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Adr1ft Review

Ever wonder what it what it was like to be Sandra Bullock and be virtually all alone in space? Well you’re in luck because there exists a game Called Adrift (Adr1ft) where you are literally drifting in space with nothing but debris and solitude surrounding you. The game starts with your basic tutorial that does an excellent job teaching you the ins and outs of the game. This is a very unique game with unique movement, and the only thing that I can compare it to, is the space walk segments from Dead Space and Dead Space 2. As for solitude you are definitely alone and, Adrift nails its goal with great atmosphere and wonderful sound design that really sets the tone for this experience.

Since we’re talking about space walking, let’s bring up the movement in Adrift. For lack of a better term, it’s stellar. However, there is a drawback. The destruction of the space station that you called home for the passed 3 years affected your space suit, causing your oxygen to be used as fuel for your thrusters. So what’s keeping you alive is also what’s getting you around. Before we go any further I want to mention how breath taking the game is, From the tutorial to the actual game. It’s visually striking and a sight to behold. Don’t forget to get an eyeful of that pale blue dot we live on. Paired with headphones and a dark room it actually feels like you’re in the grasp of the black nothingness that is space. Even the main menu filled my eyes with Unreal Engine 4 goodness. So from right then and there I was ready to accept space and it’s infinite beauty. The physics in this game is really next level, Everything holds weight, or lack there of rather. You bump into something and it goes flying. You use an air canister toss it and it B-lines and never stops until it hits another object. There is no combat in Adrift so it does carry the “walking simulator” stigma, and I can see some players experiencing issues with motion sickness. After all it is a first person experience and you are floating around and at times spinning around looking for collectibles and oxygen.

The game doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to the story, if you want to find out what happened go and explore every little nook and cranny you can. There’s everything from audio files to emails you can read to learn about the past 3 years on this rotating abode. Another thing that I can compare to Dead Space, is the fact that there are little pieces of story in almost every corner of the game. During your exploring time don’t wander out too far, or you will die, your oxygen will only last for so long and get you so far. The game really depends on you remembering where you went and doesn’t really give you a concrete objective. You hit the scan button and it points to oxygen or a collectable. You want to go out and find where you’re supposed to go next but the fear of running out of oxygen is very real, and is incredibly disheartening. You start to wheeze and grasp for the blank space in front of you. Then the color fades from everything around you and you’re accepted into the black waters of space. To really get a hold of where you want to go next in the game remember where you came from, go out a ways from the wreckage and then pick a point you think you haven’t been to yet and go for it. Picking up all the oxygen you can is key to survival. Adrift does get easier once you get your first suit upgrade, which is fairly early in the game. The similarities of the corridors and rooms and bigger structures can get a little stale but there are small differences on the inside that you can really appreciate.

You will be followed around by a disembodied voice that will almost constantly talk to you. They nailed the voice of this computer because again the sound design in this game is great and the voice of the robot is not annoying at all. It’s almost comforting hearing it and having that feeling that you’re not alone. But the cold harsh reality is that you are alone and your only true objective is to escape and make it back to earth safe and sound.

Let’s move on to Trophies, there isn’t a platinum which is a bit disheartening and should be mentioned as I did review this game on the Playstation 4. But don’t let that keep you from that 100 percent completion rate. EVEN if most of the trophies are collectibles, which I despise,  that is one of the very few things that I dislike about Adrift. Moving to a few more trophy points, there are 15 total and over half of them are hidden. So get to collecting and beating the game! You’ll have a great time exploring and an even greater time boosting around the rubble and debris!

In closing if you’re a fan of sci-fi or space, walking simulator or survival games, pick this one up and you won’t be disappointed. There are a few draw backs to the game like lack of combat, the walking simulator aspect, and it is a relatively short game, but they are overshadowed by all the things this game does right, like aesthetics, graphics, sound, and the overall story. This was an overall good experience. Pick it up and stay in space for awhile!


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God of War Announcement

Are you ready for a new God of War game? How about a God of War game set outside of Greece?

I know I am.

