty towers, and the Ossuary feels darkly demonic. Every single area in the game has its own unique and well defined character. I would go as far to say that the style and flair in this game is almost unparalleled currently. It is really beautiful to see in motion and shows how much Motion Twin care.

Play this game!


I can’t stress enough how much fun I’ve had with Dead Cells. It can be brutal and frustrating, but every run is different and exciting. The seemingly limitless combination of weapons and skills and the deliciously vicious synergies of everything coming together is truly remarkable. Motion Twin seems dedicated to the community that’s surrounded the game and is breathing life into it. If you’re a fan of metroidvanias, this is a no brainer. If you’re a fan of Rogue-likes, this is a no brainer. If you enjoy hacking and/or slashing on any level, this is a no brainer. Luckily for you non-PC savvy folks Motion Twin said they’re bringing Dead Cells to all major consoles this year! I can’t wait to rock it on my Switch!


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Spelunky 2 Announced

The cave diving, Rope Climbing, Jet-pack Flying Rouge like is coming back with a sequel. Spelunky 2 was announced today for PS4 and confirmed to also be releasing on PC. If the original is any indication it’ll make its way to every platform under the sun eventually. Not many details were dropped about the sequel but it looks like you’ll be playing the daughter of the protagonist in the original Spelunky.

Follow a game that helped bring Rouge-likes to into the spotlight, Spelunky 2 has some big shoes to fill. Here’s hoping it delivers. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this in the near future. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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Payday 2 Take to the Battlefield in RAID: WWII

World War games are making quite a comeback lately, with the release of games like Call Of Duty: WWII and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, as well as Battlefield 1, which deals with World War I. Payday developer, Starbreeze Studios, looks to follow the trend of old-fashioned gunplay with Raid: WWII.  The game takes the Payday formula into the gritty fields of the European Front.

Experienced players of Payday and Payday 2 will be familiar with the overall mechanics of the game: tight, frenzied shooting mechanics and multitude of enemies. Players are part of a squad recruited by British Intelligence, but instead of going the normal route of fighting the good fight, your team goes through more unconventional routes, including sabotage, robberies and assassinations. Players need to work together if they are to survive and successfully win the battle.

RAID: World War II is now Available for PS4 and XBox One.

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Rogue Trooper Redux releases 101 Trailer, Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam

Since it was announced this past winter, Rogue Trooper Redux, from English developer Rebellion, has been gaining a lot of traction and momentum. From PAX West to New York Comic-Con, Rogue Trooper Redux has garnered a lot of attention — and for good reason. Originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Rogue Trooper innovated many gaming mechanics that we see today as standard. From cover-shooting to the combat capabilities, Rogue Trooper blazed a trail for others to follow. Now, Rogue Trooper is set to storm the battlefield once more with Rogue Trooper Redux for the PlayStation 4, Steam, Switch, and Xbox One. To accompany the launch of the game, Rebellion has released a 101 trailer to show players the basics of what to expect on the battlefields of Nu-Earth.

Based on the 2000AD comic of the same name, Rogue Trooper Redux takes place in the distant future, where mankind has colonized several dozen star systems. They discover a new planet and name it Nu-Earth, but when the drums of war pound, all hell breaks loose. A massive intergalactic civil war is waged over Nu-Earth, engulfing the planet in poisonous gases and making it uninhabitable. Still, the warring sides continue to fight, fitting their soldiers in combat HAZMAT suits that are more dangerous than actual fighting. To adapt, one side has created the Rogue Trooper, a special bio-engineered soldier who is built to survive the fields of Nu-Earth and deliver a vastly superior advantage with cutting-edge firepower and enhanced physical abilities. Following a surprise attack turned massacre, you are the lone survivor (of your squad) — but your squad isn’t necessarily dead.  As you recover each member of your team, their consciousnesses are transplanted into bio-chips and added to your primary weapon. They are alive again, and they will give you live tactical feedback as you fight through the enemy.  The war is upon you; it’s time for you to go rogue.

Rogue Trooper arrives next week for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Rockstar releases new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar just released the second trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Looks like we’ll be riding off into the sunset this spring, though there was no specific date set.

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins to Double as an Interactive Museum

This is not an onion article. This is not a joke.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins will receive a free update post-release adding a mode dubbed “Discovery Tour”. Releasing sometime in 2018, Discovery Tour will take assets from the game and place them throughout the open world. Players can visit places like Alexandria, Memphis, the Nile delta, the Giza plateau, the Faiyum Oasis, and the Great Sand Seas to see NPCs going about their daily routine. In place of combat is a series of guided tours meant to teach players about the games setting and historical significance all arranged by actual historians.

When asked about how this mode came about Creative Director Jean Guesdon had this to say:

“From the beginning, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has always explored pivotal moments in history, from the Third Crusade to the Italian Renaissance, and this year Ancient Egypt. It’s a dream come true for us to offer Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, an educational mode built specifically for people to learn more about the incredible history of Ancient Egypt through the interactive experience made possible via a video game.”

