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VROOOM KABROOM Launches On PlayStation 4

It’s been a long time coming since we had any vehicular combat games. When it comes to the genre on a PlayStation platform, the hottest memory players have is the legendary Twisted Metal franchise, which put players in a life-or-death competition involving tricked-out vehicles with cutting edge weapons. There hasn’t been a game of this type in quite some time, but Canada-based Ratloop Games looks to change that in a game that appears to be quite different from the traditional vehicular combat title. Imagine a racing game that combines the ability to control multiple vehicles in a tower-rush style gameplay mode with card battle mechanics. Welcome to Vroom Kabroom, and it is now available on the PlayStation 4.

VROOM KABROOM is an interesting hybrid experiment of combat racing, card battle systems, and the tower rush combat mode, as seen in mobile app games. The objective of the player is to use their combat vehicle to attack the enemy’s fortress, utilizing a strong deck and the ability to control several vehicles at any given time. Using real-time combat and tower defense mechanics, players will be participating in both offensive and defensive battle missions throughout their experience. Vroom Kabroom is an online experience, with players embarking on 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battle across several large stages. Players can also choose from several factions, each faction containing their own cards, vehicles, and skills to employ. Whoever can master these skills will be able to quickly dominate the battlefield and own the turf. Whether this becomes a big hit amongst gamers looking for a different online experience remains to be seen, as the game gathers its momentum from release today.

VROOM KABOOM is now available on the PlayStation Network.



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CODE 51 – Available Now on PlayStation Network

War never changes, even as the world reels from the ashes of global war. In Fall of 2017, China-based game developer SmellyRiver announced Code 51, a brand-new immersive mech-action game for the PlayStation VR, HTC, and Oculus. A trailer accompanied the announcement, showcasing both gameplay and the technical features of the game. Yesterday, SmellyRiver announced that Code 51 will be launching on the PlayStation VR first on April 24th, with HTC and Oculus to follow sometime after.

Code 51 takes places on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Unending war across the planet has not only led to a massive loss of life, but it has rapidly changed the entire ecosystem of the planet. The use of chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks has drastically change the entire climate, creating extreme weather and destructive storms. In this world, riches and wealth are everything. Anything that can be obtained will leaded to a better life. Throughout the rubble, documents are uncovered for a mysterious new energy source, known as Code 51. Code 51 had been available before, allowing for humans to build cutting-edge technology and ferocious battle mechs. Whoever can find this large reservoir of Code 51 will dominate the world.

Code 51 will feature a full-fledged single-player campaign, offline and online multiplayer, and, 9 fully-customizable mechs with varying degrees of offensive and defensive capabilities. There will be three multiplayer arenas at launch with more to appear in the future.

Of course, as this is a VR title, players will fight in the cockpit of their mech, witnessing the carnage of mechanized warfare will immersed in the frantic chaos of battle. One of the biggest strengths will be the freedom of movement, which is severely lacking in the PSVR space. The only other mech-focused games have been R.I.G.S, a multiplayer-focused launch title, and Arch-Angel an on-rails shooting experience. Code 51 will, hopefully, fill the void.

Code 51 is available now on the PlayStation Store

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In Case You Missed It: Dusty: Raging Fists Available Now on PS4

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

Coming out from under the radar, Singapore-based PD Design Studio has released that their wildly passionate action brawler game, Dusty: Raging Fists, was released on April 12 for the PlayStation 4. A side-scrolling action arcade game, players will don one of three characters and set across an epic journey filled with magic, excitement, and adventure.












Dusty Raging Fist is a prequel to Dusty’s revenge where In a faraway land, filled with anthropomorphic creatures an ancient magic, a great evil as set itself across the peaceful nation. Children are mysteriously abducted and a corrupted army venture forth. It is up to Dusty, and his ragtag team, to band together and fight back.

Dusty: Raging Fist will allow players to choose one of three players in a battle against evil. Dusty is a well-rounded fighter with a strong sense of righteousness. The female fighter, Kitsune, is fast, nimble, and unpredictable. The last character, Darg, is all about brute strength. Whether player fight solo or with a friend, players will face towering bosses, relentless enemies, and hone the skills of magic to survive. The game utilizes a sharply rendered 2D animation style for a fresh, distinctive look. Dusty: Raging Fists promises a fulfilling, action-packed experience.


Dusty: Raging Fists is now available on the PlayStation Store.