Santa Monica Studious revealed God of War gameplay and it is very exciting because it looks like Kratos will take on Norse Mythology in a whole new way. Kratos gameplay looks very familiar to the over the shoulder gameplay view we’ve seen in games like The Last of Us. We see Kratos mentoring a child in hunting a wild animal while taking on multiple monsters, and a troll. The game appears to take elements from Skyrim with freely traveling throughout the land and discovering new regions.


Kratos is also sporting new weapons and a new attire that blends his Greece personality with his new home. Will we see some new amazing battles between Kratos and Norse Gods like: Thor, Odin, and Loki? Time will tell as we get closer and closer to God of War’s development. For more gaming news, stay tuned to

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Playstation Neo confirmed!

Hello all you Sony fans! ProvenGamer has some big news that you will be excited to hear. This week, Sony finally confirmed The PlayStation Neo. The PlayStation Neo is an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 with some exciting new features. The frame rate will run faster (2.1 MHz) over the current model and the bandwidth is said to increase by at least 20%.

The graphics cards will be improved to create a new look to PlayStation games but more importantly will have 4K support for HDTV. Where or not this will impact the way games are made is up in the air, but this provides a whole new support to the library of 4K movies coming out.

Unfortunately, Sony will not have a demo available for gamers at E3, but the ProvenGamer staff will keep an eye out for all news and updates on the PlayStation Neo. For all things related to Sony, stay tuned to

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Killing Floor 2 coming to PS4 later this year

With the help of publisher Deep Silver Killing Floor 2 with find its way to the Playstation 4 later this year. This will be the sequel to PC’s 2009 release of the Killing Floor. Killing Floor 2 is currently available on steam. There isn’t a set release date at this point.


Killing Floor 2 PS4 announcement trailer:


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Umbrella Corps Deluxe Edition announced and new maps revealed

Pre-orders are now available for Umbrella Corps, Capcom’s latest fast paced action shooter spin off of the popular Resident Evil franchise only available on PS4 and PC. Capcom has also announced the Deluxe Edition of Umbrella Corps priced at 39.99 USD that including skins of your favorite Resident Evil characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, Hunk, Albert Wesker, and his son Jake Muller. The standard edition is 29.99 USD with the option to purchase the upgrade pack separately for 14.99 USD. Capcom also revealed a new map for Umbrella Corp via Capcom official blog. It is the Raccoon City map blending familiar areas from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 including the chaotic streets filled with overturned cars, a city in rubble, and plenty of mindless undead roaming around. The infamous Raccoon City Police Department will also be one of the playable maps in Umbrella Corp and is said to be one of the largest and most open areas in the game.


Watch the latest Umbrella Corps trailer here:


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Sony estimates PS4 sales to be at 60 million by 2017

Sony has released its projections of console sales through March 31st of 2017 to be 60 million units sold. It is believed that the Playstation 4 has already sold 40 million units worldwide with Sony selling 15 to 17 million each year. In order for Sony to achieve this goal they would have to sell around 20 million units from physical year 2016 to 2017. As for a comparison, the PS3 sold 80 million units being on the market for seven years where as the PS4 has only been available for three years. Analysts believe that the PS4 will go on to sell over 100 million units ranking amongst the best selling consoles of all time.



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Does Capcom’s “full scale offensive” mean Resident Evil 7?

Rumors are running rampant on the internet this week and rightfully so. With it being the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil fans have to wonder, what all does Capcom have up it’s sleeve? Already this year we have seen the release of the Resident Evil Origins collection including the re-master of Resident Evil remake and the re-master of Resident Evil Zero. Most recently Capcom has released the Resident Evil 6 re-master and has promised Resident Evil 4 and 5 for current gen consoles. Still to come in 2016 we have the fast paced third person shooter Umbrella Corps. There is also the Resident Evil 2 re-make in development. So what else could Capcom have planned for their loyal resident Evil fans? In a recent financial report Capcom said they plan on launching a “full scale offensive” in the second half of the year after the release of Umbrella Corps. They also mention releasing a title that will sell around 4 million units which would indicate a new numbered title in the core series. E3 is just around the corner so expect to see some big news on one of the mains stages being either Sony or Microsoft.