Assassin’s Creed has always been a bright spot in games that teeter toward educational without being too in your face about it. Now those of us that may have wanted a bit more context with all our bloody, brutal combat can have just that.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is set to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 27th.

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A Playstation Gamer’s case for buying XBox One X

The Xbox One X is right around the corner and pre-orders have been selling well. Until the past few days, however, I have not been interested in the least. As an ingrained Playstation and rekindled Nintendo gamer, the need for an Xbox in my house is nearly non-existent. Lets face facts: Xbox doesn’t have many games that Playstation doesn’t have. Then a little game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds takes over the world, selling 10 million copies. The desire to play the game is only halted by my PC’s inability to run the game. And there is where Xbox One X comes in.

In a recent episode of Trophy Whores, the topic of Microsoft including Keyboard and Mouse to their system came up. Some believe that this renders the console market moot from Microsoft’s standpoint. Why bother buying an Xbox if it is going to have the same experience as a PC? While that seems like a decent argument to have, that is precisely why owning an Xbox One X sounds appealing to me.

While I have one of those modern corner gaming desks for work purposes, my current PC set up is too old to upgrade single components at a reasonable price. It appears, after scouring Reddit and, it would cost around $800 to upgrade my PC to its highest possible specs, and even then it would be a 6 year old PC. So it appears that I should go to the drawings board and build a PC from the ground up. Every person I speak to regarding a build says about the same thing: it will cost around $800 to build one to run most of today’s games, but if I want to future proof myself a little it will cost around $1500. This is when things start to make sense to me. The clouds clear. I hear the birds chirping.

If Microsoft is making all their games come to PC…doesn’t that mean that PC games will go to Xbox One X? Especially after they implement Mouse and Keyboard support? With Battlegrounds already coming, that seems like it could be the shot heard ‘round the world, so to speak. It makes sense. I, a Playstation gamer and longtime Xbox detractor…should spend the $500-plus and just get a One X!

Think about it! It isn’t so much that it will take place of my Playstation (let’s face it, regardless of how good One X games will look, Playstation still has infinitely better exclusives), but it could take place of my gaming PC, while I still keep my PC around for basic functions. This is the market I believe that Microsoft is trying to hit with the One X. Convert lapsed PC players to One X players for less than half the cost to have a comparable PC, give them Keyboard and Mouse, and all the games they love.

Of course, I will probably buy nothing and just envy those who can, but I think the argument can be made for the One X outside of just having THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVER MADE!

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Bungie Releases Trailer Detailing Destiny 2’s EDZ

Today Bungie dropped a trailer for the European Dead Zone, Earth’s new playable area in Destiny 2.  According to Bungie, the new EDZ is also boasted as the “biggest playable area ever created by Bungie.”

The trailer gives the first look at Adventures and Lost Sectors, which look to take the place of those repetitive, boring patrol missions (of the original).  Adventures are fully voiced side quests that dig into the lore of the Destiny universe and Lost Sectors look to be small dungeons with some kind of mini-boss at the end. With the additions of Adventures and Lost Sectors, as well as new Public events and new sub-classes to try out, it sure looks like Bungie understand what players want from the sequel.  Thankfully, with it’s release right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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Microsoft announced as publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on X-Box One

It was announced back at E3 2017 that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the incredibly successful PC game that has sold around 8 million copies, will be coming to Xbox One some time in the near future. Well now it appears that it will be published by Microsoft itself. This seems like a no-brainer, as Microsoft has saved a ton of money in the bank from not making any games for their consoles. The game will also be coming to the Xbox Game Preview program, which functions a little like Steam Early Access.

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The Rock revealed as Executive Soundtrack Producer on WWE2K18

Do You Smell What The Rock is … Singing?

Former WWE2K cover boy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to prove that there are no limits to his talents. 2K announced today that “The Rock” will be hand selecting the soundtrack for WWE2K18 set to release on October 17th. You can read the some of the press release below:

 2K today announced the in-game soundtrack details for WWE® 2K18, the forthcoming release in the flagship WWE video game franchise. Executive produced and personally created by legendary WWE Superstar and global icon Dwayne “The Rock®” Johnson, the soundtrack will feature 11 unique songs that represent many of Johnson’s favorite artists and music genres, including hip-hop, classic rock, hard rock, blues, R&B and soul. In addition, Apple Music will serve as the premier streaming provider for the WWE 2K18 in-game soundtrack, which is available now for streaming at

“Music is one of my soul’s anchors. All genres. I’m excited to celebrate my WWE roots by partnering with the 2K and Apple Music teams and share some of my favorite hardcore training songs with fans all over the world,” said Johnson.