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In Case You Missed It: Assault Gunners HD Out Now on PS4, X-Box One & Steam


When a rogue army runs rampant on Mars, it’s time to strap in, mount up, and scorch the red planet in plasma energy. UberStrategist and MARVELOUS Europe have proudly localized and released a special classic game to the rest of the world. Involving massive mechs, big explosions, and frantic chaotic combat, this game is called Assault Gunners HD Edition, a newly localized and revamp edition of Assault Gunners.


The original game was launched in 2012, and was exclusive to Japan on the PlayStation Vita. Over the years, the game became a sensation, with deep customizations, a multitude of missions, and a variety of enemies to fight, all set against the backdrop of Mars. In a gaming world that lacks a new entry to From Software’s Armored Core, Assault Gunners HD has helped to fill that void. Now, the game has been localized for international audiences.

Assault Gunners HD has you as a in the pilot seat of a walking, hulking combat mission. All is routine around the orbit of Mars when suddenly, multiple distress signals erupt from the surface of Mars. As an elite team, you have access to a variety of mech parts and special weapons. Players will be thrust into 35 full-length, heavy combat missions, each with their own goals and unique challenges, set across an interesting sci-fi story.

Players will be able to customize their mech, form the color to what type of arm parts they will be using. Players will also be able to develop a variety of weapons, from laser rifles to rocket launchers to using melee strikes. Expect to face large-scale robotic armies, towering weaponized machines, and rival mech pilots. Additionally, players will be challenged in the Horde-mode, titled Inferno mode, where players will face endless waves of enemies.

Assault Gunners HD is now available for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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PAX EAST 2018 – Kaet Must Die Switch Version Hands-On

A hidden, dark, and creepy challenge that Switches expectations of what a puzzle game is.

Tucked into a small corner of PAX EAST was a small, non-decorated booth. Standing there was a young man, and a cosplayer dressed in a Gothic themed dress. It was clear the game that I would be demoing would be dark, twisted, and deadly. This is Kaet Must Die from Michigan-based Strength In Numbers. It seemed rather strange that a game such as this would be tucked inside of a corner booth, wedged between the wall, the Indie Megabooth, and Devolver Digital. However, this was a gaming convention, and I came here to play games. With a brief introduction, I sat down and began my demo. 

Kaet Must Die puts you in the role of a young woman named Kaet, who awakens in a filthy sewer, beneath an unknown city. It is apparent that somehow, she has slipped into an alternate reality, filled with evil and darkness. She has no means of self-defense and no navigation tools. To escape, she must secure magical skulls and place them within the shrine, located at the center of the level. The skulls are scattered throughout the sewer. With a multitude of threats lurking in the dimly lit corners, Kaet must be vigilant, observant, and stealthy in order to survive.

The Switch Factor

Kaet Must Die was played on a Nintendo Switch, a surprise considering the nature of the game. Overall, the game ran really well, but smooth gameplay and crisp visuals could not help me stave off death. I played the game with a complete open mind, with no prior knowledge of what I was supposed to do. I only knew that I had to navigate the sewer and locate an exit. Within moments, I turned a corner, a zombie grabbed me, and it was game over. From this point on, I knew that the game would be a trying tale of trial-and-error. I navigated further in the sewer, recovering at least one skull and voiding the zombies.

In Kaet Must Die, the zombies look more like mannequins, but with green eyes. Even getting remotely close to them is similar to setting off a landmine. I managed to secure one skull but realized there were multiple skulls I need to secure. As I attempted to navigate, robed trolls lurked in the shadows, moving around discreetly without a pattern. Eventually, they found me, and electrocuted Kaet, ending my efforts. Something inside still wanted to continue my trials, however.

Try, try again…

On my third try, I maintained more care, and was also given the hint of using glowing mushrooms to send distracting flares to the robed trolls. It worked, and allowed me to stay alive for a little longer. Throughout the sewer, garbage and dim light maintained an atmosphere of constant alert. I looked closely, securing another skull, but alas, I met my demise once again. A troll snuck up behind me and electrocuted me. Being that I died three times, I determined that my time with the demo was over.