Umbrella Corps Trailer:

Resident Evil Zero Review:

Resident Evil Zero HD

Resident Evil 2 re-make announcement trailer:


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Battleborn Review

Gearbox Software has come a long way over the past years. The company made a name for itself with PC mods and the company hit it big the Borderlands series. Does the company still have the ability to create a new game title? We find out with my review of Gearbox’s new title, Battleborn?

The plot is set a million years in the future where there is only one star left in the universe and every race battles for supremacy of the last solar system. A powerful villain is planning something with the last star and it is up to the Battleborn crew to make sure the remaining star and worlds are safe. Gearbox kept the same quirky humor and character design that made the Borderland series great, but the story may not be the most interesting reason for you to buy the game. There are some great cut scenes and humor between characters, but they are limited and left me wanting more.


The game contains 25 different playable character that can be unlocked through player progression. Each character contains different attacks, customizable abilities, and styles help players decide their gameplay strategies. Every character has different strengths and weakness that you will have to learn if you want to complete a game match. Gamers may not enjoy playing every character because each character has a very radical form of gameplay. One gunner character has more agro ability while one elf archer has more long distant attacking gameplay. Personally, I only enjoyed the sword wielding vampire who gained health as he unleashed swift melee attacks.

Battleborn is a great game for those dedicated players who want to spend several hours learning how to play and utilize every character. For the casual gamer, this concept may be frustrating because you will die often in the game. There is a huge learning curve with all the characters and unlocking everyone will take a long time. Players may give up before getting every character in the game.


The missions work well when engaging in online coop, but only work if you select your desired character(s) before someone else does. The multiplayer experience can be rewarding when you do select your character, set your characters skills and abilities, and play with others.

The multiplayer gameplay focuses on League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm objectives based matches which is far better than a simple kill count match. While moving away from the kill count is fun, one multiplayer game can take a long time. One match can take up to 35 minutes to complete. This may sound like fun, but the endless fight between the same five online players on line can drag on and wind up being frustrating.

While Battleborn has a decent story and fun cut scenes, the long progression and multiplayer games turn you away. If you’re a League of Legends fan, Battleborn could be up your alley. I give Battleborn a 6 out of 10.

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The Last of Us 2 Confirmed


While the game was not confirmed at E3, it was confirmed at PSX 2016.

*Original Story*

On Proven Gamer’s visit to PAX East 2016 it was confirmed by an unnamed, yet very reliable source very close to the project, that The Last of Us 2 is in development, and will have a formal appearance at E3 in June.  As of now, the game has been set to launch in 2018 on both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation VR and will showcase the return of Joel and Ellie, but sources are quiet at this time as to if they are the main protagonists in the game.  Die hard fans rejoice as the series’ multiplayer makes a return as well as two single player DLC campaign add ons.  Stay tuned to for more info on The Last of Us 2 when it will finally be revealed at E3 in June!


You also listen to Trophy Whores 254 and find out how 4 big fans of the series think about the news.

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McDroid Review

Many tower defense game seem simple and laid out. They tend to follow a basic formula in terms of gameplay. Build defenses, upgrade your forces, and watch the enemy walks into a gauntlet of defensive attacks. My initial mindset was, “If you played one tower defense game, you played them all.”
McDroid takes a bit of a different approach to the tower defense genre. Your character, a spider-like droid, lands on a planet after a long journey in space. When you land, ship informs you the planet is overrun by indigenous lifeforms. It is up to you to eradicate the wildlife and colonize the planet.
The game starts off rather simple with you moving across simple level and a helpful tutorial. You collect strawberries and other minerals, you return the strawberries to your spaceship, use the strawberries and other items to build laser turrets or make upgrades, maintain the turrets as waves of enemy creatures attack your spaceship.