The WWE 2K18 in-game soundtrack, executive produced by Johnson, will include the following artists and songs:

  • Blues Brothers – “Soul Man”;
  • Boston – “Smokin’”;
  • Bruno Mars – “Runaway Baby”;
  • Disturbed – “Down With The Sickness”;
  • Eazy-E – “Boyz-N-The-Hood”;
  • George Thorogood & The Destroyers – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”;
  • Joe Walsh – “Rocky Mountain Way”;
  • Kanye West – “Black Skinhead”;
  • Kid Rock – “You Never Met a White Boy Quite Like Me”;
  • ¡MAYDAY! (feat. Tech N9ne) – “Last One Standing”;
  • Tech N9ne (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Serj Tankian) – “Straight Out The Gate”.

WWE 2K18 will release October 17th for PS4, X-Box One X and Switch.

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No Man’s Sky Update 1.3: Atlas Rises has launched

Released almost a year ago, No Man’s Sky has had a turbulent ride through the gaming industry. Its initial release was met with mixed reviews from players and critics, claiming that early previews promised more than the final game offered.  Regardless of reviews and complaints, Hello Games has committed to keeping the game alive.  Over the past year, they have released a few updates (to the game) adding in a lot of content: farming, vehicles, base-building, and quality-of-life improvements — just to name a few. These updates have kept some players, myself included, hooked in for the ride and showed that Hello Games intends to work on No Man’s Sky until they reach their vision — and possibly beyond. While the previous two updates did add a ton to the game, they pale in comparison to the newest update: Atlas Rises.  To give you a brief idea of just how much this update offers, Atlas Rises’ file size (by itself) is about as big as the base game.

Atlas Rises is a total overhaul of many gameplay systems and graphical elements in No Man’s Sky. It introduces 30 hours more of story content, randomly generated missions, in-atmosphere dog-fighting, better crafting and inventory management (and so much more).  I’m glad that, through the haze of negativity, Hello Games is continuing its journey with No Man’s Sky.

Below is a link to the official release page for the update for the patch notes and a look into what this update entails. With that, I’m off exploring the galaxy once again. See you around the cosmos!


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Original Xbox Games Coming to Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program

Riding the success of Xbox 360 compatibility, Phil Spencer revealed that select original Xbox games will be coming to the Xbox One family of consoles through the backward compatibility program.

Along with this, previously released first- and third-party games will be getting updates for Xbox One X support.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps Announced

Following the success of Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps was announced. The trailer, which was accompanied by a live piano player, set a somber tone, as a bright creature and an owl set forth on an adventure across multiple environments and worlds.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be exclusive to the Xbox family of consoles.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.

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Ashen Gameplay Revealed

Ashen will launch exclusively for Xbox consoles. The trailer showed off two players exploring a world of demons and mummies, as they tried to survive through melee combat. Enemies reacted to the light emitted by characters’ lanterns.  This suggests that light will play a an important role in the game.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.

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Terry Crews Introduces the World Crackdown 3

After a hyped-up Terry Crews set the tone, Microsoft showed gameplay and a new trailer Crackdown 3. The trailer showed off the crazy, combat, weaponry, and destruction that the franchise has been known for. The characters rapidly destroyed buildings, bridges, and vehicles.

Crackdown 3 will launch on November 7 exclusively on Xbox consoles and PC.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.

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Sea of Thieves Gets Extended Gameplay Trailer

Sea of Thieves was back at E3 this year with a gameplay trailer. The narrator introduced pirates aboard a ship before diving down underwater to explore a sunken ship. The trailer presented a humorous tone throughout.  After collecting some treasure from underground, and narrowly avoiding confrontation with a shark, we were back aboard the ship.

The trailer moved to an island, where players were able to explore freely, finding shortcuts, landmarks, and vistas. Pistols and shotguns were used to take out skeletons. The players found themselves underground after discovering a cave on the island. After exploring the cave and using a clue found on parchment, the characters discovered buried treasure; however, things quickly went south as more skeletons showed up. The other players in the party had to take out the skeletons since the player with the chest was unable to fight. On the beach, players still on the ship were able to provide cover fire as everyone made it back to the ship.

On the way to an outpost to trade the loot, the ship was attacked during a storm by another vessel. An intense ship battle turned ensued, with characters boarding the enemy ship and partaking in melee and pistol combat.

Sea of Thieves will launch on Xbox consoles in early 2018.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.

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Black Desert Announced as Xbox Exclusive

Black Desert, an upcoming MMORPG has been announced an exclusive game coming to Xbox consoles.

The gameplay trailer showed off a mythical environment with characters using weapons and magic to take down a variety of elemental enemies.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.


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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Gameplay Revealed

After being announced several days ago, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a new 3v3 fighting game, was featured during Microsoft’s press conference.  The name was announced as Dragon Ball Z Fighters. The combat was fast-paced, with characters tagging in and out to create flashy combos and moves.

Stay tuned to Proven Gamer for future coverage of E3.