Kaet Must Die feels like an acquired taste. I talked to one of the developers at the booth, and the game was touted as a painful practice of trial and error. Should players wish to complete Kaet Must Die, they will have to die a lot. I suppose that is part of the fun, if you like that sort of torture. During my play-through, there was no means of self-defense and no navigation tools. My mental deduction skills were put to the test right from the jump. With that being said,  learning where the skulls are and making it to the end of the level will take repeat game-play. On one hand, this is reminiscent of classic games, most particular the side-scrolling action-platformers of the 1990’s, like Mega Man. Of course, to beat those games, players had to fight, die, and repeat until they figured out how to beat the game. But Kaet must Die touts itself as one of the most hardcore horror puzzle games ever made. In the short time that I played. it was unique and different, and there are those that will probably enjoy the brutal difficulty and lack of guidance. However, for general game players, there may be better, more refined horror experiences elsewhere.

The Bitter End…

Kaet Must Die looks and feels like a game better suited for a twitch streamer. I can imagine an audience closely following a streamer and seeing just how far they’ll go in a competitive format. For video game players, Kaet Must Die is certainly playable but perhaps not very accessible. I would like to see some means of defense, as well as some form of guidance to the different skulls. It doesn’t have to hold your hand , but it doesn’t have to leave you completely naked to danger. The character sounds like an amazing super natural being. Perhaps a limited use of her pwoers will work to make the game more accessible. Kaet Must Die is a work-in-progress, and I am hopeful it can evolve into something better.

Kaet Must Die is currently on Steam and will come to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018.

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PGW: INvector is pulsing its way to PlayStation 4

Music rhythm games aren’t anything new, but it is fascinating to see how inventive they can be. Players have seen themselves shredding on the likes of Rocksmith, Rockband, and Guitar HEro, but from the releases of these games come experiments within the music genre. Mad Fellows Studios has released the EDM spaceship shmup Aaero this past summer, while Bento Studio’s Cosmophony and Stereo Aereo from The Stonebot Studios fill in the ranks. Coming into the competition is a unique combination of spaceship shmup and rhythm based gameplay in the form of Invector.

Invector is a game two year in the making, featuring handbuilt levels and customized gameplay design that has taken the genre to a unique level. Players will fly through gates and portals across several planets in a path that looks familiar to those that have played amplitude. Setting itself apart, Invector will feature the music of world-renowned EDM artist Avicci, known for his energetic sounds and inspiring lyrics. Using his music, and featuring a stellar presentation,  the game is shaping to be a bright, exciting addition to the genre, as well as a solid sendoff to the year 2017.

Invector will be arriving exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime before the year ends.

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Summon Night 6 Coming October 31st for PS4 and Vita

For those craving a JRPG, California-based Gaijinworks have announced a firm release date for their highly anticipated localized release of Summon Night 6.  The game arrives in the United States on October 31st for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, with the game arriving shortly after in European territories.

The news comes after Summon Night 6 faced several delays in the localization process. Originally slated for release in September, there have been a variety of 11th hour production issues that have occurred.

For those unfamilair with the franchise, Summon Night is a fantasy JRPG franchise that has spanned 15 years across a multitude of systems, including the PlayStation and Nintendo DS. Taking place in the fictional land of Lyndbaum, players embark on a quest of love, action, and courage through a steampunk setting, featuring multiple kingdoms, species, and epic battles. Battles take place on a strategy grid and feature a variety of close-range and long-range weapons. Below, we share Gaijinworks’ full description of Summon Night 6.

From the website’s description .


“Released in Japan as a celebration of the series’ 15th anniversary, Summon Night 6: Lost Borders offers gorgeous widescreen graphics presented in high definition, a first for the series. The fully 3-D battle system allows Chain Attacks that happen automatically when an enemy is surrounded by two or more allies; in these situations, each ally can hit the enemy without risk of counterattack. In addition to the Summons that are a hallmark of the series, two allies can team up for a breathtaking “Summon Burst” attack that invokes a devastating magical strike from one of many giant fantastical creatures.

Combat is only one part of the Summon Night 6 experience. The series is well known for its “night conversations”—one-on-one encounters where various characters confide in one another, leading to a web of elaborate, emotional storytelling with many different branching paths. Lost Borders also includes several charming mini-games: One has you fishing for different types of aquatic creatures, while another involves cooking power-up meals using the bounty you’ve caught with your fishing pole.