mcdroid 2 622x530
If you are expecting to shoot or attack any creatures on your own, that concept doesn’t apply in this game. You main function is to build, harvest, plant crops or tress, and repair. The game is fun and simple at first, but the challenges and difficulty increase in no time. While you may think you have everything set up for a level or challenge, you quickly discover your muti-tasking abilities are going to be your strongest sill in game progression. I had every turret built, multiple mines ready for a wave of enemies, and though I could sit back and watch. I soon discovered my turrets were falling fast and I needed to make quick repairs or build replacement turrets.
That challenge is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of challenge difficulty. As you go up in levels so does your world. The levels get larger and multiple sites/objectives will be required for level completion. I looked at one level that had four different sections and I thought, “How am I going to beat this level?”
After a couple of hours, I discovered McDroid follows a much different path style from other tower defense games. The 360 degree control of the camera view give a much better depth to the game where most tower defense games have been stuck in over the top view.
Time management, running back and forth, and multi-tasking are essential skills for McDroid. You will run around a board building and upgrading defenses, moving items all throughout the board, planting and harvesting materials for currency, and terraforming the land. There is a lot that can be done in one level leaving you emerged in the environment. After a couple of hours, I was hooked on the game.

mcdroid 1 622x530
While I found the game-play amusing, I wasn’t too keen on the music for the game. The music appears to be a rock guitar playing while obliterate alien life. While it was a different change, I didn’t think it was my cup of tea. You may think differently after hearing it, but I didn’t enjoy the music.
The game offers online co-op play which decreases the difficulty factor when multiple player are working on different parts of the map. The game doesn’t seem to scale the difficulty based on the number of players in a level. This could be good if you are tuck on a level or bad if you want a different challenge with other players.
McDroid is a fun game for gamers to play, but will require you to strategize and plan your moves. The game may look odd at first because you are collecting strawberries to convert them into turrets, but those thoughts quickly subside when you are racing to build, repair, and repel.

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Early Beta Access for Overwatch

The wait for one of the most highly anticipated first person shooters is almost over. Blizzard officially announced, via their website, the official street date for Overwatch, as well as ways to play it sooner than its official release date.

Due to be released on May 24th, gamers’ patience will finally be rewarded. In addition, only those that pre-order the game have early access for a two day beta on May 3rd and 4th. The two day beta access is set for PCs and consoles. After the early access beta from May 5th thru the 9th, Blizzard will be hosting a completely open beta access, regardless of pre-order status.

Early beta access bonus from pre-orders combined with Overwatch’s popularity should help dedicated fans get some time into the most anticipated PC of 2016 before populations increase. Getting the early beta access will ensure less competition and allow you to try the game. In the meanwhile, we’ll just have to count down what will be the longest two months until we can get our hands on it.

Keep an eye out for any future Overwatch news updates from the staff at Proven Gamer.

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The Witness Review

If you need to know one thing about my review of The Witness, it is this game is a fun, challenging and interesting game that can keep you curious for days. The witness is a beautiful and intriguing game which focuses on you own abilities to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

The Witness is an open world game that allows you to explore every part of the world if you can solve to puzzles to get there. The gameplay mechanics of The Witness are simple because they are a First Person game that have very few abilities. You can walk, run, and work on puzzles. The mechanics are the simplest part of the game because the puzzles increase with difficulty as you travel around any and every part of the island.


When puzzles get hard (and they get very hard) The Witness doesn’t punish you for not completing them. It is often best to walk away from certain puzzles because not every puzzle needs to be solves in the game. Explore the island is often best for you because every aspect of the island can be a clue. Every rock, every tree, every building seems to be placed on the island which can lead to solving a puzzle you can’t quite grasp. I was trying my hardest to solve a glass puzzle for 20 minutes until I saw a rock formation in the ocean that gave away the answer to the puzzle. Everything on this island produces subtle images for solving the most complex puzzles.

puzzle solved

The witness doesn’t have a story for you to follow since your main objective appears to be lighting up an obelisk on top of the highest mountain. Despite not having that much of a story, The Witness allows you to uncover the mystery behind the abandoned island. Every part of this island seems cool, unique, and mysterious as you travel every inch. Traveling through abandoned towns with stone statues of people through a desert next to a forest leaves you wondering what this Island is really about. I unlocked a puzzle on a door of a wooden windmill thinking I would travel to the top of the structure. To my surprise the door lead me down a bizarre series of stair and into a bunker making me wondering what is happening here.


He only thing that may hinder someone from buying this game is the rather steep price of $40. Many people would question the high price for a game about solving puzzles. Those concerns are valid and may make you hesitate to download the game. I feel my experience was fun and I am glad I purchased the game. If you feel the price is too high, I would advise you to pick it up the moment a special sale occurs.


The Witness is a smart and impressive game that tests your problem solving abilities throughout the entire game. The Witness as hours and hours of gameplay that will leave you enjoying the mysterious island and it can be a fun game to play with friends.



Five Video Game Elements That Cannot Be Done In The Real World

Ah, video games. We all love to play them on weekly or daily basis (based on our schedules). As gamers, we can be engrossed in them for hours and hours. A great game can make time pass by until we realize we have to go back to the real world. Despite how much fun we have, there are certain elements in gameplay that we love to have but we can’t get away with in the real world.

I’m not saying these features are a bad thing. I know they are necessary because they help the fictional story progress, but it is fun to sit back, look at these ideas, and laugh about them if they had real world applications. That is why I dedicate this article to five video game features that are impossible in the real world because we can’t achieve them, they are ridiculous, or would land us in a world of trouble.


fast Travel

In huge open world games, fast travel seems to be a necessity. Games, like Skyrim, Fallout, WoW, Assassin’s Creed, etc., have huge worlds that traveling on foot would take an immense amount of time. Fast Travel helps us with side quests, story progression, and anything else we want to see or do in video games. This game feature is fun and simple to use, but I feel a bit spoiled when I return to the real world. I would love to have a fast travel ability for my daily commute to and from work on the NJ Turnpike. If Fast Travel were real, I am sure each and every gamer would utilize the function so they can get extra sleep, or spend an extra few minutes playing video games. But alas, Fast Travel only works in video games.


looting homes

Many RPG Gamers know that a town or city means one of three things in an RPG: Saves and restoration, Story progression, and free loot in strangers’ houses. RPG fans know to check each and every house in a town because we can find a treasure chest or box that contains, potions, powerful weapons, or money for the big quest. At a certain point of the game, this concept is more habit forming because we know something is there for the gamer. We don’t even have to talk to the NPCs who live in the house. We just walk in and open the chest. While this is common for RPG games, this type of action would land us in jail if we ever tried this with people in our neighborhood. We can’t just walk into some stranger’s house, open up drawers, and take whatever we need in an attempt to save the world. We would spend a great deal of our free time behind bars.

I can only try imagine the bizarre logic of the NPCs (if they existed) if some stranger walked in and looted the place.

“Hey, I did not hear a knock when you entered my door but come on in. I guess being a hero means manners go out the window. What’s that? You’re going through my dresser and looking through my personal belongings? You found 800 dollars and you’re keeping it? Well I was saving that for things like: medicine if I got ill, needed it for house repairs, or if I wanted to retire. But hey, you walked into my house and found it, so I guess it is now yours. Have a great day thief.”

Open loot in a video game is an impossible action to accomplish in reality.


Video game characters take a lot of damage as they progress through the game. It makes us often question how tough the character is or how bad we are because the reality of gunshot and stab wounds is completely different from the video game world. I played videogames where the hero took an intense amount of pain and torture and still save the day with finesse.  Heroes can take just as much as they can dish out when it comes to damage and health, but this notion doesn’t really apply to us in the real world. When we get shot by an NPC in a FPS, we can take that bullet and keep going. In the real world, we seek medical transportation after the first shot, stab wound, or point of damage because we all know the seriousness of getting first aid to avoid losing too much blood, infections, and mortal wounds.