The game features more than a dozen endings, many of which have sub-endings that can change depending on the player’s affinity level with a particular character. “Summon Night 6 is one of our biggest projects to date,” Ireland explains. “It has enough text to fill about five novels—over 50% more than the huge volume of text that Summon Night 5 had.” Adding to the enormity of the localization task is the fact that the English-language version of Summon Night 6 features voice acting: All key events are voiced, as in the original Japanese version, over 20,000 lines of dialogue in all.

Summon Night 6 also features Cross-Save. If you have the PlayStation®Vita andPlayStation®4 versions, you can move your save between them using the cloud, so the game can be played on the big screen at home, and on the small screen on-the-go!

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is planned for North American digital and physical release on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita on October 31st, 2017.  European and Australian PSN release will follow soon after.”


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Payday 2 Take to the Battlefield in RAID: WWII

World War games are making quite a comeback lately, with the release of games like Call Of Duty: WWII and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, as well as Battlefield 1, which deals with World War I. Payday developer, Starbreeze Studios, looks to follow the trend of old-fashioned gunplay with Raid: WWII.  The game takes the Payday formula into the gritty fields of the European Front.

Experienced players of Payday and Payday 2 will be familiar with the overall mechanics of the game: tight, frenzied shooting mechanics and multitude of enemies. Players are part of a squad recruited by British Intelligence, but instead of going the normal route of fighting the good fight, your team goes through more unconventional routes, including sabotage, robberies and assassinations. Players need to work together if they are to survive and successfully win the battle.

RAID: World War II is now Available for PS4 and XBox One.

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Sony Releases Gran Turismo Sport Alongside New Trailer

For the first time in four years, Gran Turismo, PlayStation’s flagship racing simulator, has returned for a  whole new generation in the form of Gran Turismo Sport. Seen as the beginning of a new age for the franchise and its fans, Gran Turismo Sport will feature the fine-tuned, polished balance between realism and accessibility.

For decades, the series was known for bringing an extreme amount of realism and depth to its visuals, as each car was painstakingly photographed and scanned into the game. Additionally, players had a variety of customization and tailoring options for each car from brake calipers to transmission intervals.

Gran Turismo Sport, while not a full numbered installment, will still feature a bevy of content, which includes 177 cars and 27 configurations of 19 tracks, with more content to be added later. This also includes a refined online mode for competition.  To celebrate the launch, Sony has released the television commercial that will accompany the game’s launch this week.

The commercial encompasses the legacy of Gran Turismo, showing gameplay footage from one of the very first games on the first PlayStation, as well as Gran Turismo 3 on the PlayStation 2. With Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital understand where they come from and where they are now, facing stiff competition from other racing games, like Namco Bandai’s Project Cars 2, Ubisoft’s The Crew 2, and Microsoft’s Forza 6 Motorsport. With that, Gran Turismo Sport is looking to pave the road into the future.

Gran Turismo Sport is now available for PlayStation 4.

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Ambitious PS4 + PSVR Title Megaton Rainfall Now Available

Everyone has always wanted to be Superman, but let’s face it, the Man Of Steel hasn’t had a good video game in decades. Imagine that wasn’t the case, however. Imagine a video game studio, in this case, Pentadimenional Games, created a game where you are essentially a galactic-traveling demi-god. A game where players can travel the solar system in a matter of moments and wield great power in destroying alien warships hell-bent on destroying the Earth. This is the world of Megaton Rainfall.

Megaton Rainfall is a recently released PS4 and PSVR title, where one lucky human has been granted tremendous power, transcending the limits of mortality and becoming a galactic being. Players can travel across the planets, from Earth to Mars and beyond in a matter of moments, fire energy pulses, and wield tremendous strength. As the Earth is under heavy assault from unknown invaders, it is up to you to use these profound powers to stop them from destroying humanity. Players are encouraged to fully use their free range of powers, but be mindful of the city below, as your powers can obliterate entire skyscrapers. Megaton Rainfall features a special Universal-Scale engine, meaning players can literally drop from orbit to the streets of a city in a matter of seconds. The game can be played both with and without PSVR.

Megaton Rainfall is Now available on the PS4.

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Check Out This Swinging Broadway Style Launch Trailer For Super Mario Odyssey


It’s been a long while since we last saw a brand new, proper Mario game. The last true new iteration of the classic plumber was Super Mario Galaxy 2, released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010. Since then, every Mario game released, with the exception of Super Mario Maker, has been an enhanced remake of a previously released titles, doing their best to capture the attention of the Wii U’s uninterested audience. Now, fresh off the smashing success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is poised to end the year off with a resounding performance with the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which releases on Friday October 27th. To capture the pure joy and feeling of the highly anticipated release, Nintendo has revealed a swinging launch trailer, inspired by the lively performances of Broadway.

The trailer showcases snippets of what the game will feature, from using Mario’s hat to become different beings to the new worlds he will visit. The trailer shows all this against the backdrop of a talented cast of choreographed dancers and a jazzy soundtrack, sung by a smooth singer. The trailer evokes the style and life of the city, while also evoking the pure fun and wonder of discovery the game is surely to have.

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27th, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Rogue Trooper Redux releases 101 Trailer, Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam

Since it was announced this past winter, Rogue Trooper Redux, from English developer Rebellion, has been gaining a lot of traction and momentum. From PAX West to New York Comic-Con, Rogue Trooper Redux has garnered a lot of attention — and for good reason. Originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Rogue Trooper innovated many gaming mechanics that we see today as standard. From cover-shooting to the combat capabilities, Rogue Trooper blazed a trail for others to follow. Now, Rogue Trooper is set to storm the battlefield once more with Rogue Trooper Redux for the PlayStation 4, Steam, Switch, and Xbox One. To accompany the launch of the game, Rebellion has released a 101 trailer to show players the basics of what to expect on the battlefields of Nu-Earth.

Based on the 2000AD comic of the same name, Rogue Trooper Redux takes place in the distant future, where mankind has colonized several dozen star systems. They discover a new planet and name it Nu-Earth, but when the drums of war pound, all hell breaks loose. A massive intergalactic civil war is waged over Nu-Earth, engulfing the planet in poisonous gases and making it uninhabitable. Still, the warring sides continue to fight, fitting their soldiers in combat HAZMAT suits that are more dangerous than actual fighting. To adapt, one side has created the Rogue Trooper, a special bio-engineered soldier who is built to survive the fields of Nu-Earth and deliver a vastly superior advantage with cutting-edge firepower and enhanced physical abilities. Following a surprise attack turned massacre, you are the lone survivor (of your squad) — but your squad isn’t necessarily dead.  As you recover each member of your team, their consciousnesses are transplanted into bio-chips and added to your primary weapon. They are alive again, and they will give you live tactical feedback as you fight through the enemy.  The war is upon you; it’s time for you to go rogue.

Rogue Trooper arrives next week for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Gundam Versus Unleashes Its Launch Trailer, Now Available



Celebrating the release of Gundam Versus here in the United States, Namco Bandai has released its Launch Trailer of the game. The trailer encompasses a variety of feedback from various players, who had the special opportunity to play the game as it made its way to the United States and Western Territories. The game received positive acclaim in Japan, and the momentum generated from the West convinced the developers and Namco Bandai to release the game here in the United States

Gundam Versus is a 3D brawling video game that encompasses the entirety of the Gundam Universe. Players can choose from a large variety of Gundams, then take to the battlefield, fighting in 1v1 or 2v2 combat. Players will be able to utilize every possible action of their particularly chosen Gundam, from blasters cannons to beam sabers. With a variety of game modes and extremely high production values, Gundam Versus was a massive success in Japan. The gameplay was praised for being tight and accessible for newcomers and fighting veterans alike.

Gundam Versus comes hot on the heels of the 38th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam and the 10th anniversary of Gundam Zero. Originally debuting in 1979, Gundam has spanned the decades, taking on new iterations and interpretations of mecha combat and space action. The originally introduced viewers to a massive interstellar civil war, between the Galactic Federation and the Principality of Zeon. While the series was popular, it wasn’t until the release of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block that catapulted the franchise into an international sensation. Gundam Wing, a mecha and space epic opera, followed the stories of six Gundams, secretly sent to Earth to disrupt the military aggression of the organization known as Oz. Soon, a conspiracy reveals itself and the 6 are trapped into a terrible conflict that could bring the Earth and space colonies into ruin.

Gundam Versus is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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Radial G Headed to PS4 and PSVR In The U.S, Slated For Release Before End Of 2017


Futuristic racing games aren’t anything new, but damn are they a lot of fun! This year, gamers have seen several different future racers arrive from LightField to Redout to Wipeout: The Omega Collection. Continuing this trend, Tammeka Games is bringing PlayStation owners Radial-G, a futuristic combat racer with a focus on tubular tracks.