Games definitely create the line of separation because we know healing our bodies doesn’t work the same way as video games. Eating herbs, using first aid sprays, and simply waiting behind the corner for instant healing when we are so close to death only applies to video games. In a sense, it does help us to feel invincible when going up against a horde of endless enemies. Which is why I put this game element into my list of things we simply can’t do in video games.


world-of-warcraft inventory bag

One thing video games do is give the player a plethora of items to use in our quest to save the video game world. We can carry a thousand different potions, a walk-in closet full of different wardrobes for any battle condition, and a variety of weapons in case one weapon won’t work against a particular foe. While this notion isn’t a concern to me, the concept of carrying all this in one pocket makes me laugh.

Carrying all these items with ease is not something we can do in real life. In the real world, we look at the materials we carry to work or the things we pack for a vacation and we look like chumps compared to the video game avatars we create. I pack my keys, wallet, phone, and water for a daily jog and I need an over the shoulder backpack for all the stuff. This is why I laugh when I look at my character walking around with ease even though the character has over 90 magi health potions in the item pouch.



Now this one is mainly on me folks but I am sure we can all relate to this at some point in our lives. We see many protagonists adept in parkour or free running and we can understand the need for it in video games. It is all simple fun, but have you ever tried to learn parkour? Have to gone to a gym to try and get yourself physically tone to run up a building like any assassin from an Assassin’s Creed game?

I decided to try it out just to see if I can pull it off. For those who haven’t tried, it does require a lot of exercising and upper body strength to complete.  While I exercise and build myself up every day, I do enjoy eating sinfully delicious foods like bacon. I suppose I could work harder and give off bacon to improve myself in order to scale an apartment complex. If I had to choose between being able to scale an urban building with ease and a bacon cheeseburger, I will chose bacon every time. Sorry Assassins, you’ll have to save the world while I am on my couch with bacon.

Well here are just five elements about video games that aren’t so simple in video games. Now there are a lot more far-fetched gaming concepts out there and I invite you to share which concept you think are a bit ridiculous. Feel free to post one, and describe your thoughts on the matter.

Happy gaming everyone!


The Quest For One Million Bottle Caps

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share something exciting with every video game fan out there. I am going to take on a new project thanks to the effort and generosity of TrickyMic. For the longest time, I debated setting up a YouTube profile, vine account, or twitch profile because I don’t know what to talk about. I firmly believe success begins with a concept, idea, or mindset. Since I didn’t have that idea, I felt it would be a disservice to you the viewer. I decided not to set up any videos online until I had a sense of direction.

Well, today I have an idea that I think you can enjoy. As many of you know Fallout 4 hit store shelves on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. I am going to surprise you all by saying I bought the game on Tuesday and I haven’t played it. I will repeat that last statement.

I have not played my copy of Fallout 4.

Some close friends of mine gave me the nickname, Pat Daddy Millionaire’s Club. I don’t fully comprehend the logic behind the nickname, mainly because I am not a millionaire, but I have accepted the nickname. With that said, I thought I would chronicle my gameplay in Fallout 4 and see if I can become a “millionaire” in the world of Fallout.

I have the goal of obtaining one million dollars in gaming currency, WITHOUT CHEATING! I feel like recording, commenting, and creating an interactive discussion while pursuing the goal becoming a millionaire in a post-apocalyptic world.

I do not know if I will be successful in my goal. I don’t think the game allows for you to go up to one million bottle caps (currency). I do know it will be fun to try and I welcome your support and feedback on my journey. I will be hosting broadcasts of my gameplay and I encourage you to go to to watch my journey.

I welcome all questions, comments, game tips, advice, input, and answers if I have any questions I want to make this a fun interactive series of video and I welcome all who wish to participate. This is my very first recorded internet video, my very first interactive video, and my first time playing Fallout 4 so this is a very exciting time! I will start playing Fallout 4 on Thursday November 12, 2015 at 8pm EST.

If you wish to join me, I welcome you to observe and message me in Pat Daddy Millionaire’s Club video: The Pursuit for One Million Bottle Caps. See you in the Wasteland!

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review

The Assassin’s Creed series has had both moments of glory and tremendous failures over the past eight years. Though the games have had both major breakthroughs in gameplay and graphics, certain published some sequels have had their fair share of poor reception. With Ubisoft’s rocky decision in the series, every installment can seem like a gamble for the gamer. So, how does Assassin’s Creed Syndicate hold up?

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate takes place during the industrial revolution of 19th century London. With an environment unique from other Assassin’s Creed games, Syndicate takes during an age where coal and iron working where at their apex. Though not entirely a time of peace, the backdrop of Syndicate is far from grand wars of previous titles. This era works for Syndicate since it concentrates on the harsh environment of the world, the citizens, and the assassins seeking change in London.

With fewer NPCs roaming the streets, Syndicate centers on the horse carriage and shipping traffic surrounding London. The traffic system can really make a player think in how they approach the game’s various missions.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate follows the lives of twin assassins Jacob and Evie Frye. With conflicting personalities and distinctive fighting styles, the protagonists of Ubisoft’s latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed series provide a different mix to the game.The game starts off with the twins already in the middle of their careers as assassins, rather than have you go alongside them through their journey to become assassins. Jacob is carefree and keen on joking around, which really shows while he is speaking or eliminating Templars. Evie, on the other hand, is intuitive and educated. Jacob is aggressive and brutish in his combat while Evie has a more refined elegance. The subtle differences in the assassins’ combat help reflect the personality of the character you’re controlling.

Put these two characters together and their sibling remarks/humor provides excellent interactions amongst themselves and others around them. The twins are a refreshing change from the “my family member dies and I want revenge” mindset that has plagued protagonists in the previous installments. I find myself enjoying Evie and Jacob’s interaction to be a wonderful mix and they may be my favorite video game characters to date.


Both assassins can be accessed at any point in the open world setting of London, though there are certain story missions that won’t allow you to switch between the twins. This may not be ideal for players that enjoy one over the other, though it does show the world and story through two different set of eyes.

Within the series’ latest installment, the mechanics surrounding weapons are outfits have been revised for an experience that focuses on the story. Fans of the the series that played Assassin’s Creed Unity may remember the game’s long list of weapons and clothing system that were meant to increase stats and personalize your assassin. While these elements can still be found in Syndicate, the options are greatly toned down. Syndicate replaces the swords, pikes, and great axes of previous titles with concealable weapons. Rather than drawing a saber and engaging templars, Syndicate has players utilizing handguns, brass knuckles, cane-swords, and kukris.


Though there are few upgrades that are character specific, Syndicate allows you to improve the twin assassins in a relatively simple manner. By combining personal upgrades alongside those of your in-game gang, you will really feel like you can control the streets of London.

Though Syndicate does not have many options in regards to weapons, the game makes up for it with a new close quarter’s combat system that bears a resemblance to that of the Batman: Arkham series or Shadow of Mordor. Combat places greater importance on a hand-to-hand combo based system where players can utilize the environment around them. I personally had a lot of fun fighting on top the moving trains that can be found in the game and was elated when I discovered I could knock people off. Combos in Syndicate are brutal and I found myself cringing at the game’s brutal finisher moves. Syndicate offers some of the old fashion Assassin’s Creed finesse while also allowing gamers to take a more aggressive approach with either assassin. This combat system is also complimented with an upgrade system for the variety of skills each of the game’s protagonist.

While Syndicate’s combat and the upgrade systems take major steps in the right direction, the game’s free-running suffers from similar issues found in previous titles. Gamers will continue to have problem getting either Evie or Jacob to move exactly where they want them to when scaling buildings or leaping from building to building. Luckily, Syndicate incorporates a new grappling system to help ease the scaling of London’s buildings. An instance where this newly implemented system particularly stood out to me was when a mission had me climb to the top of Big Ben. Normally climbing to the top of the clock would taken around fifteen minutes of gameplay in another game, but the grappling hooks allowed me to climb to the top of the monument in less than ten seconds. The grappling hooks are a huge help when trying to get to different parts of the cityscape.