Players will take to a large variety of different racing tracks, set across a multitude of planets across the Galaxy. The game adopts the tubular racing design, which will be familiar for gamers who may have played F-Zero X back in the day. This allows for full, 360 degree racing and an opportunity for the palyer to find the best possible track. AS these tracks take place in deep space, expect a variety of obstacles and challenges, all happening at insane speeds. Additionally, players will be encouraged to battle it out with an arsenal of weapons present on the track. The game also boasts a thumping soundtrack by various artists. Finally, the game will be playable with or without PSVR, making the game accessible for players, regardless if they have a PSVR headset.

Radial-G will launch on PS4 and PS VR sometime before the end of 2017. The game is currently available on Steam.

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Son Of Scoregasm releases October 10th for PS Vita, Windows, Mac, and Linux


After three years in development, One-man developer CharliesGames have finally announced a released date for their unconventional twin-stick shooter, Son Of Scoregasm. On Otcober 10th, Son Of Scoregasm will release for the PlayStation Vita, Linux, Mac, and Windows. For fans of frsh takes on the tried-and-true formula of spaceship shooters and twin-stick action, Son OF Scoregasm will be worth the wait.

Son Of Scoregasm is a refinement of a previous title from CharliesGames, Scoregasm. Scoregasm is a non-linear spaceship shooter, where players embark upon a large variety of galaxies to defeat enemies and rack of the highest score imaginable. Players will come across all sorts of enemies and obstacles throughout their experience. Son Of Scoregasm is a greatly refined experienced, with new visuals, higher framerate, new scoring mechanics, and much more accesability for a quicker “pick-up-and-play” approach.

To celebrate the release of the game, CharliesGames has unveiled a new trailer, as well as the soundtrack by independent music artist John Marwin. Check out the soundtrack below.


Son Of Scoregasm OST by John Marwin


RockSteady Teases New Developments, coming ” soon”

Like the Dark Knight vanishing into the shadows of Gotham City, Rocksteady Games have been relatively quiet since the 2015 release of Batman: Arkham Knight and last year’s release of Batman: Arkham VR. BatmanL Arkhamn Knight was seen as a satisfying conclusion to the Arkham sries of games, a franchise that unarguably changed the way action and comic book hero video games are amde forever. For Arkham VR. It was seen as a fun, but extremely short tech demo that demonstrated the capabilities of VR.

Today, Gaz Deaves, Marketing Manager at Rocksteady Games, tweeted something that will certainly whet the appetites of those waiting for Rocksteady’s next big move.

What this could possibly mean is anyone’s guess. Fans have been clamoring for Rocksteady to take the leay= on more superhero video games, especially those that are licensed by DC Comics. For several years, there have been rumors of a BAtman Beyond Game that could possibly be made, along with the possibility of bringing Superman into the video game arena, as the Man Of Steel has had quite an appalling history in the world fo video games.


For now, we will have to wait and see. AS the caped crusader once said, ” Expect the Unexpected.”


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Raiden V: Director’s Cut launches Friday, October 6th for PlayStation 4 & PC

The newest installment in the legendary spaceship shmup series, Raiden, is making its way to the PlayStation 4 and blasting its way here in the west in the form of Raiden V: Director’s Cut. The fifth installment of the long-running franchise, Raiden V is a brand new game, featuring new weapons, levels, and an entirely new army to destroy.

Dubbed the original Japanese Bullet-hell shooter, Raiden is celebrating its 25th year in 2017. Known for its sheer difficulty, incredibly frantic gameplay, and wonderful visual presentation, the Raiden franchise has become a landmark in the development of spaceship- shooter.s LAst year, Xbox One owners had the special opportunity to experience Raiden V exclusively, but now, the game will move onto the PS4 and PC come next week.

Raiden V will come with a bevy of new additions for the PS4/PC port, including couch co-op and new missions. Raiden V also features new elements to differentiate itself from its predecessors, including a new health bar for health, instead of the one-shot, instant death mechanic. Additionally, the game will feature a new “Cheer” attack for secondary weapons, a fully narrated storyline, new ships, and a new HUD. To celebrate the release, UFO Interactive is releasing a physical copy for the PlayStation 4. In addition to a physical copy of Raiden V, the physical release will include a 22-track soundtrack from Japanese music artists Basisscape