Though I wish I could tell you that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is free from the gameplay glitches that plagued previous titles, I can’t. I’ve observed both NPCs disappear out of nowhere while I was standing and a group simply waltz past me while I was engaged in a fist fight during a mission as if there was not a battle happening at all. There also appears to be some major disconnect issues that should hopefully be fixed in a timely manner with the next a patch update.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has some rough spots to fix, but the game has offers several improvements that both fans of the series and gamers just picking it up can enjoy. If you can overlook the troublesome free running problems and the common game glitches, Syndicate can be an enjoyable gameplay experience.

I give Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate an 8 out of 10.


Playstation 4 Playstation 4 News

Sony Announces Playstation 4

On Wednesday Sony held a press conference announcing the Playstation 4, and if you didn’t catch it, here’s everything that happened. From specs, games, to even the final controller design, Sony announced a lot, and this will cover it all.

First and foremost, they announced the Playstation 4 and its specs. Here they are:

  • 8GB unified RAM
  • X86 graphics processor
  • Harddrive (Unknown space amounts)
  • Enhanced PC GPU

They then showed a game being made by the console architect, Mark Cerny, called Knack. The game has has a cartoony look, and seems pretty humorous. We saw little gameplay that looked pretty fun.

Dualshock 4

While they were debuting the console, they went in depth on the controller. It looks sleeker and more comfortable then the Dualshock 3 and that is good because this is the final design. It is basically the same as the Dualshock 3, but with a few major and minor changes. The two major changes are the touchpad, and the “Share” button. We don’t know anything about what the touchpad will do, but Sony really put some effort into that share button. The share button, allows you to record footage of whatever game you are playing, and stream it to Ustream, or post it to Youtube or Facebook. I will talk more about this later in the article.

After all this, the real star of the show came on, Gaikai. Gaikai is the cloud gaming company that Sony bought a few months back, and they have been hard at work. Here are a few examples of what they are doing for the Playstation 4:

  • Posting of videos via the share button.
  • Stream demos of any games for free.
  • Stream any PS4 game to Vita.
  • Remote play other people’s PS4s.
  • (Still Developing) Backwards compatibility on any devices for PS3 games and earlier.
  • Watch exactly what you friends are playing.

These are the things that Gaikai said they were working on, and they said they had many plans for the future as well.

Killzone shadow fall

Sony showed a video with many great developers, to advertise that this was the “Developer’s Console” and how it was shaped by them. But then, they got on to the games. They started with the first party stuff. They did the new Killzone game first, calling it “Killzone: Shadow Fall”. It looked stunning. They did a live demo of a level during the confrence. It looks like Killzone, and I would suspect feels like Killzone. After the level they posted the video to the Killzone Facebook page, using that handy dandy share button. It took the guy on stage literally 15 seconds to upload it right to the page, that’s pretty awesome. I look forward to using this feature a lot.

The next game was Driveclub, a racing game from Evolution Studios. They stressed “team racing” and racing with your friends. I didn’t care much for what they showed; it looked just pretty much like eye candy. They seemed really excited about it. Media Molecule then showed a sculpting app using the Move for the Playstation 4.

The last of the first party games was Sucker Punch, who debuted their title “Infamous: Second Son”. There was no gameplay, and didn’t give us much info about the game, except that there are more people with crazy powers, and Cole is probably not in it.

Sony and Gaikai

As for third party stuff, Sony put up a picture that said “These people are supporting the PS4” that showed a large ammount of third party developers. We got more Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, and Square Enix showed that video from a year ago that everybody speculated was next gen (it is). However, we still got some surprises. Diablo 3 is coming to PS4 as well as PS3, and Bungie’s Destiny is making its way as well to the PS3 and PS4, and Capcom showed of a working title codenamed Deep Down.

They wrapped up the show after that, putting a picture on the screen that said “PS4 Coming Holiday 2013”. Interestingly, we didn’t get a look at the console. With all that was shown, I think it hyped a lot of people up, as well as me, and it was smart to debut before Microsoft.

PS4 realase date